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it's republicans who are standing in the way of the minimum wage . and Obama was right about TPP JI7 Jun 2017 #1
This message was self-deleted by its author DFW Jun 2017 #6
I agree with you 1000% n/t MBS Jun 2017 #39
Obama had his chance to shape the TPP into a truly progressive agreement, but failed. appal_jack Jun 2017 #82
Obama supported the Paris accord. tpp means less power against China JI7 Jun 2017 #84
We agree that Trump is trash & China labor standards are awful. appal_jack Jun 2017 #86
lol. people who voted for trump don't care for environmental standards JI7 Jun 2017 #88
President Obama was Absolutley right about tpp.. Cha Jun 2017 #251
Anything done in secret is no good... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #91
OOps, what was I thinking, I better not respond to you at all. Eliot Rosewater Jun 2017 #135
That's the way I see it too Progressive dog Jun 2017 #121
If Sanders is so concerned, maybe he should join the party. Doodley Jun 2017 #2
It's far more imiportant stevepal Jun 2017 #9
he needs to stop critizing democrats once and for all. trueblue2007 Jun 2017 #13
conflict makes us bigger NJCher Jun 2017 #27
Agreed. He needs to focus on Trump and company. Doodley Jun 2017 #134
yup, guy needs to shut up already onetexan Jun 2017 #195
Did Bernie talk about the problem of vote suppression in his speech? Demit Jun 2017 #15
Has the Democratic Party done anything about voter suppression in the last 20 years? That Guy 888 Jun 2017 #94
Actually they have tried and of course it was a priority of Hillary's campaign platform.. mhw Jun 2017 #113
Like her 50 State Strategy? That Guy 888 Jun 2017 #218
Yes they have- tons of court cases against Crosscheck, loads of voter registration.... bettyellen Jun 2017 #128
stevepal was talking about Bernie & what Bernie says the Democrats should be doing. Demit Jun 2017 #141
Sounds like he's found his leader. Igel Jun 2017 #210
If Bernie Sanders had run as an independent, Clinton supporters would be attacking him like Stein. That Guy 888 Jun 2017 #216
I pretend concern and analysis is simply whining as well... LanternWaste Jun 2017 #223
Congrats on finding something that works for YOU. That Guy 888 Jun 2017 #225
Of Course, He'd Be Running Against The Dem Candidate Me. Jun 2017 #235
Voter suppression to me isn't a smug talking point for interparty warfare. That Guy 888 Jun 2017 #232
You should start your own thread, instead of trying to change the subject on this one. Demit Jun 2017 #243
Hijacking the thread was talking about Sanders joining the Democratic Party... That Guy 888 Jun 2017 #246
a wonderfully creative way to avoid answering a direct question with a direct answer. LanternWaste Jun 2017 #222
Ok answer the question, what has the Democratic Party done about voter suppression? That Guy 888 Jun 2017 #224
Does BS ever mention Voter Suppression? Cha Jun 2017 #252
Yes. QC Jun 2017 #261
He has no reason to Insult the Democratic Party who Cha Jun 2017 #264
+ 1 musette_sf Jun 2017 #270
It is clear as can be what is going on, who is working with who and who has NO Eliot Rosewater Jun 2017 #136
I know exactly what you mean. They have lost election after election and don't want to change That Guy 888 Jun 2017 #228
Uh huh, yeah, you betcha! Eliot Rosewater Jun 2017 #231
Your Message Is Clear Me. Jun 2017 #233
Just stop obamanut2012 Jun 2017 #21
Exactly. Thank you. PotatoChip Jun 2017 #30
If you think the status quo is ok go with the Democratic Party on this issue. Dustlawyer Jun 2017 #37
Bernie hasn't discussed voter supression BainsBane Jun 2017 #61
Gee, imagine that. I cant say more. Eliot Rosewater Jun 2017 #137
One of his biggest mistakes. In my view. guillaumeb Jun 2017 #201
Wrong. Just search 'Senator Sanders voter suppression 2017' Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #203
Facts.. disillusioned73 Jun 2017 #239
Wrong.. there's no talk at these "Insulting the Democratic Cha Jun 2017 #257
Don't let facts get into the way of 'your' beliefs... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #260
When BS insults the Democratic Party with "an absolute failure" Cha Jun 2017 #263
