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Hatd to wish such a dipshit, Welcome back joeybee12 Oct 2017 #1
AFTER they break the law is when people are DEAD! angstlessk Oct 2017 #2
Then, there is no point to laws, since lawbreakers will just do what they like, anyway. theaocp Oct 2017 #3
How much has the NRA Scarsdale Oct 2017 #12
Once a law abiding gun owner breaks the law, it's too late IronLionZion Oct 2017 #4
I didn't realize he had a head injury. milestogo Oct 2017 #5
Ha ha. Bluepinky Oct 2017 #6
But we know that all the good guys with guns RussBLib Oct 2017 #9
Hoo Boy.. Maxheader Oct 2017 #7
No softening in his positions RussBLib Oct 2017 #8
*SMH* sarisataka Oct 2017 #17
So, GIVEN that there are people who will break the law no matter what, it's important to unblock Oct 2017 #10
put the blame on Steve Scalise for getting shot and not avoiding it. keithbvadu2 Oct 2017 #11
Thune seems to be Scarsdale Oct 2017 #13
maybe bluestarone Oct 2017 #14
There is NO "death tax" if you are inhereting less than ELEVEN MILLION $$ vkkv Oct 2017 #15
Please call it by its proper name jmowreader Oct 2017 #19
Its 5.45m Sgent Oct 2017 #20
Oh crap, that's right - thanks! vkkv Oct 2017 #22
How nice that he believes in free ponies for everyone Tom Rinaldo Oct 2017 #16
Are you quoting Dole, Reagan, Bush, or Scalise? KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #21
I see his injury did not affect him whoring for the GOP Skittles Oct 2017 #18
Bills for his gun related injury pile up and he needs nra help dembotoz Oct 2017 #23
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