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Glad to hear it at140 Apr 2022 #1
When do the love bugs come out? Emile Apr 2022 #2
The love bugs used to be really bad in August. Especially if you drove across SR84 during that time. iscooterliberally Apr 2022 #5
We don't have any fire ants up here in Philly BumRushDaShow Apr 2022 #3
And in Mi'ssippi, it's mosquitoes peppertree Apr 2022 #4
Well mosquitos are damned near everywhere! BumRushDaShow Apr 2022 #7
I had no idea how bad fir ant bites are when at140 Apr 2022 #13
Ugh BumRushDaShow Apr 2022 #14
Fire ants! FFS!!! CaptainTruth Apr 2022 #11
I have been using Spectracide granules, but also have Mole problem at140 Apr 2022 #18
I have big bags of Spectracide granules, but I've found they don't work that well on fire ants. CaptainTruth Apr 2022 #19
Thanks, I will give Orthene a try soon. at140 Apr 2022 #20
Any bets as to when DeSantis has a public temper tantrum over this? DBoon Apr 2022 #6
Well the state of California (applicable for state business/employees) did the same last year BumRushDaShow Apr 2022 #8
As a resident of Florida, I 100% support this. CaptainTruth Apr 2022 #9
The "brain drain" will be enormous. Businesses don't like having lunatics in the state capitol makin CTyankee Apr 2022 #10
This means that our corrupt AF sheriff Alex Villanueva will... tishaLA Apr 2022 #12
Registered Oaf Keeper of Riverside County, Chad Bianco, says "Hold my beer" IngridsLittleAngel Apr 2022 #17
there are lot more reasons to ban travel there than LBTGQ discrimination and transphobia, Martin68 Apr 2022 #15
"How about their Covid policies..." BumRushDaShow Apr 2022 #16
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