Well, please provide Sanders and all other politicians with a list of words you require them to say. Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #265
Well, except for here -- QC Jun 2017 #205
Oops. How awkward. beam me up scottie Jun 2017 #207
Wait...there's more! QC Jun 2017 #215
Oh snap... disillusioned73 Jun 2017 #240
Join hin in what? This article doesn't even address what you say is the biggest problem pnwmom Jun 2017 #110
Let Me Guess Me. Jun 2017 #112
well, if such a thing exists it is part of a much bigger group, i cant say who though Eliot Rosewater Jun 2017 #140
Quite Agree About It Being A Part Of A Much Bigger Group Me. Jun 2017 #144
I wont be here much longer, my insistence on supporting the DEMOCRATIC party Eliot Rosewater Jun 2017 #146
+10000 nt brer cat Jun 2017 #185
I think there is a conversation being stifled here that needs to be heard. There is going to be seaglass Jun 2017 #192
Join a lawmaker who refuses to be a Democrat? Doodley Jun 2017 #133
So, when did Bernie become the lead on voting machines and voter suppression? ehrnst Jun 2017 #152
Here he is discussing it with Rachel Maddow in 2012. QC Jun 2017 #266
Four years ago... anything lately? (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #277
Yes, actually. QC Jun 2017 #278
OK. Talking about it is one thing. Leading is another thing entirely ehrnst Jun 2017 #279
Those are all worthy endeavors, but let's be honest about what's happening here. QC Jun 2017 #282
Re-read my first response to you, it's about him being a 'leader' in the fight against voter ehrnst Jun 2017 #283
agreed, about the last part anyway. nt TheFrenchRazor Jun 2017 #244
And help Dems win elections! ananda Jun 2017 #23
Uh huh, like that corp dem Hillary, right? You know the one I am talking about, right? Eliot Rosewater Jun 2017 #142
Yeah, that platform that HRC ran on was SO centrist... ehrnst Jun 2017 #153
Yep DownriverDem Jun 2017 #52
+ 1 musette_sf Jun 2017 #227
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #3
Oh come now. Pure hyperbole. KPN Jun 2017 #28
How dare I BainsBane Jun 2017 #32
I dont think you were doing hyperbole at all, if we know one thing from last year it is Eliot Rosewater Jun 2017 #143
+1 betsuni Jun 2017 #34
Wake up DownriverDem Jun 2017 #53
Read the OP BainsBane Jun 2017 #59
Bernie knows that winning requires more than just anti-Trumpism. nt appal_jack Jun 2017 #93
Hillary didnt do anti trumpism only and if you think she did you were not paying attention Eliot Rosewater Jun 2017 #145
But Bernie lost SecularMotion Jun 2017 #149
Yeah. I remember that, too. (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #156
This message was self-deleted by its author ehrnst Jun 2017 #154
Does BS ever mention Voter Suppression? Cha Jun 2017 #253
Yes. QC Jun 2017 #262
I believe that he has. appal_jack Jun 2017 #273
Then what happened with Bob Quist, Heath Mello, Cha Jun 2017 #259
They were failed candidacies. The larger point still stands. nt appal_jack Jun 2017 #274
No it doesn't. Cha Jun 2017 #275
Hey, Bernie... Mike Nelson Jun 2017 #4
And Bernie is a Democrat? No? RandySF Jun 2017 #5
Yes, shame on Hillary, Obama, Schumer and Pelosi DFW Jun 2017 #7
+1! eom BlueMTexpat Jun 2017 #11
+1000 (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #151
While we shouldn't "lose sight of who our adversaries are" there is a unity problem. That Guy 888 Jun 2017 #237
Well, partly right and partly wrong DFW Jun 2017 #250
More right than wrong. That Guy 888 Jun 2017 #276
And yet LSFL Jun 2017 #8
His support for Rob Quist BlueMTexpat Jun 2017 #10
No need for you to be ashamed LSFL Jun 2017 #12
The majority of MT Republicans BlueMTexpat Jun 2017 #58
The problem is the insane cost of financing national campaigns. Big money is WinkyDink Jun 2017 #14
Big money didn't help Hillary It might have worked against her. bahrbearian Jun 2017 #55
It certainly helped Bernie. BainsBane Jun 2017 #64
Must have been his Wallstreet Speechs, and $30,000 fund raisers bahrbearian Jun 2017 #66
more like BainsBane Jun 2017 #69
Interesting excerpt from one of your articles: ronnie624 Jun 2017 #78
