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George II

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Tue Aug 11, 2020, 04:18 PM Aug 2020

Joe Biden selects Kamala Harris as his running mate [View all]

Source: MSNBC

Aug. 11, 2020, 4:15 PM EDT
By Deepa Shivaram

Joe Biden has chosen Kamala Harris, the prominent senator from California whose political career has included many barrier-breaking moments, as his running mate, his campaign announced on Tuesday.

The decision comes more than a year after Harris, who was also a 2020 Democratic candidate, clashed with Biden over racial issues during the first primary debate. If elected, she would be the nation’s first female, first Black and first Asian American vice president.

Picking Harris, who is 55, will also provide the ticket with some generational diversity. Biden, who is 77, would be the oldest president-elect in U.S. history.

Harris, the only Black woman in the U.S. Senate, was first elected in 2016 after serving as California’s Attorney General and, before that, San Francisco District Attorney. A native of Oakland, California, and the child of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, Harris has said she was inspired to attend law school after joining civil rights protests with her parents.

"She’s been a fighter and a principled leader and I know because I’ve seen her up close and I’ve seen her in the trenches," Biden said of Harris at a virtual fundraiser in June.

Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/joe-biden-selects-kamala-harris-his-running-mate-n1235771

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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RandySF Aug 2020 #1
I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AZ8theist Aug 2020 #20
Totally Agree! tecelote Aug 2020 #46
Where's my text, Joe? soothsayer Aug 2020 #2
I got it about 4 minutes ago. Maybe the USPS is delaying it? (sorry) George II Aug 2020 #5
Ha! Did you know the USPS actually had an email product/service before email was popular? soothsayer Aug 2020 #22
Mine too!!! I get multiple texts a day from them, but not this one!!! Bleacher Creature Aug 2020 #9
Ha! Woot! soothsayer Aug 2020 #13
Same here, Creach, same here. AZ8theist Aug 2020 #49
I got mine at 3:16 CDT Still Sensible Aug 2020 #28
I'll act surprised when mine comes in! soothsayer Aug 2020 #65
Got it! 4:49. Woot! soothsayer Aug 2020 #79
Joe, if I wasn't so happy with your choice Mortos Aug 2020 #101
Mine came at 4:49, and I was first to post that "sign up to learn first" tweet here soothsayer Aug 2020 #116
Hey, I've donated multiple times and I still haven't gotten the text! Native Aug 2020 #136
That's what I said! Paid good money for that! Laura PourMeADrink Aug 2020 #132
Excellent CanonRay Aug 2020 #3
That might be the highlight of the campaign, although Joe demolishing the demented one.... George II Aug 2020 #6
Yeah, me too, but.... AZ8theist Aug 2020 #27
Mother will have to Scarsdale Aug 2020 #43
Will Mother need to be on stage holding his hand the whole time?? AZ8theist Aug 2020 #58
I'll bet he turned MyOwnPeace Aug 2020 #192
Oh heck yeah!!!! mdelaguna Aug 2020 #87
This! mdelaguna Aug 2020 #91
They'll have to mop up Pence's urine off the floor! 70sEraVet Aug 2020 #175
He can borrow a Depends from Trump CanonRay Aug 2020 #186
If it's anything like trump's last visit to Moscow, maybe he can lay on the floor underneath him? George II Aug 2020 #208
Great choice... lapucelle Aug 2020 #4
I was hoping for Tammy Duckworth. Behind the Aegis Aug 2020 #7
