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Anyone needing to kill a bear cub in its den is a very sick person. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz May 2020 #1
For example, Donald Turd Jr. lagomorph777 May 2020 #25
100% gas lighting .... Boy will this piss off the liberal tree huggers Botany May 2020 #2
This is how I interpret these laws too. Mike 03 May 2020 #5
This Nazi rat fucker is behind a lot of the shit the orange one does. Hotler May 2020 #9
The Trump Doctrine is "kill everything." Vinca May 2020 #3
Publicize the shit out of this. 3Hotdogs May 2020 #4
The mighty hunter. keithbvadu2 May 2020 #6
Native Alaskans do this with bear cubs Drahthaardogs May 2020 #7
Never heard this before, do you have a link? I'd like to read up on it. n/t Coventina May 2020 #10
No link, just an Athabaskan neighbor Drahthaardogs May 2020 #14
Well, I would say this: As long as they are living a totally traditional lifestyle, with no Western Coventina May 2020 #18
You ever seen them whale hunt? Drahthaardogs May 2020 #19
I'm a vegetarian, FWIW. "Part of their culture" is not an acceptable excuse for cruelty. Coventina May 2020 #20
You just equated shooting a sleeping bear to raping a woman Drahthaardogs May 2020 #21
No, I was saying cruelty is not OK, no matter the victim, or the "excuse" given for it. n/t Coventina May 2020 #22
I'd like to see that too Bayard May 2020 #12
I don't get it?? Oh wait...regulation written by the Obama Administration. That clears that up Bengus81 May 2020 #8
exactly, trump must sit in his office with a list IcyPeas May 2020 #23
support the right to arm bears.... dhill926 May 2020 #11
I really, truly, hate this man Bayard May 2020 #13
How sporting. olddad65 May 2020 #15
Sick fucks. BusyBeingBest May 2020 #16
"David Vela""more closely align hunting and trapping regulations with those established by the state turbinetree May 2020 #17
This is why I rejoice with every headline noting a hunter mauled to death. TheFourthMind May 2020 #24
Do you feel that way about all hunters? Dial H For Hero May 2020 #26
You suggesting I shouldn't? n/t TheFourthMind May 2020 #28
Just seeking clarificatiion. I presume you feel the same, then, about these hunters: Dial H For Hero May 2020 #29
Which one of these individuals has been mauled to death while hunting or poaching? n/t TheFourthMind May 2020 #30
You said you had these feelings about all hunters. These men are hunters. Dial H For Hero May 2020 #31
No, you need to believe that's what I said in order to make your point. Which you failed to do TheFourthMind May 2020 #32
You ought to edit then your original post to show you support ethical hunters Kaleva May 2020 #33
Rejection of A does not imply rejection of B LanternWaste May 2020 #36
His later comments seem to suggest he supports ethical hunters like Pres. Carter. Kaleva Jun 2020 #37
When I asked if you felt this way about *all* hunters, you asked if I was suggesting you shouldn't. Dial H For Hero May 2020 #34
"the Tanana Chiefs Conference,...supports the rollbacks." Kaleva May 2020 #27
Another reason I have difficulty allowing respect to anyone who kills for entertainment. LanternWaste May 2020 #35
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