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Response to SunSeeker (Reply #27)

So what is it? They all got their huge tax break, are set for life, and AllyCat Jan 2018 #1
More rats... Liberalagogo Jan 2018 #2
Another one bites the dust.... pbmus Jan 2018 #3
This CD is in my car on # 11! BigmanPigman Jan 2018 #6
Excellent! Another flippable seat! Hillary won Orange County! SunSeeker Jan 2018 #4
The only thing that keeps Orange Country red is terrible Democratic candidates Sen. Walter Sobchak Jan 2018 #8
DemocratIC candidates crazycatlady Jan 2018 #11
"Democrat Party" is a Republican idiom Sen. Walter Sobchak Jan 2018 #13
Yes, Democrat is a noun; Democratic is an adjective. SunSeeker Jan 2018 #15
We have great DEMOCRATIC candidates. They just need money and support. SunSeeker Jan 2018 #14
So who are these "great" candidates I have missed out on? Sen. Walter Sobchak Jan 2018 #16
Harley Rouda, for one, who is polling even with Rohrabacher. SunSeeker Jan 2018 #17
I have already replied to you on this Sen. Walter Sobchak Jan 2018 #18
Your calling a great candidate like Rouda a "bored millionaire" is really offensive. SunSeeker Jan 2018 #22
We have been here before when Jim Brandt was supposed to defeat Rohrabacher Sen. Walter Sobchak Jan 2018 #24
Demographics have changed dramatically since Jim Brandt ran in 2006. SunSeeker Jan 2018 #27
Post removed Post removed Jan 2018 #28
Yes, it has. And there you go using Democrat like an adjective again. SunSeeker Jan 2018 #30
Royce was a fairly moderate Republican on many issues SpankMe Jan 2018 #5
Hillary carried his district by 9 points! SunSeeker Jan 2018 #7
This district was won by Hillary, Obama, Brown, Boxer, Feinstein, Kerry, IronLionZion Jan 2018 #9
Actually, Obama lost Royce's district to Romney, but Hillary won it by 9%. SunSeeker Jan 2018 #19
2008 was an Obama win IronLionZion Jan 2018 #20
Yes we can and we are trying hard! I am canvassing with a great grassroots group in OC. SunSeeker Jan 2018 #23
Hey do retiring critters keep their war chests?? benld74 Jan 2018 #10
yes xxqqqzme Jan 2018 #12
Another not-yet-convicted-felon quits clementine613 Jan 2018 #21
Do these clowns think quitting will protect them from legal jeopardy? lagomorph777 Jan 2018 #25
Maddow made point that his wife just nominated for juicy State Dept Justice Jan 2018 #26
Rep. Royce, getting out while it's good. Judi Lynn Jan 2018 #29
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