I would have liked to have seen that too, but there are so many good choices... George II Aug 2020 #10
The pool he had to choose from was outstanding. Behind the Aegis Aug 2020 #18
If he is interested Schiff would make a fantastic AG yellowdogintexas Aug 2020 #147
Adam Schiff is a lawyer Dyedinthewoolliberal Aug 2020 #12
Actually, that's not a bad idea either. Behind the Aegis Aug 2020 #23
Glenn Kirschner Would Be Fabulous NonPC Aug 2020 #68
Yes, Schiff would be a brilliant choice PatSeg Aug 2020 #97
I've thought since the Russia investigation he would make a great AG Luciferous Aug 2020 #107
Adam Schiff can become the next CA senator bsiebs Aug 2020 #119
And after that, president! Native Aug 2020 #150
Preet B for AG onetexan Aug 2020 #143
That's a big "A-MEN!" MyOwnPeace Aug 2020 #182
Well said. Preet is one good man with integrity onetexan Aug 2020 #184
I also liked Duckworth for VP Luciferous Aug 2020 #111
Think of what a great Secretary of Defense she would make. n/t Mr.Bill Aug 2020 #128
Can't afford to take another Dem Senator Eyeball_Kid Aug 2020 #135
Wouldn't her seat be safe for another Democrat? Mr.Bill Aug 2020 #145
Me too..TD! But I am surprisingly not unhappy! Laura PourMeADrink Aug 2020 #133
We have not seen the last of Senator Duckworth and she has a great political future ahead f her I totodeinhere Aug 2020 #155
I liked Duckworth too, but Harris very close second. Hillary for AG crimycarny Aug 2020 #158
I was hoping for Duckworth too. Mostly because I knew what would come with Harris Sapient Donkey Aug 2020 #209
This on Twitter already! George II Aug 2020 #8
+1. dalton99a Aug 2020 #11
+! denem Aug 2020 #15
FUCK YOU, PENCE... AZ8theist Aug 2020 #32
That's our THE FERRET! leftieNanner Aug 2020 #39
Yes. He's brilliant and quite a sense of humor. George II Aug 2020 #149
HAHAHA, YEAH!!! Mersky Aug 2020 #103
He's going to have his ASS handed to him by Kamala Harris Ilsa Aug 2020 #137
Kamala will be the anti-Pence Travel Hat Aug 2020 #172
LOL@our Ferret! Retweeted.. TY George! Cha Aug 2020 #190
Great Choice AldebTX Aug 2020 #14
YES! GO, KAMALA! ancianita Aug 2020 #16
👏🏾👏👏🏿 BlancheSplanchnik Aug 2020 #47
Just imagine what she's feeling right now! PatSeg Aug 2020 #88
Juju just told me the news!!! yuiyoshida Aug 2020 #134
I had no doubt!! WOOHOO!!!! onetexan Aug 2020 #17
All the candidates are awesome, but Senator Kamala Harris was the best choice!!!! Fla Dem Aug 2020 #19
Absolutely the best PatSeg Aug 2020 #100
Great Choice! MySideOfTown Aug 2020 #21
She's the best choice from a really strong field. Warpy Aug 2020 #24
😆 JudyM Aug 2020 #63
They're going to kick Trump/Pence's ass so hard IronLionZion Aug 2020 #26
Yes. Yes they are Roc2020 Aug 2020 #34
This is the second time my presidential choice was selected for VP IronLionZion Aug 2020 #99
Same here PatSeg Aug 2020 #110
Kamala is an exciting bold choice, with many of the positive qualities of Obama IronLionZion Aug 2020 #122
I was pretty sure it was going to be Harris PatSeg Aug 2020 #129
Great choice. She is a fighter and a smart woman. usaf-vet Aug 2020 #29
that woman will never back down Ponietz Aug 2020 #105
oops! I would have lost a lot of money if I was a betting man Roc2020 Aug 2020 #30
Pence will have to get approval from Mother to debate Dopers_Greed Aug 2020 #31
social distancing due to covid will make it ok for him JI7 Aug 2020 #38
The fucking repressed, ignorant asshole coward won't show up... AZ8theist Aug 2020 #40
Will Pence have to have his wife on stage during the debate? machI Aug 2020 #164
Fantastic choice Joe! duforsure Aug 2020 #33
O HELL YEAH! Paladin Aug 2020 #35
