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27. "the Tanana Chiefs Conference,...supports the rollbacks."
Fri May 29, 2020, 01:58 PM
May 2020

"Victor Joseph, chair of the Tanana Chiefs Conference, said the group representing 42 tribes in the Interior supports the rollback. The 2015 rule was implemented without “adequate tribal consultation," he said in a statement sent by the park service.

“The previous limitations enacted in 2015 threatened our way of life and our centuries-long sustainable management practices," he said in the statement."


Anyone needing to kill a bear cub in its den is a very sick person. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz May 2020 #1
For example, Donald Turd Jr. lagomorph777 May 2020 #25
100% gas lighting .... Boy will this piss off the liberal tree huggers Botany May 2020 #2
This is how I interpret these laws too. Mike 03 May 2020 #5
This Nazi rat fucker is behind a lot of the shit the orange one does. Hotler May 2020 #9
The Trump Doctrine is "kill everything." Vinca May 2020 #3
Publicize the shit out of this. 3Hotdogs May 2020 #4
The mighty hunter. keithbvadu2 May 2020 #6
Native Alaskans do this with bear cubs Drahthaardogs May 2020 #7
Never heard this before, do you have a link? I'd like to read up on it. n/t Coventina May 2020 #10
No link, just an Athabaskan neighbor Drahthaardogs May 2020 #14
Well, I would say this: As long as they are living a totally traditional lifestyle, with no Western Coventina May 2020 #18
You ever seen them whale hunt? Drahthaardogs May 2020 #19
I'm a vegetarian, FWIW. "Part of their culture" is not an acceptable excuse for cruelty. Coventina May 2020 #20
You just equated shooting a sleeping bear to raping a woman Drahthaardogs May 2020 #21
No, I was saying cruelty is not OK, no matter the victim, or the "excuse" given for it. n/t Coventina May 2020 #22
I'd like to see that too Bayard May 2020 #12
I don't get it?? Oh wait...regulation written by the Obama Administration. That clears that up Bengus81 May 2020 #8
exactly, trump must sit in his office with a list IcyPeas May 2020 #23
support the right to arm bears.... dhill926 May 2020 #11
I really, truly, hate this man Bayard May 2020 #13
How sporting. olddad65 May 2020 #15
Sick fucks. BusyBeingBest May 2020 #16
"David Vela""more closely align hunting and trapping regulations with those established by the state turbinetree May 2020 #17
This is why I rejoice with every headline noting a hunter mauled to death. TheFourthMind May 2020 #24
Do you feel that way about all hunters? Dial H For Hero May 2020 #26
You suggesting I shouldn't? n/t TheFourthMind May 2020 #28
Just seeking clarificatiion. I presume you feel the same, then, about these hunters: Dial H For Hero May 2020 #29
Which one of these individuals has been mauled to death while hunting or poaching? n/t TheFourthMind May 2020 #30
You said you had these feelings about all hunters. These men are hunters. Dial H For Hero May 2020 #31
No, you need to believe that's what I said in order to make your point. Which you failed to do TheFourthMind May 2020 #32
You ought to edit then your original post to show you support ethical hunters Kaleva May 2020 #33
Rejection of A does not imply rejection of B LanternWaste May 2020 #36
His later comments seem to suggest he supports ethical hunters like Pres. Carter. Kaleva Jun 2020 #37
When I asked if you felt this way about *all* hunters, you asked if I was suggesting you shouldn't. Dial H For Hero May 2020 #34
"the Tanana Chiefs Conference,...supports the rollbacks." Kaleva May 2020 #27
Another reason I have difficulty allowing respect to anyone who kills for entertainment. LanternWaste May 2020 #35
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