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30. Probably not
Thu Aug 23, 2012, 05:39 PM
Aug 2012

But the family's rage is not the measure of punishment. What is the standard for the crime, objectively? What is the standard for the inmate's prior offenses and potential for future offenses and for the inmate's behavior while incarcerated. Equal justice under the law - for victim and offender. That's if you want a rational and fair society. otherwise, by all means have the victim's families throw all offenders to the dogs or the lynch mobs - it doesn't much matter at that point.

That's how you adjudicate such matter rationally in a just society. If it was purely up to the family's feelings about it, we shouldn't have a justice system or sentencing guidelines or inmate behavior records or any system at all.

So your question is largely beside the point. But we could easily turn it around, and ask what a parent of a person murdered in pretty much any other second degree murder committed at the time thinks about John Lennon's killer being given more punishment than their own child's killer, since their own child's killer has likely been free for the better part of a decade.

Why is John Lennon more important than their own child?

Good. nt msanthrope Aug 2012 #1
RIP John Lennon n/t xocet Aug 2012 #2
Keep rotting, asshole. nt Comrade_McKenzie Aug 2012 #3
GOOD!! ailsagirl Aug 2012 #4
I'm up in the air about this one Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #5
Chapman murdered John Lennon "only because" he was John Lennon rocktivity Aug 2012 #7
Are you familiar with the term "Equal justice before the Law"? NT Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #8
Lennon deserves equal justice, too rocktivity Aug 2012 #12
Re: Lennon deserves equal justice, too Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #14
It's fairly easy to establish a clear and present danger with Chapman. Ty Templeton Aug 2012 #13
You must be full of nothing but air, actually Scairp Aug 2012 #19
Re: you don't have the slightest clue what Lennon would say. Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #24
Whatever Scairp Aug 2012 #34
how about he killed ANYONE in a cold calculating way & has only served 30 years wordpix Aug 2012 #21
If that's normal treatment for a murderer in NY state fine NT Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #25
TRANSLATION: "Have it on MY record that I let John Lennon's assassin go free? rocktivity Aug 2012 #6
You got it. Matters not whether Chapman has served a sentence commensurate with similar... Scuba Aug 2012 #10
Re: cultural icons Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #15
"Life isn't fair." - James Earl Carter Scuba Aug 2012 #16
How would you know? Scairp Aug 2012 #20
It sounds to me like you don't want justice, you want vengeance Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #26
He's in prison Scairp Aug 2012 #36
While traitors and war criminals walk free and "tell their stories" in the captive MSM like RUMSFELD bobthedrummer Aug 2012 #9
If the decision was motivated by public safety, inmate behavior, and an unbiased petronius Aug 2012 #11
Agreed alcibiades_mystery Aug 2012 #17
You "sincerely" doubt do you? Scairp Aug 2012 #22
Your rage isn't hurting anyone but you, you know that right? NT Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #27
Condescending comment. Quantess Aug 2012 #35
Well alcibiades_mystery Aug 2012 #31
What If One Of Your Kids Was Killed By Chapman? HangOnKids Aug 2012 #23
What if one of your kids WASN'T killed by Chapman and was on the street after 12 years Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #28
Bye-Bye HangOnKids Aug 2012 #33
Probably not alcibiades_mystery Aug 2012 #30
oooh!... So close! JohnnyRingo Aug 2012 #18
I like the way you think. 2ndAmForComputers Aug 2012 #32
Good. I imagine there would Cha Aug 2012 #29
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