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Response to LudwigPastorius (Reply #11)

You go, Judge Jackson! grumpyduck May 2021 #1
I'll believe it when I see it. TurboDem May 2021 #2
My thoughts exactly birdographer May 2021 #7
That's the way the US rolls. The greater the criminality, the greater the immunity & celebrity. PSPS May 2021 #9
One of these is not the same stopdiggin May 2021 #13
me too. and I'll add that I see stopdiggin May 2021 #12
At THe Cery Least He Should Be DisBarred Me. May 2021 #3
I can't find the part of the Mueller report that says it can't exonerate Trump underpants May 2021 #4
Mueller said it during the hearing, as well. niyad May 2021 #17
Yeah I know but I KNOW that there was a page number underpants May 2021 #19
Not going to happen Miguelito Loveless May 2021 #5
Please Santa? I never got that pony as a kid. This will make up for it. ZonkerHarris May 2021 #6
Will pay attention if/when it occurs. Not likely. Jaded since Fitzmas. Hoyt May 2021 #8
Same here. War criminals never held accountable. Evolve Dammit May 2021 #21
Fitzmas along with IOKIYR It's ok if You are a Republican. CrispyQ May 2021 #22
Criminal investigations and successful prosecutions with significant jail time for the perps dlk May 2021 #10
Good. LudwigPastorius May 2021 #11
Post removed Post removed May 2021 #18
So which of these OLC attorneys gave sworn affadavits to Jackson? I can't find info on them. ancianita May 2021 #14
Experts said Individual One committed FEC violations paying off a Porn Star. maxsolomon May 2021 #15
Uncharged prisoners languish in Guantanamo SamsDrink May 2021 #16
Mr Barr, meet your place in history... The Unmitigated Gall May 2021 #20
KnR Hekate May 2021 #23
It was telling to me that Barr's former firm did not rehire him LetMyPeopleVote May 2021 #24
After a review by forum hosts....LOCKING Omaha Steve May 2021 #25
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