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21. They "stay on" because no one is willing to challenge them
Tue Dec 26, 2017, 05:56 PM
Dec 2017

and also, under the current way things work in Washington, as an elected official you have to be constantly raising money at receptions and dinners and events held for you or you don't get access to committee chairmanships, further funding, or even the congressional dining room. They spend several hours of every working day raising money on our dime instead of actually working for their constituents, the only people they work for and pay attention to are the ones who sponsor their fundraising efforts. They have a dollar quota they have to meet.

Jake Tapper Retweeted Orrin Hatch Um ... did you read it, sir? riversedge Dec 2017 #1
Hatch saw. Hatch orgasmed. Hatch did not read. Hatch tweeted. Hatch mocked! Fred Sanders Dec 2017 #11
Reminds me of someone else. NastyRiffraff Dec 2017 #18
There is more than one dotard in the GOP. Sneederbunk Dec 2017 #2
When and if he does read it, Scarsdale Dec 2017 #3
Yeah, we ask the same about Grassley here in Iowa. 47of74 Dec 2017 #9
American politicians are surely, in terms of total dollars pillaged, the most corrupt in the world? Fred Sanders Dec 2017 #12
They "stay on" because no one is willing to challenge them disalitervisum Dec 2017 #21
No kidding. volstork Dec 2017 #4
Yep, the GOP is filled with them, and many caught in a prehistoric age. n/t RKP5637 Dec 2017 #5
Of course he didnt read the editorial... BlueIdaho Dec 2017 #6
Lazy idiot dalton99a Dec 2017 #7
Confirms that Orrin Hatch may be a few eggs short of reaching maximum peak in that Baitball Blogger Dec 2017 #8
My mama always said, "stupid is as stupid does." marble falls Dec 2017 #10
Oh, he read it. Its his smarmy way to reply tavernier Dec 2017 #13
Who's wiping his mouth when he drools ???? Cryptoad Dec 2017 #14
Who in the world names their offspring ORRIN ? pangaia Dec 2017 #15
My father was named Orrin after his grandfather csziggy Dec 2017 #19
Ooppss.. well then, except your dad and grand dad.... pangaia Dec 2017 #20
This Brain Addled Old Fart Just Varified .... DoctorJoJo Dec 2017 #16
FUCK YOU HATCH turbinetree Dec 2017 #17
And Hatch just proved their point... paleotn Dec 2017 #22
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