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20. It's called the Jesters Privilege - in the middle ages a court jester had the privilege to talk and
Tue Mar 29, 2022, 05:32 PM
Mar 2022

mock with out punishment. Doesnt mean they cant be heckled for crappy jokes, though.

Would have expected a list at least a little preliminary repartee from an actor like Smith Walleye Mar 2022 #1
Not the first time someone assaulted someone for saying something AZProgressive Mar 2022 #2
And your point? NoRethugFriends Mar 2022 #4
I don't understand all the comics complaints about their safety AZProgressive Mar 2022 #6
And Will Smith apologized luv2fly Mar 2022 #5
Are you referring to Chris Rock? pandr32 Mar 2022 #8
Seems to not be true luv2fly Mar 2022 #13
Wow. True? Not true? pandr32 Mar 2022 #85
Please, blame the victim? dem4decades Mar 2022 #11
I'm not blaming Jada Pinkett Smith at all luv2fly Mar 2022 #14
Maybe you didn't see the clip of Smith doing just that to a band member? dem4decades Mar 2022 #15
False equivalence luv2fly Mar 2022 #17
I didn't realize she was "attacked " they should have called the police on Rock then. dem4decades Mar 2022 #25
Yeah okay I get where you're at luv2fly Mar 2022 #28
Yeah, me and the rest of the world. dem4decades Mar 2022 #32
Who said Rock was "good"? I think what some people are missing though is that no one in this country cstanleytech Mar 2022 #75
I thought Democrats were supposed to be empathetic Moebym Mar 2022 #33
Post removed Post removed Mar 2022 #46
But she's embracing it, no? Polybius Mar 2022 #99
Jada Smith Katcat Mar 2022 #53
Yes! LeftInTX Mar 2022 #83
Attacked? I don't think so. luvtheGWN Mar 2022 #80
Jada has a video out there - showing a strip about one inch womanofthehills Mar 2022 #94
Always? Shrek Mar 2022 #19
Oh I bet you can luv2fly Mar 2022 #21
I bet I can find some Mitch McConnell mockery too Shrek Mar 2022 #23
Except he could *choose* his hairstyle and clothing. Moebym Mar 2022 #35
She isn't bald, she chose to cut her hair extremely short questionseverything Mar 2022 #88
Chris Rock apologized too Mysmi Mar 2022 #30
Incorrect obamanut2012 Mar 2022 #102
Once again... appmanga Mar 2022 #45
You don't make fun of someone's disability luv2fly Mar 2022 #51
Well said!!! Farmer-Rick Mar 2022 #81
Excellent on Chris Rock. Will Smith and wife are scientology assholes NoRethugFriends Mar 2022 #3
Maybe he checked it out, but not currently. txwhitedove Mar 2022 #9
Inside Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's Scientology School for Kids Coventina Mar 2022 #10
They are out. Here is an update. chowder66 Mar 2022 #16
Scientologists or not, making fun of someone's appearance who has an autoimmune disease Moebym Mar 2022 #27
Already bought our tickets to Rock's show eissa Mar 2022 #7
I'm glad you're supporting him. dem4decades Mar 2022 #12
Chris Rock didn't press charges. Other comedians most likely will if physically assaulted. chowder66 Mar 2022 #18
It's called the Jesters Privilege - in the middle ages a court jester had the privilege to talk and stewrat Mar 2022 #20
Heckled is one thing, physical assault is another questionseverything Mar 2022 #92
This wasn't an English court and there's no jester. n/t pnwmom Mar 2022 #104
mocking Slammer Mar 2022 #22
There is no excuse for a physical assault. left-of-center2012 Mar 2022 #26
Post removed Post removed Mar 2022 #34
Like trump mocking Traildogbob Mar 2022 #40
I just heard something and then it occurred to me that Chris Rock may not even be responsible... Javaman Mar 2022 #24
I have it on good authority that Moebym Mar 2022 #29
And even I as an ordinary person... dixiechiken1 Mar 2022 #56
I assume Chris Rock knew because he was the producer of Good Hair, a documentary pnwmom Mar 2022 #58
Actually half of all women have some hairloss, it's natural questionseverything Mar 2022 #89
15% of Black women have CCCA, a type of immune related alopecia that's almost exclusive pnwmom Mar 2022 #90