Only it isn't entirely true BainsBane Jun 2017 #118
I know who you're hinting about, and neither of those assisted his/her campaign. George II Jun 2017 #130
How would we know? ehrnst Jun 2017 #157
Maybe we should look closer at his fundraising methods Bradical79 Jun 2017 #87
Impressive, maybe, but certainly inconsistent with "the message". George II Jun 2017 #167
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #16
Broken record alert...why not stick with bashing the repug party for a change? Duh! brush Jun 2017 #17
+1 dalton99a Jun 2017 #25
+1 betsuni Jun 2017 #33
+1 n/t MBS Jun 2017 #40
+ a million or so! eom BlueMTexpat Jun 2017 #60
Thank God He Isn't Trying To Help Ossoff Me. Jun 2017 #120
+ 1 musette_sf Jun 2017 #230
Yes, I guess Ossoff can be grateful after all that he got damned with faint praise. (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #280
I happen to think that turning our back on the largest consumer market (Asia) was very foolish. Trust Buster Jun 2017 #18
What are you saying? watoos Jun 2017 #20
I never mentioned Hillary. This thread is about Sander's and his comments. Trust Buster Jun 2017 #22
Our workers are paying a heavy price already regardless. KPN Jun 2017 #29
American workers are exponentially more affluent than most around the world BainsBane Jun 2017 #57
All good points Phoenix61 Jun 2017 #79
Actually, we are already witnessing the decline in export possibilities because of turning away from BainsBane Jun 2017 #50
I agree. The voters that Trump attracted ignored the calls since the 80's that a high school Trust Buster Jun 2017 #65
I'd wager that tRump was against the TPP because Obama was for it. gtar100 Jun 2017 #138
+ a bunch. Treating foreign workers like scabs was wrong. Some of the TPP rhetoric hurt Clinton too. Hoyt Jun 2017 #166
Keep whistling past the graveyard folks watoos Jun 2017 #19
AMEN. crim son Jun 2017 #24
Because the winning strategy is to tell voters that the Democratic Party is worthless BainsBane Jun 2017 #45
Did you listen to all of Bernie's speech? watoos Jun 2017 #71
the article is about his comments on Democrats BainsBane Jun 2017 #103
bernie isn't calling for impeachment either . maxine waters is JI7 Jun 2017 #107
True. Wonder why he only bad mouths the strongest Dems ? mhw Jun 2017 #115
Bernie has insisted Democrats not "politicize" the Russia issue BainsBane Jun 2017 #125
These 3 Are Dems Me. Jun 2017 #234
We've lost the house the senate the supreme court Voltaire2 Jun 2017 #26
And Bernie is batting zero BainsBane Jun 2017 #43
And that is the bottom fucking line right there. JTFrog Jun 2017 #49
Watch the Virginia gov. primary Tuesday spooky3 Jun 2017 #177
and the reasons for that are fairly complicated, and not surprising. Its not like it isn't an uphill JCanete Jun 2017 #190
The Democrats didn't "lose" the Supreme Court. GoCubsGo Jun 2017 #191
Whatever. The party is losing a lot. Let's not change. It Voltaire2 Jun 2017 #208
That's a Myth.. Hillary won the Working People. Cha Jun 2017 #258
"it needs to open up its doors to working people, and young people, and older people betsuni Jun 2017 #31
Thirty five years in DC BainsBane Jun 2017 #36
Really. Where's he been for the last ++++ years? mhw Jun 2017 #116
Funny how I've been part of those demographics all my WhiteTara Jun 2017 #158
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #35
+1 BainsBane Jun 2017 #38
+1 betsuni Jun 2017 #41
"careless divisiveness" MBS Jun 2017 #42
Sanders wrote a book and received $800,000 advance. Hardly netted himself 'million$' Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #92
+1 brer cat Jun 2017 #186
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #44
and you voted for him BainsBane Jun 2017 #47
Yes I did Botany Jun 2017 #48
Here: mhw Jun 2017 #81
Sanders did not grab DNC voter data... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #95
With his own hands? No. But one of his workers did, and that's a fact. nt Hekate Jun 2017 #209
+ a million. mhw Jun 2017 #56
And it took the republicans to weaponize the stolen data too. Botany Jun 2017 #68
Are you blaming Sanders for Clinton's loss???? Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #96
