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23. So far as I can tell the first denials are issued by some sort of computer algorithm.
Mon Feb 12, 2018, 01:50 AM
Feb 2018

If there's a human involved they're just mindlessly parroting whatever the computer says. That's what they are paid to do.

The horror here is that the insurance companies somehow expect sick and injured people to deal with all this crap.

If you, as the patient, don't have strong advocates (if you are lucky, your doctor, family, friends, etc.) then you are screwed.

Even if you do have strong advocates, dealing with insurance companies can still be a nightmare.

May this be the first crack at exposing the criminality LuckyLib Feb 2018 #1
My guess is this is Wellstone ruled Feb 2018 #5
Nothing new; Michael Moore's Sicko shows this chuckstevens Feb 2018 #2
But single payer would lead to death panels Phoenix61 Feb 2018 #3
As we who enjoy universal healthcare have alway said: luvtheGWN Feb 2018 #6
Indeed kimmylavin Feb 2018 #11
Damn! CountAllVotes Feb 2018 #16
I agree! kimmylavin Feb 2018 #27
God, what a nightmare to go through! SWBTATTReg Feb 2018 #28
+++ Agree. iluvtennis Feb 2018 #7
And my response to that, back during the debate over the ACA... paleotn Feb 2018 #9
Money helps people sleep at night IronLionZion Feb 2018 #15
Another leader who does not like to lead. Evergreen Emerald Feb 2018 #4
I remember the TV show Scrubs always had the ongoing battle BigmanPigman Feb 2018 #8
WHY do we even ALLOW for-profit insurance to exist in this country?? lastlib Feb 2018 #10
+1 dalton99a Feb 2018 #14
Wjy? CountAllVotes Feb 2018 #20
How heartbreaking this would be for anyone denied healthcare RandomAccess Feb 2018 #12
No no problem - a large - sounding fine will be levied; then it's back to business as usual. NBachers Feb 2018 #13
Single payer now! Medicare for all!! Roland99 Feb 2018 #17
I pulled my company health benefits from Aetna this year TalenaGor Feb 2018 #18
K & R for exposure. SunSeeker Feb 2018 #19
California needs to get medieval on Aetna. Jedi Guy Feb 2018 #21
just read about this and I'm FUCKING furious! Union Label Feb 2018 #22
So far as I can tell the first denials are issued by some sort of computer algorithm. hunter Feb 2018 #23
Kicking this back up UpInArms Feb 2018 #24
Fiduciary. Gesundheit. dchill Feb 2018 #25
That's a problem in this case; but, there are cases -- cosmetic surgery, for example -- Hoyt Feb 2018 #26
This amazes me... SWBTATTReg Feb 2018 #29
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