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"He has been wrong every time, on every issue"? maxsolomon Jul 2020 #1
Why listen to one of the top scientists in the field, marie999 Jul 2020 #2
The Stupid is strong in this one nt COLGATE4 Jul 2020 #3
Damn truth. Wellstone ruled Jul 2020 #4
Nobody listens to this guy Ritabert Jul 2020 #5
It's almost as though Repubs WANT to spread the virus Budi Jul 2020 #6
I don't see how we come to any other conclusion. Unimaginable. mahina Jul 2020 #24
Patrick and rand Paul are both POS still_one Jul 2020 #7
Some of Dan Patrick's history: efhmc Jul 2020 #8
that dumbshit has been taking limbaugh's advice for years. he's probably a certainot Jul 2020 #9
Watch He will get elected Governor next election FloridaBlues Jul 2020 #10
The imbecile said it on Laura Ingraham's show, pandering to her dumbass viewers. sop Jul 2020 #11
Patrick needs to sacrifice himself for future generations. muntrv Jul 2020 #12
Dan Patrick is a right wing tool who deserves to have his head examined. cayugafalls Jul 2020 #13
This is Trump's 'Merica! UCmeNdc Jul 2020 #14
The same governor who said Texas has plenty of hospital beds available for Trumpvirus patients. keithbvadu2 Jul 2020 #15
I know people from Texas and they are all smarter than him... world wide wally Jul 2020 #16
Have you really trusted EVM since Turdblossom pushed them out? Lived in Dallas back then Hestia Jul 2020 #26
We lived in Austin in '88, '89. world wide wally Jul 2020 #29
mr. dan patrick of TX has not just a few screws loose, he has a lot of screws loose. I suspect... SWBTATTReg Jul 2020 #17
What an ass! Mountain Mule Jul 2020 #18
Dan Patrick has always been an ignorant, arrogant ass. area51 Jul 2020 #19
Throw all the bastards out and start over... Maxheader Jul 2020 #20
The cult need villains on which to turn the member's anger. Cracklin Charlie Jul 2020 #21
This from the guy who wanted you to help sacrifice grandma for the economic greater good... yup. NotHardly Jul 2020 #22
Yup..grownin' big and dumb and crazy in TX 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Thekaspervote Jul 2020 #23
I'll never forgive Fauci for purposely lying about the masks from the beginning. OverBurn Jul 2020 #25
What lie? Nobody knew from the beginning, no one was pushing masks until NY exploded Hestia Jul 2020 #27
Oh please. It's a respiratory virus. LisaL Jul 2020 #32
Fauci said he told people they didn't need masks, only because of the shortage, He admitted it. OverBurn Jul 2020 #38
If the officials had pushed masks on the general populace, what would have.. LAS14 Jul 2020 #39
He was certainly wrong about the masks Raine Jul 2020 #30
I think the concern was, there was not enough PPE for medical professionals. LisaL Jul 2020 #33
See response #38. nt LAS14 Jul 2020 #40
He made a calculated decision NickB79 Jul 2020 #35
PPE is not the same as a cloth mask TomCADem Jul 2020 #37
Please. Masks Do Not Protect People from Getting The Virus Unless It Is N95 TomCADem Jul 2020 #36
Um...um...um...OK...then, Dan. The people who elected you deserve you. NNadir Jul 2020 #28
LOL. Says the renowned "expert" with his never-used English degree (just a RW hate-radio host.) PSPS Jul 2020 #31
The world would be a better place without TX Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. Paladin Jul 2020 #34
Texas did not reach the CDC-recommended numbers before reopening Skittles Jul 2020 #41
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