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Wed Feb 17, 2021, 11:35 AM Feb 2021

Texas mayor tells residents to fend for themselves during power outage: 'Only the strong will surviv [View all]

Source: Washington Post

Texas mayor tells residents to fend for themselves during power outage: ‘Only the strong will survive’
How Texas's independent power grid failed under pressure
Texas's independent power grid was crippled under high demand and damaging weather after a historic cold snap hit the U.S. over Presidents' Day weekend. (John Farrell/The Washington Post)
Antonia Noori Farzan
Feb. 17, 2021 at 4:05 a.m. CST

By Tuesday morning, the residents of Colorado City, Tex., were getting anxious. More than 24 hours had passed since a deadly Arctic blast knocked out power across the state, leaving them without heat or electricity in below-freezing temperatures. To make matters worse, many also lacked running water, forcing them to haul in heavy buckets of snow each time they needed to flush their toilets.

Residents turned to a community Facebook group to ask whether the small town planned to open warming shelters, while others wondered if firefighters could do their job without water. But when Colorado City’s mayor chimed in, it was to deliver a less-than-comforting message: The local government had no responsibility to help out its citizens, and only the tough would survive.

“No one owes you [or] your family anything,” Tim Boyd wrote on Tuesday in a now-deleted Facebook post, according to KTXS and KTAB/KRBC. “I’m sick and tired of people looking for a damn handout!”

Boyd’s tirade, which also demanded that “lazy” residents find their own ways of procuring water and electricity, immediately drew backlash. Later on Tuesday, Boyd announced his resignation and admitted that he could have “used better wording.”........................................

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/02/17/texas-mayor-power-outages-colorado/

better wording?? gawds.

Cruelty is the name for this x mayor!

