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27 people in an SUV? Haggard Celine Mar 2021 #1
I can't even imagine how you could fit 27 people in an SUV RAB910 Mar 2021 #2
I can't either. Haggard Celine Mar 2021 #3
Just my guess, but I would assume children are involved. Quackers Mar 2021 #8
Yeah, I didn't think about that. Haggard Celine Mar 2021 #9
I would think it would have to be, but even then that number is mind boggling RAB910 Mar 2021 #13
They were ages 16-55, apparently migrant workers. SunSeeker Mar 2021 #19
After watching this video, I know it is possible csziggy Mar 2021 #10
I still don't see how they managed this! Karadeniz Mar 2021 #16
Stack them like firewood, I expect csziggy Mar 2021 #18
Down by the border More_Cowbell Mar 2021 #4
Maybe their definition of an SUV is different than ours. demosincebirth Mar 2021 #5
There was a picture of the vehicles beside the article. Haggard Celine Mar 2021 #6
Just seen it. Wow! demosincebirth Mar 2021 #21
The picture is in a tweet down below the article at the link. Haggard Celine Mar 2021 #7
Ford Expedition forthemiddle Mar 2021 #11
You're right. What tragic accident! demosincebirth Mar 2021 #22
Assuming that is one of Ford's full size SUVs, 27 average weight people would overload it mn9driver Mar 2021 #12
Years ago Codifer Mar 2021 #14
I read that they take out the seats and people crouch jammed together on the floor. alphafemale Mar 2021 #15
Yes, there was only a driver and front passenger seat in the thing. SunSeeker Mar 2021 #23
the emotional and sometimes Roc2020 Mar 2021 #17
agreed Skittles Mar 2021 #20
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