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30. As a Floridian what can I do,
Tue Jan 18, 2022, 08:30 PM
Jan 2022

If this stupid thing forms, to show up at voting places and clown these goobers?

I want to legally make fun of these dumbasses and make sure voters know they are toothless pieces of shit.

Dumbass, he already has one Sherman A1 Jan 2022 #1
DeathSentence is worried he'll lose reelection IronLionZion Jan 2022 #2
Yeah, anyone with a brain would Cha Jan 2022 #28
Oh, HELL No! GB_RN Jan 2022 #3
Beat me to it. That was literally verbatim my reaction. Pacifist Patriot Jan 2022 #9
Great Minds... GB_RN Jan 2022 #13
Brilliant! Pacifist Patriot Jan 2022 #17
The state headquarters should be in the Villages: home to the most election fraud of all... Sancho Jan 2022 #4
Heh! demmiblue Jan 2022 #12
If I were King for a Day this fool would lose his head before the day was over pecosbob Jan 2022 #5
That was my thought. SomewhereInTheMiddle Jan 2022 #23
DeSantis is a disgusting and dangerous opportunist. dalton99a Jan 2022 #6
Florida will have an election Gestapo SouthernDem4ever Jan 2022 #7
"Special Police Agency" to monitor elections? jcmaine72 Jan 2022 #8
"To ensure that elections are conducted in accordance with the rule of law..." XacerbatedDem Jan 2022 #10
And then because they... MiHale Jan 2022 #11
Fascism BlueIdaho Jan 2022 #14
And we'll give them snappy uniforms Miguelito Loveless Jan 2022 #15
Tips From "Government Officials Or Any Other Person" smb Jan 2022 #16
A special police force to monitor elections is most certainly not a first in Florida. Marcuse Jan 2022 #18
Why not just rename the state.....Caporegime turbinetree Jan 2022 #19
Shows why the VRA must be re-enacted (HR 4) JustAnotherGen Jan 2022 #20
i think he means - to monitor elections and ensure repugs 'win' and Black People don't vote samsingh Jan 2022 #21
Just musclecar6 Jan 2022 #22
Yeah, as a Floridian, he's the kind of guy I'd expect to want a "special police" agency. nt Akoto Jan 2022 #24
Will they wear brown shirts with swastika armbands? cstanleytech Jan 2022 #25
deathsentence policing himself , should be interesting ? monkeyman1 Jan 2022 #26
What else are they looking for? allegorical oracle Jan 2022 #27
May a curse be placed upon him Joinfortmill Jan 2022 #29
As a Floridian what can I do, OriginalGeek Jan 2022 #30
And make sure the opposition doesn't vote. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jan 2022 #31
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