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19. You must be full of nothing but air, actually
Thu Aug 23, 2012, 03:35 PM
Aug 2012

Last edited Thu Aug 23, 2012, 04:21 PM - Edit history (1)

And they ARE NOT keeping him in prison just because of who he murdered, assassinated really. He is still a danger to society. He is still a danger to the surviving Lennon family and perhaps even the other surviving members of the Beatles. He could fixate on another famous person. He could fixate on a non-famous person. He is where he should be. And you don't have the slightest clue what Lennon would say.

Good. nt msanthrope Aug 2012 #1
RIP John Lennon n/t xocet Aug 2012 #2
Keep rotting, asshole. nt Comrade_McKenzie Aug 2012 #3
GOOD!! ailsagirl Aug 2012 #4
I'm up in the air about this one Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #5
Chapman murdered John Lennon "only because" he was John Lennon rocktivity Aug 2012 #7
Are you familiar with the term "Equal justice before the Law"? NT Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #8
Lennon deserves equal justice, too rocktivity Aug 2012 #12
Re: Lennon deserves equal justice, too Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #14
It's fairly easy to establish a clear and present danger with Chapman. Ty Templeton Aug 2012 #13
You must be full of nothing but air, actually Scairp Aug 2012 #19
Re: you don't have the slightest clue what Lennon would say. Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #24
Whatever Scairp Aug 2012 #34
how about he killed ANYONE in a cold calculating way & has only served 30 years wordpix Aug 2012 #21
If that's normal treatment for a murderer in NY state fine NT Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #25
TRANSLATION: "Have it on MY record that I let John Lennon's assassin go free? rocktivity Aug 2012 #6
You got it. Matters not whether Chapman has served a sentence commensurate with similar... Scuba Aug 2012 #10
Re: cultural icons Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #15
"Life isn't fair." - James Earl Carter Scuba Aug 2012 #16
How would you know? Scairp Aug 2012 #20
It sounds to me like you don't want justice, you want vengeance Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #26
He's in prison Scairp Aug 2012 #36
While traitors and war criminals walk free and "tell their stories" in the captive MSM like RUMSFELD bobthedrummer Aug 2012 #9
If the decision was motivated by public safety, inmate behavior, and an unbiased petronius Aug 2012 #11
Agreed alcibiades_mystery Aug 2012 #17
You "sincerely" doubt do you? Scairp Aug 2012 #22
Your rage isn't hurting anyone but you, you know that right? NT Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #27
Condescending comment. Quantess Aug 2012 #35
Well alcibiades_mystery Aug 2012 #31
What If One Of Your Kids Was Killed By Chapman? HangOnKids Aug 2012 #23
What if one of your kids WASN'T killed by Chapman and was on the street after 12 years Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #28
Bye-Bye HangOnKids Aug 2012 #33
Probably not alcibiades_mystery Aug 2012 #30
oooh!... So close! JohnnyRingo Aug 2012 #18
I like the way you think. 2ndAmForComputers Aug 2012 #32
Good. I imagine there would Cha Aug 2012 #29
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