At least a big contributor as spoilers always are. JTFrog Jun 2017 #162
Blaming others is not a good thing... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #180
First and foremost: Hillary won by 3,000,000 votes over Trump. She WON. Despite Putin, Comey, ... Hekate Jun 2017 #211
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #46
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #63
Your accusations are unfounded... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #108
Are you blaming Sanders for the DNC hack? Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #97
Did i say that? NO. Did you assume that's what I said? mhw Jun 2017 #105
Is that why he had to fire one of his staffers over it? JTFrog Jun 2017 #126
Sanders or his campaign did not take any DNC-Clinton data... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #132
25 searches under 4 accounts and the data saved to Sanders campaign account. JTFrog Jun 2017 #155
So says the DNC... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #179
You mean the DNC that has enabled Sanders for the past 25 years? JTFrog Jun 2017 #182
Your post makes no sense... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #184
Bernie asked the DNC to recommend an IT guy that knew Vote Builder Omaha Steve Jun 2017 #213
Excdllent Points Me. Jun 2017 #127
And then sued the DNC. ucrdem Jun 2017 #160
Indeed. nt JTFrog Jun 2017 #161
The irony is that Democratic measures to "open up its doors" benefited his campaign. ucrdem Jun 2017 #169
Democratic party favoritism and a rigged system has kept Bernie Sanders in Washington for the last JTFrog Jun 2017 #170
He has a funny way of showing gratitude. ucrdem Jun 2017 #173
I agree with Bernie, for the most part. theophilus Jun 2017 #51
If HRC had become president, there would have been a chance of pushing the Democratic Party left. athena Jun 2017 #70
You know, Whenever People Get Insulting Me. Jun 2017 #178
The Koch-funded Third Way corporatist mentality was designed to water down the Democratic Party. TheBlackAdder Jun 2017 #54
When have the Kochs funded the Democratic Party? BainsBane Jun 2017 #62
Primarily banksters. Third Way is a Leo-Liberal Think Tank. Let's see what that definiton means. TheBlackAdder Jun 2017 #75
Neoprogressive Is Attacking Liberals and Progressives from the Left... TomCADem Jun 2017 #172
"Neoprogressive"... huh? disillusioned73 Jun 2017 #241
It's a right wing talking point that has shown up here, QC Jun 2017 #268
Thanks.. disillusioned73 Jun 2017 #285
If you actually believe that brer cat Jun 2017 #189
time to join the Democratic party bernie. stonecutter357 Jun 2017 #67
Just my opinion watoos Jun 2017 #72
What universe are you living in? athena Jun 2017 #212
The NYT has editorial columns running today about the perilous Democratic split. Paladin Jun 2017 #73
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #76
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #74
Thank you. Who really made BS a political somebody? mhw Jun 2017 #80
Sanders is for the People - not trying to sink anything... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #98
unless you live in a red state then not so mutch. stonecutter357 Jun 2017 #117
Sanders is for all people - red, blue, and purple.... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #124
Has any Bernie approved candidate won? tammywammy Jun 2017 #77
Not to my knowledge. Even Zephyre Teachout lost in 2016. She should have won it too. mhw Jun 2017 #83
He "hails the successes of the progressive agenda" but his candidates aren't winning seats. tammywammy Jun 2017 #89
The excuse given is that he doesn't control the national party BainsBane Jun 2017 #131
Yes. Pramila Jayapal won to represent WA state's 7th district. suffragette Jun 2017 #187
Does the answer to this question provide any additional insights... NurseJackie Jun 2017 #219
Seems like generic platitudes to me vlyons Jun 2017 #85
Sanders is absolutely correct... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #90
Is fracturing the party he's not even officially part of awesomerwb1 Jun 2017 #99
FBI investigating Bernie Sanders' wife Jane Sanders for bank fraud TomCADem Jun 2017 #174
