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29. As a woman who put in 21 years of active duty (May 62 to Oct 83),
Sun Mar 5, 2017, 07:02 PM
Mar 2017

I am well aware of the misogyny in the service having been on the receiving end of my fair share. I am also aware that the service has no corner on misogyny. As a former training instructor aka recruit wrangler I also know the service does not create it; it comes in carried by civilians who have been carefully taught. Until society as a whole says enough, there won't be much change in the service.

You're right; Trump is the next step. I said on 10 November I was concerned for servicewomen with that vulgarian as CinC.

Following the example of their Commander in Chief? guillaumeb Mar 2017 #1
sure seems like it. riversedge Mar 2017 #11
You think this wouldn't have occured w/o Trump? Or this just started a few months ago? KittyWampus Mar 2017 #22
No, I am pointing out that Trump is an appalling examle of misogyny. guillaumeb Mar 2017 #28
Marines. I am disappointed. TygrBright Mar 2017 #2
That's what every Marine would tell his daughter. And his mother. And possibly his wife. Johnyawl Mar 2017 #12
Thank you, Marine. TygrBright Mar 2017 #27
The Corps will survive this... Johnyawl Mar 2017 #35
Thanks for the kind words. TygrBright Mar 2017 #39
Sounds to me like a natural effect of Marine training. Aristus Mar 2017 #3
When "ladies" is used as an insult, natural progression sarge43 Mar 2017 #6
This disgusting behavior DK504 Mar 2017 #23
Another comment about Trump. You think this just sprang up recently? This kind of misogynist KittyWampus Mar 2017 #24
As a woman who put in 21 years of active duty (May 62 to Oct 83), sarge43 Mar 2017 #29
You know nothing of Marine Corps training. Johnyawl Mar 2017 #13
Movies erpowers Mar 2017 #15
I spent three years in the Marines. Johnyawl Mar 2017 #18
Apparently the part about The Sand Reckoner Mar 2017 #32
You're right... Johnyawl Mar 2017 #37
The marines didn't invent 'boys will be boys...' LanternWaste Mar 2017 #44
So, where did this mind set come from? sarge43 Mar 2017 #16
Everything about this is court martial level stupid. Johnyawl Mar 2017 #19
Thank you. sarge43 Mar 2017 #30
Every Marine who kne anything about this The Sand Reckoner Mar 2017 #33
Despicable. I guess honor is only accorded male marines. JudyM Mar 2017 #4
How would he get access to them while they're naked? whathehell Mar 2017 #5
There isn't a lot of privacy in the service n/t sarge43 Mar 2017 #7
Please tell me they don't have to shower together.. whathehell Mar 2017 #31
Don't know, doubt it. sarge43 Mar 2017 #36
I'm not surprised by this at all. RedWedge Mar 2017 #8
Their CinC is a vulgarian randr Mar 2017 #9
Yet another absurd comment involving Trump. This would have happened w/o him. KittyWampus Mar 2017 #25
Convict them and register them as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. milestogo Mar 2017 #10
Demote and Court Martial All of Them erpowers Mar 2017 #14
Thousands were in this FB group. bathroommonkey76 Mar 2017 #21
Yes The Sand Reckoner Mar 2017 #34
The USMC isn't going to go through every profile that commented on the pics. bathroommonkey76 Mar 2017 #42
They should The Sand Reckoner Mar 2017 #45
And? obamanut2012 Mar 2017 #41
Yep. bathroommonkey76 Mar 2017 #43
such honor Skittles Mar 2017 #17
The righties want you to believe that all military men and women are heroes Lanius Mar 2017 #20
"...sociopaths, sadists, sexists, misanthropes and other deviants" Johnyawl Mar 2017 #38
"Merely serving and surviving does not make one a hero." ProfessorGAC Mar 2017 #46
I'm a WM JennyMominFL Mar 2017 #26
Yet more evidence that men don't belong in the military. RedWedge Mar 2017 #40
Update from Marine Corps Times nitpicker Mar 2017 #47
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