I will support Joe and Kamala! but theophilus Aug 2020 #36
Ditto. dixiechiken1 Aug 2020 #109
Don't Worry. Be Happy. Calm your fears. Tommymac Aug 2020 #113
Thanks for sharing this! Native Aug 2020 #154
If you're talking about her work as a prosecuter, thucythucy Aug 2020 #120
Thanks for saying Marthe48 Aug 2020 #152
Yay!!! relayerbob Aug 2020 #37
I am so happy! Thank you Joe! bronxiteforever Aug 2020 #41
Very good!! n/t BlancheSplanchnik Aug 2020 #42
Excellent choice! herding cats Aug 2020 #44
best choice! AlexSFCA Aug 2020 #45
Happy days! BooScout Aug 2020 #48
A very good choice. I can support this ticket. Just waiting for my ballot. Old Terp Aug 2020 #50
I supported Harris... then Warren... then Biden... and now Biden/Harris! deurbano Aug 2020 #51
Same here Mortos Aug 2020 #84
I am happy beyond words. She was my pick!!!!!!! Butterflylady Aug 2020 #52
She's as smart and as sharp as hell!! Cousin Dupree Aug 2020 #53
Hot damn! Now I need a Biden/Harris sign McCamy Taylor Aug 2020 #54
Excellent choice stevil Aug 2020 #55
And a hearty K&R BumRushDaShow Aug 2020 #56
I screamed so loud with joy I scared my dog! mcar Aug 2020 #57
I walked outside and shouted thank you to the Sky proud patriot Aug 2020 #85
... mcar Aug 2020 #94
Yeah! gademocrat7 Aug 2020 #59
THE BEST NEWS!!!!!!!!!! cilla4progress Aug 2020 #60
I'm so happy seta1950 Aug 2020 #61
She will kick ass! Nt Fiendish Thingy Aug 2020 #62
Whoo-Hoo.... can't wait to get my merch! ihaveaquestion Aug 2020 #64
Good choice out of many! burrowowl Aug 2020 #66
Great!! dajoki Aug 2020 #67
SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! I voted for Kamala for president, honored to vote her in as Vice President chia Aug 2020 #69
Go get 'em Jomala! sarchasm Aug 2020 #70
Dynamic Duo. Now, Go Kick Ass !! Captain Zero Aug 2020 #71
YES YES YES YES proud patriot Aug 2020 #72
Biden/Harris for the win!!! Now lets concentrate a bit on the Senate and state legislatures. marble falls Aug 2020 #73
YES! roamer65 Aug 2020 #74
I've been thinking about that also... llmart Aug 2020 #108
I think she will be President in Nov 2024. roamer65 Aug 2020 #114
I have that same instinct... llmart Aug 2020 #123
So happy to have this as my first post in YEARS..... jackster2020 Aug 2020 #75
Welcome back grantcart Aug 2020 #90
Thanks.... jackster2020 Aug 2020 #151
About time you showed back up! Welcome! niyad Aug 2020 #178
Welcome back! gristy Aug 2020 #193
Yes! Yes! Yes! BadgerMom Aug 2020 #76
Hurray! cp Aug 2020 #77
What a GREAT, AWESOME, WONDERFUL choice!!! bluestarone Aug 2020 #78
YES! Mad_Dem_X Aug 2020 #80
Woot!!! mdelaguna Aug 2020 #81
Yes yes yes! Sedona Aug 2020 #82
"I'll have what she's having." - Estelle Reiner, wife of Carl, mother of Rob, the director. Klaralven Aug 2020 #104
Welcome to DU. niyad Aug 2020 #179
I'm dancing here. hunter Aug 2020 #83
Biden/Harris 2020 is a great sounding ticket. C Moon Aug 2020 #86
That makes me feel better. BobsYourUncle Aug 2020 #89
FANTASTIC!!! bluewater Aug 2020 #92
I think he made a mistake. olddad65 Aug 2020 #93
Really? How so? Mortos Aug 2020 #98
No Mistake Made Here OldManTarHeel Aug 2020 #106
I think we'll certainly allow that all the credibility and substance it in fact, warrants... LanternWaste Aug 2020 #142
Do tell. dchill Aug 2020 #177
Same here Polybius Aug 2020 #197
... Initech Aug 2020 #95
OMG! llmart Aug 2020 #96
OUTSTANDING! HOPE is making a Comeback! Tommymac Aug 2020 #102
Just got mine. 2:59 mdt! niyad Aug 2020 #112
My dream ticket!!! And... of course, Chuck Todd is already at it. displacedtexan Aug 2020 #115
Chuck Toll has long been the weakest link at MSNBC. Sloumeau Aug 2020 #127
