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Wed Jun 6, 2018, 10:49 PM Jun 2018

House Dems seethe over superdelegates plan [View all]

Source: Politico

The controversial issue of “superdelegates” and their future in the Democratic Party led to an angry confrontation on Tuesday night between Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez and House Democrats, according to several lawmakers.


During a two-hour-plus meeting with a group of House Democrats at DNC headquarters, Perez laid out two options under consideration for superdelegates by the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee. The rules committee will meet on the issue Friday, and there’s a June 30 deadline for any proposed amendments to the DNC charter, which will be voted on during a key August party meeting, right in the middle of election season.

The first proposal — a product of the “Unity Reform Commission” established at the 2016 convention to “revise and reduce” the role of superdelegates — would create three categories of superdelegates. Some superdelegates would be allowed to vote in the first roll-call vote for the presidential nominee, while others would not.


The second option, which Perez supports and which appears far more likely to be enacted, would allow superdelegates to continue to exist, but they couldn’t vote during the first round of the presidential roll-call vote. They could, however, vote during the second round or any subsequent roll call, and they would still be permitted to support any candidate they wanted.

Read more: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/06/06/superdelegates-house-democrats-630357

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The superdelegates are there to usurp the will of the electorate. They should be eliminated. CentralMass Jun 2018 #1
+1 Luciferous Jun 2018 #2
+2 one person one vote n/t Uncle Joe Jun 2018 #4
Then we can get rid of caucuses Codeine Jun 2018 #28
I would accept all of that if it made the results more democratic! LostOne4Ever Jun 2018 #50
Caucuses are not democratic and are easy to game Gothmog Jun 2018 #84
The DNC doesn't have the power to revamp the system completely. Jim Lane Jun 2018 #103
Those are separate issues, but the Electoral College is at least as important. yurbud Jun 2018 #149
So you want to punish the Congressional Black Caucus? Gothmog Jun 2018 #83
Yes, someday, "I can feel a change a coming" saidsimplesimon Jun 2018 #128
Yes. Sophia4 Jun 2018 #6
OMG sheshe2 Jun 2018 #39
LOL Eliot Rosewater Jun 2018 #76
Are you going to call the CBC corrupt again? Gothmog Jun 2018 #85
I worry that if THIS site is not willing to call out Eliot Rosewater Jun 2018 #123
The "will of the electorate" put Trump on the general election ballot jmowreader Jun 2018 #13
Yes. None of this bs of non-Dems voting in our primaries... brush Jun 2018 #27
Open caucuses like we have in Idaho are the worst jmowreader Jun 2018 #30
that kinda happened at the dem caucus here... samnsara Jun 2018 #127
Many women I know in Washington were afraid to go to caucuses if they supported Hillary. LisaM Jun 2018 #129
That's one thing 2naSalit Jun 2018 #141
Hear hear! (nt) ehrnst Jun 2018 #67
I concur. pecosbob Jun 2018 #16
+1,000,000!!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2018 #18
Bernie Sanders is a superdelagate. sheshe2 Jun 2018 #42
Where is the response to your question, did I miss it? Eliot Rosewater Jun 2018 #77
Nah. sheshe2 Jun 2018 #111
I don't think I am saidsimplesimon Jun 2018 #134
The Congressional Black caucus vehemently opposes eliminating the superdelegates. pnwmom Jun 2018 #43
I stand with the CBC Gothmog Jun 2018 #86
No, it's not zipplewrath Jun 2018 #110
I stand with the CBC and think that they are a far more important part of the party Gothmog Jun 2018 #113
It's just that they have no reason zipplewrath Jun 2018 #120
I strongly disagree with your attempt at analysis Gothmog Jun 2018 #125
It's their analysis zipplewrath Jun 2018 #147
No it is not-do you tire of being wrong? Gothmog Jun 2018 #162
