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10. Why are the Democrats responsible?
Sun Jun 24, 2018, 08:58 AM
Jun 2018

1. He said several times during the campaign "He alone can fix everything"
2. The Repugs have control of the Senate and House.
3. Repug President
4. Repug Supreme Court

But yeah, the Dems are the ones who are obstructing?

GO Fuck yourself and take a fucking hike......................I demand it......FUCK YOU turbinetree Jun 2018 #1
Great minds must think alike watoos Jun 2018 #3
That's why we are democrats we can tell a traitor and a sexual predator to go and Fuck off turbinetree Jun 2018 #36
What turbinetree said... SallyHemmings Jun 2018 #6
Use your golf cart if necessary, fat ass. TheCowsCameHome Jun 2018 #19
Amen.... asiliveandbreathe Jun 2018 #32
Translation Pass the law that I want vlyons Jun 2018 #2
He clearly does not understand how legislation is passed in this country. PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 2018 #4
No, he thinks the president commands the legislature DBoon Jun 2018 #14
Trumpy doesn't CARE how the system works, or is supposed to work. Eyeball_Kid Jun 2018 #18
Don't Resist is something a violent attacker says Freethinker65 Jun 2018 #5
+1. Just like "resisting arrest" dalton99a Jun 2018 #23
And the point is... pazzyanne Jun 2018 #25
WTH "don't resist" - this takes my breathe away...you are right..a violent attacker says asiliveandbreathe Jun 2018 #30
THIS is reason for families being seperated benld74 Jun 2018 #7
Hey, lying POS, no one's trying to break in, they are seeking asylum. sinkingfeeling Jun 2018 #8
Strong border, no crime? NickB79 Jun 2018 #9
For mass shootings that is certainly true as its usually someone that is white though there are some cstanleytech Jun 2018 #15
Why are the Democrats responsible? Owens Jun 2018 #10
"Why are the Democrats responsible?" They are not and he knows everything you have listed however cstanleytech Jun 2018 #20
Go to hell tRump. I demand that you report to th nearest prison and lock yourself in. Augiedog Jun 2018 #11
I demand that Hitler resign and plead guilty to all of his crimes. Cary Jun 2018 #12
Let's see what he's up to next Saturday. yallerdawg Jun 2018 #13
100% gas lighting from Trump who no doubt got his orders from Putin Botany Jun 2018 #16
I think the Dem leaders should respond with thinkingagain Jun 2018 #17
Trump should be in a fucking cage !!! SamKnause Jun 2018 #21
To which the Democrats should respond Fortinbras Armstrong Jun 2018 #22
WTF heaven05 Jun 2018 #24
The compromise law is horrible Gothmog Jun 2018 #26
Fucking idiot truthisfreedom Jun 2018 #27
#weshouldallcare, we. will. resist. riversedge Jun 2018 #28
the house bill is a compromise between republicans and no democrats were allowed beachbum bob Jun 2018 #29
He wants the Democratic legislators to FIX this mess he got himself into.... asiliveandbreathe Jun 2018 #31
More word salad from the mouth of David Dennison, John Barron, or whomever. Firestorm49 Jun 2018 #33
Democrats don't negoiciate with TERORISTS! duforsure Jun 2018 #34
No crime? Well, then he better run for the door as he's the true criminal. lark Jun 2018 #35
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