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9. The algorithms should be open for discussion
Sat Feb 6, 2021, 01:17 AM
Feb 2021

They are great
And they are evil.

I love that YouTube will suggest other videos on....say....chair repair, or puppy rescue, or whatever interests you. I still use the search, but I find other content just suggested on the side very helpful.

Its evil, when the subject is politics. Again, I love that I get other liberal channel suggestions. I appreciate that I don't have to search as much. Especially after subscribing to a few. But its the same with someone who rolls in conservative circles. They will, after the algorithm learns their likes and dislikes, only see conservative content. But they will have suggestions of even more extreme Right Wing channels on the side. I too find more extreme opinion content suggested for me. My only line is I try and keep to fact-based news opinion sites.

I can see that for some moderate conservative its too hard to stay away and not explore those other dangerous RW conspiracy theory channels that are suggested on their screens. It can get to the point that you are steered and herded until you have whittled your choices down to only those ones fulfilling your most dire crazy fears to explain the world to you. Its too easy to get caught in the web that you only you, and the ones who understand like you do, know about the world wide conspiracy of Jewish Laser ships for instance. It is insidious on the right, where normally good people, who used to rely on facts, now are told facts don't matter. Its all about YOU getting what YOU think YOU deserve. Fuck the government, fuck the immigrants, fuck the libtards and bleeding hearts.

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