Yay! AirmensMom Aug 2020 #117
FABULOUS !!!!! BarbD Aug 2020 #118
A WINNING ticket! AwakeAtLast Aug 2020 #121
Yea! Orangepeel Aug 2020 #124
Unbeatable! SergeStorms Aug 2020 #125
FREAKING AWESOME ... VP Kamala Harris... yuiyoshida Aug 2020 #126
Harris can assume the presidency without Eyeball_Kid Aug 2020 #130
My Favorite Choice Among His Candidates!!! dsharp88 Aug 2020 #131
I'm very glad they took my advice and FailureToCommunicate Aug 2020 #138
I'm so thrilled! nt Ilsa Aug 2020 #139
Another history making Democratic ticket!!! (nt) ehrnst Aug 2020 #140
YESSSSSSS!!!!! WE GOT THIS angrychair Aug 2020 #141
woohoo...this is the ticket I wanted, though I would have gladly supported any of the other choices. iluvtennis Aug 2020 #144
Lock and Load.. denbot Aug 2020 #146
I was hoping for Tammy Duckworth Bayard Aug 2020 #148
Harris/Duckworth in either 2024 or 2028. n/t totodeinhere Aug 2020 #160
Works for me! nt SunSeeker Aug 2020 #204
I'm ecstatic. Senator Harris was my first choice. totodeinhere Aug 2020 #153
Good pick!! Pepsidog Aug 2020 #156
Beyond fired up! Politicub Aug 2020 #157
As a 3rd generation job stealer, this is psychologically important for me IronLionZion Aug 2020 #159
I'm thrilled! This is great news! NurseJackie Aug 2020 #161
YAY!! SunSeeker Aug 2020 #162
Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!! Paladin Aug 2020 #163
OOOOOOOOoooooooo YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHH!!! calimary Aug 2020 #165
Down ballot is going to be a walk for the Democrats machI Aug 2020 #166
Yeah! Biden and Harris will make a great team! Callalily Aug 2020 #167
So excited! summer_in_TX Aug 2020 #168
I am sooo glad that Joe was smart enough to select her. I'm happy as heck. nt Nay Aug 2020 #169
This is GREAT news! I just went into our DU Act Blue and donated $25 to the ticket. PatrickforO Aug 2020 #170
We're goin' to the big dance! Blue Owl Aug 2020 #171
I am looking forward to the VP debate. She will beat the snow out of Pence. muntrv Aug 2020 #173
Dynamite ticket ucrdem Aug 2020 #174
In terms of who she is, what she brings to the ticket she's perfect, but.... plimsoll Aug 2020 #176
Unless I'm mistaken the (Democratic) governor will appoint her successor, thucythucy Aug 2020 #181
I expect long coattails. LudwigPastorius Aug 2020 #180
I said they should be running as a team back in 2018 BigmanPigman Aug 2020 #183
Would've preferred Susan Rice as the safer bet, but whatever. jcmaine72 Aug 2020 #185
So happy!! Would have been happy with any of the choices AllyCat Aug 2020 #187
Wouldn't Elizabeth Warren make a GREAT Attorney General CountAllVotes Aug 2020 #188
OMG.. I thought we were going to find out Cha Aug 2020 #189
Doing my happy dance! warmfeet Aug 2020 #191
She wasn't my first choice for VP(wanted her for AG) but that doesn't matter MustLoveBeagles Aug 2020 #194
well, done llashram Aug 2020 #195
Great ticket! We're very excited about her VP pick R B Garr Aug 2020 #196
called this a year ago as its the natural and BEST pick for Biden and democrats beachbumbob Aug 2020 #198
The world seems just a bit better today hydrolastic Aug 2020 #199
Good choice! Buckeye_Democrat Aug 2020 #200
Counting the days n/t hibbing Aug 2020 #201
Ok ladies now let's get in formation! SunSeeker Aug 2020 #202
My pick since 2017 Cetacea Aug 2020 #203
Excellent selection! maryallen Aug 2020 #205
put her in charge of prosecuting every law breaker in this misadminatration scarytomcat Aug 2020 #206
She has been my pick all along. Mickju Aug 2020 #207
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