And they have all kinds of votes zipplewrath Jun 2018 #164
These are valuable leaders of our party Gothmog Jun 2018 #165
But they weren't elected for the convention zipplewrath Jun 2018 #168
The selection process for delegates is almost random. joshcryer Jun 2018 #170
But they'd be constrained zipplewrath Jun 2018 #172
Why does bernie hate the CBC so much? Gothmog Jun 2018 #175
Not sure that he does zipplewrath Jun 2018 #178
And yet I was at the national convention when Sanders delegates booed John Lewis Gothmog Jun 2018 #181
And mine zipplewrath Jun 2018 #188
I think the reason is that they're afraid they'll lose their influence. joshcryer Jun 2018 #169
Sorta zipplewrath Jun 2018 #171
As long as they don't change the outcome I think they are fine. joshcryer Jun 2018 #173
It's their influence prior zipplewrath Jun 2018 #174
The reality is this is just a big F you to the CBC. joshcryer Jun 2018 #176
Not in the real world-superdelegates have never gone against popular vote winner Gothmog Jun 2018 #82
"usurp the will of the electorate. They should be eliminated." Eko Jun 2018 #140
Without question! InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2018 #156
Agree a million per cent. Every vote should be equal. Vinca Jun 2018 #157
Why Superdelegates? DownriverDem Jun 2018 #177
Stuper-delegates Plucketeer Jun 2018 #3
In the era of tRump, that shouldn't even marybourg Jun 2018 #14
Yessss!! Exacta-mundo!!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2018 #19
Have super-delegates ever changed the Codeine Jun 2018 #26
No, they haven't rpannier Jun 2018 #49
Exactly. But point that out and you get the remarks MarcA Jun 2018 #54
Then Why have them. bahrbearian Jun 2018 #66
So that elected officials like members of the CBC are delegates Gothmog Jun 2018 #96
No, super delegates have never gone against the winner of the popular vote Gothmog Jun 2018 #87
No superdelegates. Sneederbunk Jun 2018 #5
Democrats: the electoral college sucks! Now, let's pick our superdelegates Takket Jun 2018 #7
Sums it up nicely... thought Democrats stood for democracy. InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2018 #21
The electoral college is separate from the Democratic Party rules Gothmog Jun 2018 #98
Trying to explain this is like herding cats! LeftInTX Jun 2018 #118
The CBC includes leaders like Congresspersons Lewis, Waters, Cummings. and Clydburn Gothmog Jun 2018 #126
The ship has sailed, but I am totally the opposite marylandblue Jun 2018 #8
Super Delegates do NOT determine our nominee, but it acts as a safety value to avoid convention still_one Jun 2018 #11
The idea was they could swing the outcome if the party didn't like the primary outcome marylandblue Jun 2018 #15
It isn't happening because the party would be even more divided still_one Jun 2018 #17
It isn't happening because few people agree with the premise marylandblue Jun 2018 #22
For the reason I just stated still_one Jun 2018 #25
I don't think that's why marylandblue Jun 2018 #37
Super delegates will vote in the best interest of the party including down ballot races Gothmog Jun 2018 #88
Also to avoid trump-like candidates. Until we get rid of open... brush Jun 2018 #29
As far as I am concerned brush that would have to come first before the elimination of SD still_one Jun 2018 #31
Yes, those two conditions would have to be agreed upon before... brush Jun 2018 #36
It sounds like the makings of a good compromise 4now Jun 2018 #9
Democratic version of Trump? Never happen. KPN Jun 2018 #44
If you really want to eliminate SD because you believe in one person one vote, then whoever gets the still_one Jun 2018 #10
"Let the people choooooooose!" Codeine Jun 2018 #32
Most superdelegates are elected officials and party leaders Gothmog Jun 2018 #90
I absolutely agree. nt Codeine Jun 2018 #97
I worked to get Juanita Jean and her husband elected as delegates in 2012 Gothmog Jun 2018 #100
No, but pledged SDs can and have created a perception KPN Jun 2018 #46
I would inclined to get rid of super delegates if they got rid of open primaries. Democrats should still_one Jun 2018 #63
