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Yup. Here they are on the Garden State Parkway FelineOverlord Nov 2020 #1
This shows how desperate they are an it pisses people off. BigmanPigman Nov 2020 #42
Law Enforcement Sierra89 Nov 2020 #2
So this explains it Alt-Orange Nov 2020 #3
I'm so confused. I thought it was only "leftist radical extremists" who blocked freeways, according progree Nov 2020 #4
exactly TheRealNorth Nov 2020 #12
I can see some rationale for BLM protesting obvious gross injustice, though I agree progree Nov 2020 #20
I would say the same if it were... reACTIONary Nov 2020 #41
Yes, I can't imagine it either /nt progree Nov 2020 #50
Usually police kettle left wing protestors into those situations JonLP24 Nov 2020 #52
No arrests? orangecrush Nov 2020 #5
Right???!!! hamsterjill Nov 2020 #9
Seriously. orangecrush Nov 2020 #11
'Trump Train' takes over Beltway traffic around nation's capital mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2020 #6
Got one thing correct central scrutinizer Nov 2020 #7
Texas events canceled after 'Trump train' surrounds Biden campaign bus on interstate mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2020 #8
And they b*tched, moaned, and complained about BLM activists blocking freeways. What the hell??? alwaysinasnit Nov 2020 #10
they are pretty much going full SS/ Brownshirt now TheRealNorth Nov 2020 #13
Yup n/t PutGramaOnThePhone Nov 2020 #43
Small dick army at it again vercetti2021 Nov 2020 #14
Now, that's useful. n/t Laelth Nov 2020 #15
These ilk are like a big dump that plugs your toilet. roamer65 Nov 2020 #16
Saw about half a dozen of them on Belt Parkway between Brooklyn and Queens beastie boy Nov 2020 #17
It only hardens the resolve of reasonable ppl to vote the pos out! Thekaspervote Nov 2020 #18
ditto!! SWBTATTReg Nov 2020 #32
Keeping undecideds from getting home is going to make them want to vote Trump? keithbvadu2 Nov 2020 #19
In case anyone has not noticed, the cops are not on our side. n/t spike jones Nov 2020 #21
Right!? n/t PutGramaOnThePhone Nov 2020 #44
Caravan of cars supporting Trump clogs Beltway's outer loop Sunday mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2020 #22
Keep it up and they may get a chance to clog the courts and the jails. patphil Nov 2020 #23
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2020 #24
MAGAt Beard Bellies bucolic_frolic Nov 2020 #25
The President should send troops to those places to restore order, right? Dyedinthewoolliberal Nov 2020 #26
They were great people bucolic_frolic Nov 2020 #27
Yeah, because there's nothing better than blocking traffic Mr.Bill Nov 2020 #28
Yes, Turbineguy Nov 2020 #29
"Last Minute Bid To Woo Undecided Voters" - no, that's not what they're doing. scarletwoman Nov 2020 #30
It's fun ... PutGramaOnThePhone Nov 2020 #45
I've never laughed at them. I think they're very dangerous. scarletwoman Nov 2020 #49
I'm sorry.... PutGramaOnThePhone Nov 2020 #53
I've passed a few of these kinds of Trump rallies on the sidewalk DonaldsRump Nov 2020 #31
Ig one of them posted on Facebook that they are all going to drive off a cliff for Trump, they would TeamPooka Nov 2020 #33
They were in California, too kimmylavin Nov 2020 #34
making life miserable for others... Trump & his supporters in a nutshell (n/t) MissMillie Nov 2020 #35
It's times like this I wish I could call in an air strike..... AZ8theist Nov 2020 #36
What fresh hell is this? mwb970 Nov 2020 #37
Saw a couple of these asscarrots on the road today . . . not "clogging" anything hatrack Nov 2020 #38
Let's see if I have this right... jmowreader Nov 2020 #39
Good luck with that strategy. warmfeet Nov 2020 #40
Clogs like that need plungers. Evergreen Emerald Nov 2020 #46
They actually think Trump will win if they act like frat house boys after a football game. Nitram Nov 2020 #47
That's going to garner Trump a lot of votes...not! patphil Nov 2020 #48
All of those blocking said exits on purpose should face either manslaughter or 2nd degree murder cstanleytech Nov 2020 #51
Who's bright idea was this? Bayard Nov 2020 #54
Good question! SunSeeker Nov 2020 #57
Why do they think acting like unhinged assholes will "woo undecided voters"?? SunSeeker Nov 2020 #55
Intimidate and prevent voters from voting. LeftInTX Nov 2020 #56
That's certainly what happened in CA today. SunSeeker Nov 2020 #58
Really hypocritical in here ripcord Nov 2020 #59
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