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Excellent Sherman A1 Feb 2019 #1
GREAT news! bluestarone Feb 2019 #2
Yes, lock up Netanyahu.... NET A YAHOO DemocracyMouse Feb 2019 #21
Take note, Americans who believe the propraganda that a US President "can't possibly be indicted" hlthe2b Feb 2019 #3
tRump can use "executive time" to deal with indictments. Indict him. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2019 #11
Lets hope they have real justice system in that country yaesu Feb 2019 #4
In this case, the US should follow Israel's lead IronLionZion Feb 2019 #5
Lets hope this trend continues duforsure Feb 2019 #6
Corrupt dude has "republican family values" Achilleaze Feb 2019 #7
Yes!!! B Stieg Feb 2019 #8
It's about time leftynyc Feb 2019 #9
Yes! He's a little right wing snot. The Wielding Truth Feb 2019 #10
Fantastic! littlemissmartypants Feb 2019 #12
I wish they would have perp-walked him. n/t OnlinePoker Feb 2019 #13
How long has this take? BumRushDaShow Feb 2019 #14
K&R Scurrilous Feb 2019 #15
Another member zentrum Feb 2019 #16
Oh, the world will be a better place PatSeg Feb 2019 #17
I wish he could be made to share a 4x6 cell with the orange fornicate 47of74 Mar 2019 #35
Too bad we can't put all these PatSeg Mar 2019 #37
now for the US to follow Israel and indict Trump riversedge Feb 2019 #18
Do you remember when they invited him to trash President Obama? Marcuse Feb 2019 #19
Thank you, I'd forgotten that. Duppers Feb 2019 #20
Or the time PatSeg Mar 2019 #38
Lock him up! NRaleighLiberal Feb 2019 #22
Seems to me this was one of Trump's boy friends HelenWheels Feb 2019 #23
Sure is...birds of a feather. BigmanPigman Feb 2019 #30
Too bad Mueller can't flip him pnwmom Feb 2019 #24
Aww, that's a Shame nightshift worker Feb 2019 #25
Bibi getting indicted is going to loosen tRumpys bowels. NoMoreRepugs Feb 2019 #26
Kol Bseder txbruin Feb 2019 #27
Again? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2019 #28
They couldn't get him on Crimes Against Humanity; but they got him on corruption sandensea Feb 2019 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author dalton99a Feb 2019 #31
This is a witch hunt SCVDem Feb 2019 #32
Didn't he make a visit to repukes in Congress under Boehner? BlancheSplanchnik Feb 2019 #33
Overdue. nt oasis Mar 2019 #34
Excellent! Owl Mar 2019 #36
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