But that's a State elections call not a Party call, is it not? KPN Jun 2018 #73
Clinton would have had a greater margin if we had closed primaries and eliminated caucuses Gothmog Jun 2018 #138
Like the Vermont Democratic establishment does when they ehrnst Jun 2018 #68
Do you have data that show SDs effect turnout and votes? ehrnst Jun 2018 #69
Answer my questions first. KPN Jun 2018 #74
What questions did you ask me? ehrnst Jun 2018 #75
Yeah but I FEEL this or I THINK that therefore you MUST make me comfortable Eliot Rosewater Jun 2018 #78
Yes, the feels here, no matter how strong, are no substitute for facts. (tn) ehrnst Jun 2018 #112
See my post 48 above. KPN Jun 2018 #94
Fervent but failed attempt at deflection. Can't provide any backup for your claims... ehrnst Jun 2018 #109
Lol. Of course it's an opinion. My opinion. KPN Jun 2018 #122
And now you backpedal... Let's review: ehrnst Jun 2018 #146
I was a delegate to the national convention and I have read DNC rules on voting Gothmog Jun 2018 #91
There is no such thing as pledged super delegates Gothmog Jun 2018 #137
You are right. I stand corrected. I confused the term with KPN Jun 2018 #144
Normally, campaigns carefully vet their delegates Gothmog Jun 2018 #183
Yes I would support that! Nt LostOne4Ever Jun 2018 #52
I will be calling the DNC tomorrow - NO Super Delegates!! Equinox Moon Jun 2018 #12
Fine, I will go with that as long as they eliminate Open primaries and the caucuses still_one Jun 2018 #20
Wonder why nobody agrees with you when you say this. weird Eliot Rosewater Jun 2018 #79
I suspect a certain percentage feel that way because they have no desire to be part of the still_one Jun 2018 #115
This propaganda campaign that perfection can be demanded Eliot Rosewater Jun 2018 #116
I sure do understand what you are saying Eliot. That some suddenly believe SD are the most vital still_one Jun 2018 #117
EXACTLY...of course, ANYTHING to divide the party. Eliot Rosewater Jun 2018 #119
Which race did the superdelegates actually change? Codeine Jun 2018 #33
Ok, but no open primaries or caucuses. Just Dems voting for... brush Jun 2018 #34
I think the caucus is a bigger problem than super delegates MattP Jun 2018 #23
As long as we have caucuses, we need super delegates GulfCoast66 Jun 2018 #24
And don't forget the elimination of open primaries where... brush Jun 2018 #35
Right there with you on that. GulfCoast66 Jun 2018 #38
Exactly! eom BlueMTexpat Jun 2018 #41
I would not link the two issues yurbud Jun 2018 #148
It seems as if too many commenters BlueMTexpat Jun 2018 #40
Ummm ... can you say with certainty that KPN Jun 2018 #48
Even in 1972 Kenneth Almquist Jun 2018 #56
Thanks for your very BlueMTexpat Jun 2018 #62
Eliminate super delegates and the caucus system Schedule Jun 2018 #45
This message was self-deleted by its author chwaliszewski Jun 2018 #47
In your scenario... brooklynite Jun 2018 #72
This message was self-deleted by its author chwaliszewski Jun 2018 #89
Who would pay for this nationwide primary? Gothmog Jun 2018 #93
Have you ever worked in a campaign or for a party in the real world? Gothmog Jun 2018 #92
In my state the primary vote went one way and all the super delegates pledged the other dembotoz Jun 2018 #51
What state was that? radical noodle Jun 2018 #57
Wisconsin dembotoz Jun 2018 #64
Most of your states super delegates were members of Congress or your Democratic senator Gothmog Jun 2018 #99
elected officials, party muckity mucks, dnc reps dembotoz Jun 2018 #114
All of whom were elected either by voters or the leaders of the party Gothmog Jun 2018 #131
And they ignored the primary..let's just have the smoke filled rooms dembotoz Jun 2018 #143
Wisconsin had an open primary where non-democrats supported sanders Gothmog Jun 2018 #151
gee i think folks have a right to vote...guess we disagree dembotoz Jun 2018 #154
Democrats should be selecting the Democratic nominee Gothmog Jun 2018 #155
hey nothing says join the dems more than you are not worthy to vote for your candidate dembotoz Jun 2018 #163
