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K&R for visibility. nt tblue37 Apr 2020 #1
there are no words... hlthe2b Apr 2020 #2
Unutterably sad. Zoonart Apr 2020 #3
I don't care if it is reasonable or not. Pacifist Patriot Apr 2020 #4
+1 Lulu KC Apr 2020 #29
He is absolutely personally responsible for how many have been infected Ford_Prefect Apr 2020 #38
+1 CountMyVote4Reality Apr 2020 #41
+1000. (nt) Paladin Apr 2020 #43
Well said. nt Duppers Apr 2020 #49
Even before I read about this, Nuremberg, and Nuremberg punishment, was on my mind. NBachers Apr 2020 #52
I'm thinking more and more these days of the end of the movie Spartacus where the road is lined generalbetrayus Apr 2020 #66
Oh PP, it is more than reasonable DENVERPOPS Apr 2020 #42
It's reasonable. SammyWinstonJack Apr 2020 #58
+++ still_one Apr 2020 #59
OMG. This is tragic. Mrs. Overall Apr 2020 #5
Man, that's very heartbreaking. Baked Potato Apr 2020 #6
So terrible. I feel horrible for this loss and how devastating it must be for her family. kairos12 Apr 2020 #7
Ugh, after seeing some of the depressed doctors on television, this seemed inevitable. LisaM Apr 2020 #8
I hold tRump liable for Scarsdale Apr 2020 #17
I know. There's so much that could be different. LisaM Apr 2020 #22
I completely agree. Scarsdale Apr 2020 #26
Please include DENVERPOPS Apr 2020 #45
Of course all those people would have been better. No question. LisaM Apr 2020 #53
............ turbinetree Apr 2020 #9
The body/mind can only take so much. Frustratedlady Apr 2020 #10
Noooooo LittleGirl Apr 2020 #11
The Stable Genius saw it coming. BamaRefugee Apr 2020 #12
Tragic to loose such a dedicated medical professional appalachiablue Apr 2020 #13
This won't be counted as a Coronavirus death, even though it is in direct correlation ... aggiesal Apr 2020 #14
Heartbreaking. snacker Apr 2020 #15
Devastating Mike 03 Apr 2020 #16
I put her suicide upon republicans. They've vilified first responders from day one. ffr Apr 2020 #18
Part of the Triage process DENVERPOPS Apr 2020 #47
or one of them shouting down nurses. ffr Apr 2020 #50
I fear the day DENVERPOPS Apr 2020 #61
Oh come on now... OldBaldy1701E Apr 2020 #73
🕯️ irisblue Apr 2020 #19
Oh, that's so very sad :( DarthDem Apr 2020 #20
Unfortunatly, there will be a massive cost among our first-line heroes. PTSD will be rampant. 😥 SaveOurDemocracy Apr 2020 #21
100% correct. This should serve as a wake-up call. Jedi Guy Apr 2020 #71
This is awful in many ways. nt Sloumeau Apr 2020 #23
I saw a Dr. last night on TV saying he has never dealt with so much death. Midnight Writer Apr 2020 #24
I also read doctors are saying marlakay Apr 2020 #55
This is utterly heartbreaking. I can't imagine the pressure and stress medical workers are under. Politicub Apr 2020 #25
So very sad. cate94 Apr 2020 #27
Dr. Lorna M. Breen HERO Botany Apr 2020 #28
Too sad. Sounds like PTSD. marble falls Apr 2020 #30
So sad. My heart breaks. cayugafalls Apr 2020 #31
Many truly go into medicine to help alleviate human suffering. To now be so helpless in the face JudyM Apr 2020 #32
Heartbreaking, what a tragic loss. wendyb-NC Apr 2020 #33
Terrible. More terrible is that Trump still isn't doing anything. Pepsidog Apr 2020 #34
I wish that were true. Unfortunately, Captain Clorox's actions have been far worse than inaction. lagomorph777 Apr 2020 #35
OMG. So horrible. They should make Trump go in that ER and see what killed her. SunSeeker Apr 2020 #36
Dr. Lorna M. Breen mahina Apr 2020 #37
This just breaks my heart........ a kennedy Apr 2020 #39
Start The Conspiracy Countdown Clock Devilsun Apr 2020 #40
Devastating! denvine Apr 2020 #44
Trump and enablers feel no pain. nt NCjack Apr 2020 #46
😭 ER & ICU docs go home and cry. Duppers Apr 2020 #48
..... stillcool Apr 2020 #51
Kick and recommend for visibility and respect for the fallen bronxiteforever Apr 2020 #54
PTSD will be a major issue for those on the front line battling this virus just like other wars. nt yaesu Apr 2020 #56
They've given too much as it is wallyworld2 Apr 2020 #57
Shit. Blue Owl Apr 2020 #60
R.I.P. to a hero. dalton99a Apr 2020 #62
This is beyond tragic. 3catwoman3 Apr 2020 #63
This Tragedy is the Beginning McKim Apr 2020 #64
I've been told, ER is a tough gig even in the best of times. paleotn Apr 2020 #65
Very, very mzmolly Apr 2020 #67
Sad still_one Apr 2020 #68
. crickets Apr 2020 #69
This just sucks! It sucks so badly! hamsterjill Apr 2020 #70
More blood on Trump's hands. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Apr 2020 #72
..... Heartstrings Apr 2020 #74
So sad, but not surprising, given doctors have the highest rate of suicide among professions onetexan Apr 2020 #75
excruciating. SleeplessinSoCal Apr 2020 #76
How sad Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2020 #77
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