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32. Doctrine of Proportionate Response?
Tue Apr 17, 2018, 09:31 AM
Apr 2018

So being detained for 9 hours for sitting in a Starbucks is a proportionate?

Racist a hole irisblue Apr 2018 #1
Good democrank Apr 2018 #2
+2 iluvtennis Apr 2018 #14
Now that is Action. Wellstone ruled Apr 2018 #3
Yes, expected. After all, two of her customers spent Hortensis Apr 2018 #25
When this story popped, Wellstone ruled Apr 2018 #35
Interesting, and certainly goes with my image. Hortensis Apr 2018 #37
Yeah, I guess he would. It's a low pay job, and now there's an internal review. Honeycombe8 Apr 2018 #4
Average pay is $50K if he is the main manager dbackjon Apr 2018 #6
Oh, more than I thought. Still, not enough for the headache & stress. Honeycombe8 Apr 2018 #7
Unless they call for a reference IronLionZion Apr 2018 #10
That is more than a teacher with two degrees makes BigmanPigman Apr 2018 #19
The avg teacher salary in PA is over $60k. I think any mgr for public eateries works a lot more Honeycombe8 Apr 2018 #20
I believe it was a "she" not a he. eom LittleGirl Apr 2018 #8
That's what I read Cha Apr 2018 #21
The manager was a woman oberliner Apr 2018 #27
Why are people allowed to pull this shit Blue_Tires Apr 2018 #5
Her name is Holly Hylton oberliner Apr 2018 #28
Thanks... Blue_Tires Apr 2018 #36
This needed to happen FakeNoose Apr 2018 #9
These two men could have lost their lives over unjustifiable reasons that day Farmbrook Apr 2018 #11
There's a Chik- Fil-A out there waiting for their future manager. TeamPooka Apr 2018 #12
OMG you beat me to it Pooka! flibbitygiblets Apr 2018 #15
Denny's has openings. lagomorph777 Apr 2018 #16
...and Arby's bsiebs Apr 2018 #18
Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! radliberal Apr 2018 #13
Like, if two people are sitting there without ordering... MountCleaners Apr 2018 #17
I think it really depends on a number of factors such as how long were they sitting without ordering cstanleytech Apr 2018 #24
good analysis. Mosby Apr 2018 #31
I'm glad to hear this - I've been waiting to see if that manager would be leaving. NBachers Apr 2018 #22
Idiot. truthisfreedom Apr 2018 #23
Take her house. SallyHemmings Apr 2018 #26
Take her house? oberliner Apr 2018 #29
Yeah... Jedi Guy Apr 2018 #30
Doctrine of Proportionate Response? SallyHemmings Apr 2018 #32
I didn't say that so kindly don't put words in my mouth. Jedi Guy Apr 2018 #34
stttahp obamanut2012 Apr 2018 #33
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