I and others are also involved in bringing new voters to the party Gothmog Jun 2018 #166
So being a lawyer makes u right...? best giggles of the day dembotoz Jun 2018 #179
Again, please try to bring in more diverse voters Gothmog Jun 2018 #180
Well u live in ur strange world and I will live in mine dembotoz Jun 2018 #182
The Texas Democratic Party used to believe that it could win with white voters Gothmog Jun 2018 #184
don't know where you are getting your coffee but i see exactly the opposite. maybe u get too much dembotoz Jun 2018 #185
Your posts continue to amuse me Gothmog Jun 2018 #186
U did so well in16.. dembotoz Jun 2018 #189
From my twitter feed Gothmog Jun 2018 #190
Sorry closed primary is bullshit dembotoz Jun 2018 #191
Economist--Berned out Gothmog Jun 2018 #192
And the continuous DNC rep for sleaze makes me sad dembotoz Jun 2018 #193
Do you tire of being wrong? Gothmog Jun 2018 #194
i dunno do you? so when do your purity oaths start dembotoz Jun 2018 #195
From Hillary Clinton Gothmog Jun 2018 #196
So? dembotoz Jun 2018 #197
Do you understand how the process really works? Gothmog Jun 2018 #95
I've heard other stories like this radical noodle Jun 2018 #102
I was at that breakfast Gothmog Jun 2018 #104
They acted abominably radical noodle Jun 2018 #108
they got screwed dembotoz Jun 2018 #121
Who? The sanders delegates? Gothmog Jun 2018 #124
In my state they got fucked. Thanks super delegates dembotoz Jun 2018 #132
So you are mad at Mark Pocan, Ron Kind, Gwen Moore and Tammy Baldwin Gothmog Jun 2018 #135
Gwen Moore I understand, believe her CD was the ONLY ONE that hrc carried. I forgive the others dembotoz Jun 2018 #142
Wisconsin had a open primary where non-democrats voted Gothmog Jun 2018 #152
Yes!!! This is a great change!!!! LostOne4Ever Jun 2018 #53
No! Primaries should not be open radical noodle Jun 2018 #58
Democrats can mess with Republicans too LostOne4Ever Jun 2018 #59
Independents aren't going to vote for radical noodle Jun 2018 #61
No. Democrats only in a Democrat primary. Codeine Jun 2018 #70
NO open primaries!! No ratfuckers!!! SunSeeker Jun 2018 #106
. stonecutter357 Jun 2018 #55
I've had to followthis argument since 1968 tirebiter Jun 2018 #60
Random number generator, diispense with elections lostnfound Jun 2018 #65
The minute I saw the word 'seethe' I knew this was a Politico hit piece on the Democrats. FSogol Jun 2018 #71
My reaction as well, certain folks are DETERMINED to keep GOP in power Eliot Rosewater Jun 2018 #80
This proposal is a good way of attacking the CBC Gothmog Jun 2018 #133
Congressional Black Caucus: Keep superdelegate system in place Gothmog Jun 2018 #81
It looks like there is still only one murielm99 Jun 2018 #101
We need the Congressional Black Caucus far more than we need Our Revolution Gothmog Jun 2018 #105
Hell yes. nt SunSeeker Jun 2018 #107
I respect the leadership of persons like John Lewis and Maxine Waters. Gothmog Jun 2018 #130
superdelegates are a terrible idea and un-democratic rollin74 Jun 2018 #136
Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are corrupt? Gothmog Jun 2018 #139
It is time to end the superdelegate system Devil Child Jun 2018 #145
Is the DNC or any centrist Dem group working to end the electoral college? yurbud Jun 2018 #150
The two issues are not related but so far only blue states have adopted National Popular Vote plan Gothmog Jun 2018 #153
Anyone who wants open primaries wants NON-Democrats to decide who the Democratic nominee is, and still_one Jun 2018 #158
Yes, it's a giant red flag for hostile, subversive intent. Hortensis Jun 2018 #159
Does anyone here want to be a Delegate to the next Convention? Jose Garcia Jun 2018 #160
I'm a progressive, but unless I'm missing something, Perez idea is almost as good as yurbud Jun 2018 #161
No, not quite zipplewrath Jun 2018 #167
E-mail from the former chair of California Democratic Party gives me hope Gothmog Jun 2018 #187
+1 ucrdem Jun 2018 #198
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