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8. I thought he'd die during his term in office.
Wed Oct 13, 2021, 11:39 AM
Oct 2021

We didn't get that lucky, although dodging Pence as POTUS is probably a mixed blessing.

We just can't count on the old fucknozzle to do us the courtesy of dying. He doesn't know shit about courtesy...

Welcome to DU.

These weasels will be out of politics by 2024. bucolic_frolic Oct 2021 #1
They are downplaying his role. They are bragging about it Walleye Oct 2021 #2
And here's his "massive support" (snark) PortTack Oct 2021 #3
The problem remains that at present nearly every Republican elected Rep support his nomination. olegramps Oct 2021 #7
I still agree with Beau..these are terrible numbers for tfg! PortTack Oct 2021 #17
I wish the rest of the population could do math ? TFG goose is finally cooked ! monkeyman1 Oct 2021 #20
Until the base wash their hands of the Pig, they will be at heel and slobbering for 2024. Thomas Hurt Oct 2021 #4
Trump might not be around in 2024 Sabuca Oct 2021 #5
I thought he'd die during his term in office. Aristus Oct 2021 #8
Vegas need's to start taking odd's on his demise ? monkeyman1 Oct 2021 #21
Republicans rally around possible Trump 2024 bid Botany Oct 2021 #6
He INITIATED the insurrection. truthisfreedom Oct 2021 #9
I question if they really are rallying around him KS Toronado Oct 2021 #10
This PortTack Oct 2021 #18
His campaign bus..... trusty elf Oct 2021 #11
#StopTheStool going viral on Shitter, the G.O.P. app Champp Oct 2021 #15
The toilet needs to be gold! SWBTATTReg Oct 2021 #19
I'm guessing it's photo shopped, but what a great image. KS Toronado Oct 2021 #25
If he doesn't croak, he may well be elected. I have little faith he will be held accountable at all Evolve Dammit Oct 2021 #12
who else could they put up and not have the Trumplorables DeeNice Oct 2021 #13
The Pubes are all aboard the Treason Train Champp Oct 2021 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author ExTex Oct 2021 #16
just wondering if people are finally fed up with moscow mitch in Kentucky yet ? monkeyman1 Oct 2021 #22
I wish they'd both hurry up and croak. rickyhall Oct 2021 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author monkeyman1 Oct 2021 #24
After a review by forum hosts....LOCKING Omaha Steve Oct 2021 #26
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