Just the kind of guy you want to be Mayor! dchill Feb 2021 #1
It is what the GOP believes. We were left to fend for ourselves regarding Covid. Irish_Dem Feb 2021 #2
Heckuva Job, Brownie. I see a pattern here... Evolve Dammit Feb 2021 #31
I swear I thought it was Borowitz underpants Feb 2021 #3
I thought it was for sure Borowitz! WA-03 Democrat Feb 2021 #32
The mayor seems to forget that HE was elected to serve the citizens. Lonestarblue Feb 2021 #4
I wonder what he thinks his job entails? Irish_Dem Feb 2021 #6
He's another Trump. christx30 Feb 2021 #37
Yep, exactly. Irish_Dem Feb 2021 #38
They are worried about no power for twenty four hours? Steelrolled Feb 2021 #5
Yes, it is. Here in north Georgia Glorfindel Feb 2021 #8
We went 6 weeks without power after hurricane Rita. The 1st week the high temps were over Dustlawyer Feb 2021 #15
We have been without power for about 40 hrs now, Sucha NastyWoman Feb 2021 #16
I disagree - It's NOT nothing TommyCelt Feb 2021 #20
Democracy would be nice, wouldn't it. rickyhall Feb 2021 #7
To my knowledge, there are no public services devoted to relief ... Laelth Feb 2021 #9
Laelth, have you considered the Dallas area? harumph Feb 2021 #12
Yes. I am sixty miles from Dallas. Laelth Feb 2021 #14
Gotta love that Texas pluck. louis-t Feb 2021 #10
He DENVERPOPS Feb 2021 #11
Taking lessons from Mayor Quimby are we? Initech Feb 2021 #13
That's the Texas Way. When in doubt, revert to cannibalism Nitram Feb 2021 #17
No one in Texas should be surprised by his statement. It is the official RepubliQan Party position usajumpedtheshark Feb 2021 #18
If you must fend for yourself, then you shouldn't have to pay the city taxes, eh???? Ziggysmom Feb 2021 #19
What is the mayo's salary? Whatever, he should be made to return it. No handouts! niyad Feb 2021 #42
His better wording unfortunately was "Just STFU." marble falls Feb 2021 #21
Ever notice that pricks like this mayor espousing this "Survival of the fittest" mentality... Crowman2009 Feb 2021 #22
Wow Traildogbob Feb 2021 #23
I think I have an idea of what the Jewish carpenter would want to do... Prof. Toru Tanaka Feb 2021 #58
Just shows you droidamus2 Feb 2021 #24
resigns during a blackout in frigid temperatures, yep! MadLinguist Feb 2021 #25
The nonapology apology ... (and yes, it's even worse) ... marble falls Feb 2021 #26
Guy doesn't deserve to be a public official. JudyM Feb 2021 #27
He deserves all the dump he's attracted. marble falls Feb 2021 #30
Yes, definitely. But he's complaining like it's unwarranted. JudyM Feb 2021 #39
I believe all undecided ought to be alligned Blue in the next few days. marble falls Feb 2021 #43
"Next few days?" JudyM Feb 2021 #65
Four more days of this will turn it from stories to tell the grandkids to revenge in the voting ... marble falls Feb 2021 #66
Yes and he has the effing nerve to whine and complain Prof. Toru Tanaka Feb 2021 #50
He should be demoted to gravedigger meadowlander Feb 2021 #52
Did this guy ever get past 1st grade English? HUAJIAO Feb 2021 #34
He more bulk than brains. He passed brawn years ago. marble falls Feb 2021 #44
The editor in me wants to slap him. The human being in me wants to make him work in a niyad Feb 2021 #47
Are you smarter than a fifth-grader? Prof. Toru Tanaka Feb 2021 #51
Line forms right behind me. I brought hot chocolate and cider. niyad Feb 2021 #55
Very thoughtful and my wife will bring a pot Prof. Toru Tanaka Feb 2021 #59
Ahhhhh, that will be perfect! niyad Feb 2021 #61
I hope to splash a big puddle over him when he breaks down at the side of the street in a storm. marble falls Feb 2021 #53
I hope you will be driving an 18 wheeler then! niyad Feb 2021 #56
That's a 10-4 good buddy. marble falls Feb 2021 #57
Your posts gave me one heck of a big laugh! Well done! Prof. Toru Tanaka Feb 2021 #60
Just don't put me into a full Nelson! marble falls Feb 2021 #62
lol, if you remember the nefarious Tanaka and Mr. Fuji from back in the day... Prof. Toru Tanaka Feb 2021 #67
I go all the way back to the Galagher Bros, Gorgeous George, Johnny Powers, Haystack McGee, ... marble falls Feb 2021 #68
Typical whinny hypocritical authoritarian MarcA Feb 2021 #28
Sign of things to come. reader1 Feb 2021 #29
Apparently, Boyd wasn't strong enough to survive... dlk Feb 2021 #33
Why haven't you cretins SECEDED yet, Boyd? Blue Hal Feb 2021 #35
All for one and one for all there mayor............. turbinetree Feb 2021 #36
You assume he reads? marble falls Feb 2021 #45
I keep forgetting turbinetree Feb 2021 #48
That's OK, its a sign you hope against experience he might in some way be improvable ... marble falls Feb 2021 #49
I guess Tim Boyd never understood what a mayor is elected to do. patphil Feb 2021 #40
Tell them to burn their Ayn Rand books for warmth. CaptYossarian Feb 2021 #41
You think he owns books? marble falls Feb 2021 #46
No, I was aiming right at irony. CaptYossarian Feb 2021 #69
Amused isn't the word most Texans who get the issues would use right now: the politest ... marble falls Feb 2021 #70
I have a greatdeal of empathy for the citizens of Texas. CaptYossarian Feb 2021 #71
They wanted less government, and I guess this is proof they succeeded? Brainfodder Feb 2021 #54
He's resigned Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2021 #63
Cool! Let the law of the jungle rule the land. Kablooie Feb 2021 #64
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