If you read something from a teleprompter that you know is not right...don't read it. Escurumbele Mar 2022 #39
Nope. It wasn't in the script. He ad-libbed that "joke." pnwmom Mar 2022 #57
Thanks for the info! Javaman Mar 2022 #60
Is that today, because yesterday there was a fake statement that his team disavowed. n/t pnwmom Mar 2022 #63
The producer must approve of anything that is off script in advanced. The Grand Illuminist Mar 2022 #95
What's the producer going to do if an unapproved joke slips out? pnwmom Mar 2022 #96
If it was unapproved, we would've known now. The Grand Illuminist Mar 2022 #97
We do. The Rolling Stone report said it wasn't in the script or in the rehearsal. pnwmom Mar 2022 #98
Still has to be approved The Grand Illuminist Mar 2022 #100
And yet they are saying it wasn't approved. He just decided to throw it in pnwmom Mar 2022 #101
There is no excuse for a physical assault. left-of-center2012 Mar 2022 #31
If you are keeping score at home.... twodogsbarking Mar 2022 #36
Sorry but, no one has the right to belittle anyone, if you are a comic then tell jokes that do not Escurumbele Mar 2022 #37
If Jada had shaved her hair off because she liked the look Moebym Mar 2022 #44
Actually, pretty everyone has the right to belittle others n/t Captain Stern Mar 2022 #87
Kramer's Racist Tirade (Micheal Richards) old as dirt Mar 2022 #38
Maybe Will Traildogbob Mar 2022 #41
Of course comedians are coming to his defense. Moebym Mar 2022 #42
They are coming to their own defense. old as dirt Mar 2022 #47
Point taken. Moebym Mar 2022 #50
They are afraid that hecklers will escalate to violence. old as dirt Mar 2022 #52
Where would the world be if comedians weren't allowed to mock people? nt ripcord Mar 2022 #69
You don't understand how comedy works, do you? NoRethugFriends Mar 2022 #71
I disagree. While i don't condone Smith's violence, i also can't stand Chris Rock for making Jada onetexan Mar 2022 #43
Smith should not have used violence to get his point across Moebym Mar 2022 #48
He did. old as dirt Mar 2022 #49
Why the outrage, why the backlash? Aussie105 Mar 2022 #54
She is a victim?!? What BS!!, BigmanPigman Mar 2022 #55
Try to stay calm, will you? Aussie105 Mar 2022 #59
He has major mental issues and needs help. BigmanPigman Mar 2022 #65
Have you ever heard of "putting up a brave front"? That is what Jada had been doing lately, pnwmom Mar 2022 #61
Did you take the time to actually look at the video of HER reaction BigmanPigman Mar 2022 #66
You mean the video in slow mo and on repeat? pnwmom Mar 2022 #67
No, the video of them at the Oscars as Chris said the joke... BigmanPigman Mar 2022 #68
Yeah, he appeared to laugh for a second or two before he realized who GI Jane was. pnwmom Mar 2022 #70
Tell it to Chris Rock. ShazzieB Mar 2022 #74
Rock is nothing more than a verbal bully. Conjuay Mar 2022 #62
Being a comedian means never having to say I'm sorry for insulting people ripcord Mar 2022 #64
Violence performed in the name of protecting wronged women only Emile Mar 2022 #72
Maybe Will has been spending too much time with his loony kids. BobTheSubgenius Mar 2022 #73
If only there was a white man involved in all this ... Hugh_Lebowski Mar 2022 #76
Smith is management. Rock is not. This was worker harassment by Will tirebiter Mar 2022 #77
Bad comedy nowforever Mar 2022 #78
Ok. LiberatedUSA Mar 2022 #79
It was a staged event! The Jungle 1 Mar 2022 #82
Maybe comedians should just stop making jokes about people's appearance ripcord Mar 2022 #84
This message was self-deleted by its author Spazito Mar 2022 #86
Do comedians share their jokes first Tree Lady Mar 2022 #91
In general, because there's a script and a rehearsal. But Rock ad-libbed this joke. n/t pnwmom Mar 2022 #105
The trashing of the Smiths has already begun eissa Mar 2022 #93
Mega Streisand Effect obamanut2012 Mar 2022 #103
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