The FBI doesn't confirm or deny their investigations... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #181
And the source is Tucker Carlson lol. n/t QC Jun 2017 #202
Unless the subject is Hillary Clinton. Then they make an exception. StevieM Jun 2017 #217
I am so over him. n/t radical noodle Jun 2017 #100
what else would translate into votes in a non-presidential year? yurbud Jun 2017 #102
Really a non-Democrat trying to dictate terms... Historic NY Jun 2017 #104
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #106
Hey Bernie, hows that democratic socialist party doing? Fresh_Start Jun 2017 #109
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #111
If I were running for office, I wouldn't want WhiteTara Jun 2017 #114
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #122
Sanders chose ideology over practical--screw him Julian Englis Jun 2017 #119
I Don't Know About Purity Me. Jun 2017 #129
Exactly renegade000 Jun 2017 #159
could have been done decades ago had he chosen to represent his state differently. Money isn't hard JCanete Jun 2017 #183
Me Too Me. Jun 2017 #196
so you chose not to acknowledge that he hasn't capitalized on his status in all of this time, and JCanete Jun 2017 #197
I Do Me. Jun 2017 #198
that characterization does not match my own. The democratic party "let" him use the appratus JCanete Jun 2017 #199
I'm Under The Impression That Many Of His Supporters Were Indies Me. Jun 2017 #200
Putin loves when Sanders is bashed... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #123
"establishment Democrats"? What Mr. Sanders is doing is telling everyone who supported Hillary is still_one Jun 2017 #139
+1 Mosby Jun 2017 #148
If Sanders were posting here, they would be deleted for refighting the primaries. Hoyt Jun 2017 #168
Hillary's posts would too by the looks of things. mhw Jun 2017 #188
My post WAS NOT about the primaries. It was about the general election, still_one Jun 2017 #204
+ 1 musette_sf Jun 2017 #269
How can he work for the DNC and say these things? Seems hypocritical at best. bettyellen Jun 2017 #147
The entire premise of that article is false. George II Jun 2017 #150
The way I see it, is this OP certainly lets Dems see once and for all where Bernie stands... Hekate Jun 2017 #163
While I embrace many progressive ideals, I am very much over Guilded Lilly Jun 2017 #164
Well he has a right to push his views and their certainly is an audience for his vision. hrmjustin Jun 2017 #165
Can He Count? Someone Tell This Idiot That Republicans Are In the Majority TomCADem Jun 2017 #171
he is a problem moda253 Jun 2017 #175
Time would be better spent attacking REPUBLICANS Thrill Jun 2017 #176
I 100% support TPP AlexSFCA Jun 2017 #193
Wake me when Sanders joins the party. apcalc Jun 2017 #194
It seems that Sanders lapucelle Jun 2017 #206
If the Democratic Party is working so well Nevernose Jun 2017 #214
It could be.... moda253 Jun 2017 #220
Much of that is true Nevernose Jun 2017 #221
Great post! musette_sf Jun 2017 #229
Wow Me. Jun 2017 #242
If the Democratic Party is a failure Blue_Tires Jun 2017 #247
Russia, Comey, 3rd party Liars, stein and sarandon, Cha Jun 2017 #248
That might explain Hillary Nevernose Jun 2017 #267
Explain Feingold...who is the epitome of 'pure'. Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #281
I never used the word pure and think looking for purity is dumb Nevernose Jun 2017 #284
We didn't win last year... I don't think getting the activist base all riled up by criticizing Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #286
Why is this LBN? It would be LBN if Bernie actually said something nice about the Democratic party still_one Jun 2017 #226
Good One Me. Jun 2017 #236
Yeah, if he actually acknowledged what Cha Jun 2017 #249
I'm so sick of him. nini Jun 2017 #238
Timing enid602 Jun 2017 #245
And where is Tad Devine these days Chevy Jun 2017 #254
Bern enid602 Jun 2017 #256
The Democratic Party is out there on the front lines Cha Jun 2017 #255
+ 1 - preach! musette_sf Jun 2017 #271
Aloha, musette! Cha Jun 2017 #272
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