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May this be the first crack at exposing the criminality LuckyLib Feb 2018 #1
My guess is this is Wellstone ruled Feb 2018 #5
Nothing new; Michael Moore's Sicko shows this chuckstevens Feb 2018 #2
But single payer would lead to death panels Phoenix61 Feb 2018 #3
As we who enjoy universal healthcare have alway said: luvtheGWN Feb 2018 #6
Indeed kimmylavin Feb 2018 #11
Damn! CountAllVotes Feb 2018 #16
I agree! kimmylavin Feb 2018 #27
God, what a nightmare to go through! SWBTATTReg Feb 2018 #28
+++ Agree. iluvtennis Feb 2018 #7
And my response to that, back during the debate over the ACA... paleotn Feb 2018 #9
Money helps people sleep at night IronLionZion Feb 2018 #15
Another leader who does not like to lead. Evergreen Emerald Feb 2018 #4
I remember the TV show Scrubs always had the ongoing battle BigmanPigman Feb 2018 #8
WHY do we even ALLOW for-profit insurance to exist in this country?? lastlib Feb 2018 #10
+1 dalton99a Feb 2018 #14
Wjy? CountAllVotes Feb 2018 #20
How heartbreaking this would be for anyone denied healthcare RandomAccess Feb 2018 #12
No no problem - a large - sounding fine will be levied; then it's back to business as usual. NBachers Feb 2018 #13
Single payer now! Medicare for all!! Roland99 Feb 2018 #17
I pulled my company health benefits from Aetna this year TalenaGor Feb 2018 #18
K & R for exposure. SunSeeker Feb 2018 #19
California needs to get medieval on Aetna. Jedi Guy Feb 2018 #21
just read about this and I'm FUCKING furious! Union Label Feb 2018 #22
So far as I can tell the first denials are issued by some sort of computer algorithm. hunter Feb 2018 #23
Kicking this back up UpInArms Feb 2018 #24
Fiduciary. Gesundheit. dchill Feb 2018 #25
That's a problem in this case; but, there are cases -- cosmetic surgery, for example -- Hoyt Feb 2018 #26
This amazes me... SWBTATTReg Feb 2018 #29
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