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21. From what I have read
Fri Sep 17, 2021, 06:48 PM
Sep 2021

The Australian government has long been frustrated with the French contractor Naval Group over the latter's foot-dragging on the $90 billion submarine contract.

A Feb. 2021 article from ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) goes into more detail on this deal:

According to this article from Bloomberg, this deal was made all the way back in 2016.

France had initially offered to sell Australia diesel-powered submarines that Australia did not want - either that or Australia wanted diesel-powered subs at first, only to have changed its mind later. France was running behind in supplying the nuclear-powered submarines Australia had requested, so the latter backed out of its agreement in favor of entering an alliance with the UK and US, angering France.

If I may offer my opinion on this, I believe the French are acting huffy over losing this lucrative arms deal, although I do question why the US had kept France in the dark about this new deal until almost the 11th hour. I do hope there was a good reason for that, and most of all, I hope that we can quickly smooth over these tensions.

Shocked bucolic_frolic Sep 2021 #1
C'est dommage. Anon-C Sep 2021 #2
Yes, when you run on restoring alliances and your oldest ally recalls its ambassador BeyondGeography Sep 2021 #3
Well perhaps the point is well taken across our alliances. Anon-C Sep 2021 #22
Whoa! They sure aren't happy. This is a sad turn of affairs. sinkingfeeling Sep 2021 #4
If the US was giving them nuclear missiles I could understand but they are not doing that so imo its cstanleytech Sep 2021 #5
Precisely how is it an overreaction? LanternWaste Sep 2021 #18
France lost a multimillion contract to supply Australia with submarines over this. Lonestarblue Sep 2021 #30
This message was self-deleted by its author cstanleytech Sep 2021 #6
This is a BFD. Calista241 Sep 2021 #7
No it is not. We dont owe France jobs that could come here. Too bad. Demsrule86 Sep 2021 #25
A European ally has withdrawn their ambassador. That never happened under Trump. Calista241 Sep 2021 #31
Why did the French have so many civil wars? nycbos Sep 2021 #8
Cute...can I get some freedom fries with that? BeyondGeography Sep 2021 #9
You could think freedom fries are stupid... nycbos Sep 2021 #10
Oh, and your knowledge of French military history apparently excludes Napoleon BeyondGeography Sep 2021 #11
Ah yes... nycbos Sep 2021 #12
Almost as funny BeyondGeography Sep 2021 #16
What the Frogs sounds like nycbos Sep 2021 #13
Enough of this! n/t Moebym Sep 2021 #15
.... orangecrush Sep 2021 #36
This is why they're pissed..... Prospero1 Sep 2021 #14
C'mon France..... Red Mountain Sep 2021 #17
These are good middle class jobs. Why would anyone want to send them to France? Demsrule86 Sep 2021 #26
Besides which..... Red Mountain Sep 2021 #19
The US is getting the contract. Demsrule86 Sep 2021 #27
I saw on another thread that the subs the French were building for the Aussies were diesel. Jedi Guy Sep 2021 #20
From what I have read Moebym Sep 2021 #21
So the French couldn't blow up the deal, Demsrule86 Sep 2021 #28
Also the French are trying to convert the nuclear Barracuda Class subs to diesel for the deal.. EX500rider Sep 2021 #32
C'est la Guerre Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Sep 2021 #23
Oui. (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Sep 2021 #29
HUH? Smackdown2019 Sep 2021 #24
Australia needs a stronger navy, given The Unmitigated Gall Sep 2021 #33
So it looks like Snackshack Sep 2021 #34
Here's a wild guess orangecrush Sep 2021 #35
Oh my ck4829 Sep 2021 #37
Mixed feelings on this one. artemisia1 Sep 2021 #38
I know everyone is focused on France's reaction, but I find China's more interesting Sapient Donkey Sep 2021 #39
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