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What a colossal ass. MontanaMama Jan 2022 #1
Cawthorn is sub-human garbage. (nt) Paladin Jan 2022 #2
i think that's his way of masturbating CatWoman Jan 2022 #3
Bingo. sheshe2 Jan 2022 #4
Well-spotted. He's certainly overcompensating for something. ... Hekate Jan 2022 #5
He has penile function obamanut2012 Jan 2022 #17
That doesn't mean he's not compensating though ms liberty Jan 2022 #49
True, he's paralyzed from the neck up. FSogol Jan 2022 #65
I was watching an old video of Jeffry Toobin True Blue American Jan 2022 #30
Congressman GunWanks During Congressional Hearing...fixed the title. ya Alexander Of Assyria Jan 2022 #40
lol orleans Jan 2022 #51
Madison says: VGNonly Jan 2022 #6
Such A Poet! GB_RN Jan 2022 #10
LOL True Blue American Jan 2022 #31
His wife is divorcing him IronLionZion Jan 2022 #7
Cawthorn has various tales of meeting his wife. keithbvadu2 Jan 2022 #26
How long were they married? AverageOldGuy Jan 2022 #28
Long enough to get classified info from him IronLionZion Jan 2022 #45
He didn't meet her in Russia...he met the guy who introduced them later in Miami. EX500rider Jan 2022 #52
The perfect Russian Agent would be one you seriously doubted was Captain Zero Jan 2022 #57
Seriously? They allowed that? ananda Jan 2022 #8
It was on zoom leftieNanner Jan 2022 #24
It could have gone horribly right. lagomorph777 Jan 2022 #33
I thought this was going to be a post from The Onion, or Borowitz. iscooterliberally Jan 2022 #9
He's a child. elleng Jan 2022 #11
A child with serious mental problems EYESORE 9001 Jan 2022 #39
+1 n/t area51 Jan 2022 #53
And if a Democrat did that...What would mass media do? Always ask myself... Alexander Of Assyria Jan 2022 #12
Why didn't one of the other participants call him out on it as it was happening? TheRickles Jan 2022 #13
They thought he might run over their office and blow their brains out? lagomorph777 Jan 2022 #34
Doubt he would run. Midnight Writer Jan 2022 #46
I see what you did there Captain Zero Jan 2022 #58
In his own mind he's such a bad ass! Emile Jan 2022 #14
If rotten trees could quiver... dchill Jan 2022 #15
Cawthorn just wants to fondle his big weapon in public. keithbvadu2 Jan 2022 #16
damn sure not that thing between his leg's !!!! probably just a ornament!! monkeyman1 Jan 2022 #22
Just point that thing a few inches lower, idiot! FakeNoose Jan 2022 #18
I thought Busterscruggs Jan 2022 #23
Hah! ChubbyStar Jan 2022 #55
I'm sorry Busterscruggs Jan 2022 #63
Gripping it like...... Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jan 2022 #59
Little Maddie... lonely bird Jan 2022 #19
Just shoot yourself on live TV. That will own the libs. Evolve Dammit Jan 2022 #20
I might dream about that tonight. lagomorph777 Jan 2022 #35
I mean, if you're that much of an attention-seeking macho dumbass, just get it over with? Evolve Dammit Jan 2022 #43
He's just as immature and childish as the Amurkins he represents. paleotn Jan 2022 #21
Auditioning for Prequel to Idiocracy Pas-de-Calais Jan 2022 #25
This is why non-gun-zealots recognize gun worship in males as a sign of a tiny penis Orrex Jan 2022 #27
What a pathetic little weenie. BlueIdaho Jan 2022 #29
No, that was Toobin True Blue American Jan 2022 #37
Home Run! BlueIdaho Jan 2022 #50
Meh it was a zoom meeting. NT cinematicdiversions Jan 2022 #32
It indicates a lack of respect for Congress, and for the participants muriel_volestrangler Jan 2022 #60
Did that asshole with his pistol really think he was intimidating Veteran Affairs? hadEnuf Jan 2022 #36
What a fucking toddler.... Aviation Pro Jan 2022 #38
Cawthorn is a punk... turbinetree Jan 2022 #41
Maybe a squirt gun Marthe48 Jan 2022 #42
"I think the congressman was overcompensating for something that he lacks" SunSeeker Jan 2022 #44
So essentially he was fondling his little pea shooter in public? cstanleytech Jan 2022 #47
What a knob. sarchasm Jan 2022 #48
How many active duty/retired military in NC...? Grins Jan 2022 #54
Hitler Youth in a wheelchair. Raster Jan 2022 #56
He got what he wanted. Attention. Woodwizard Jan 2022 #61
Imagine a board meeting of a major corporation conducted remotely Mysterian Jan 2022 #62
Albert Speer, in "Inside the Third Reich" describes how Hitler thucythucy Jan 2022 #64
Nothing more than internet trolls who managed to get elected Sapient Donkey Jan 2022 #66
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