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14. Bad logic
Sun Feb 12, 2017, 12:05 PM
Feb 2017

Multiple gay people are not allowed to marry. It is a one on one contract. Polygamous marriages would introduce complications with regard to property rights and other shared obligations.

What's your take on this? oberliner Feb 2017 #1
No, because your going to have a lot of wifeless men go crazy. Crowman2009 Feb 2017 #3
This message was self-deleted by its author JTFrog Feb 2017 #5
I dunno getting old in mke Feb 2017 #12
no, b/c most men can't support several wives with 30 children wordpix Feb 2017 #15
If all are consenting adults, it's ok with me DeminPennswoods Feb 2017 #18
I'm cool with it, but women get multiple husbands, too, right? sofa king Feb 2017 #24
So is dumping undesirable sons and letting them fend for themselves OK as well to these people? Crowman2009 Feb 2017 #2
yep they run the younger males out of communities because they are competition for the females starshine00 Feb 2017 #21
Logic Fail onenote Feb 2017 #4
I would say, "You may have a point. Go out and have some gay relationships, then come back & ask... yurbud Feb 2017 #6
That's essentially a re-wording the right's reasoning against gay marriage as a "special" right metalbot Feb 2017 #30
What is their opinion of a woman with multple husbands? Thor_MN Feb 2017 #7
As long as all participants are adults CanonRay Feb 2017 #8
To be honest I dont care what two or more consenting adults want to marry or screw cstanleytech Feb 2017 #9
religious coercion from birth is not consent in my opinion starshine00 Feb 2017 #22
The problem with that Dallasdem1988 Feb 2017 #26
f*ck that guy AND his nutjob wives arithia Feb 2017 #10
Honestly, I don't know if I care about polygamy. On the other hand, Oneironaut Feb 2017 #11
Anybody making book as to whether the crowd is being paid to be there? mpcamb Feb 2017 #13
Bad logic Buckeyeblue Feb 2017 #14
If they make polygamy legal then woman should be also able to have multiple husbands kimbutgar Feb 2017 #16
There's a new show DeminPennswoods Feb 2017 #17
The polygamists aren't being that honest about their marriages EllieBC Feb 2017 #19
I have a big problem with polygamy jmowreader Feb 2017 #20
I don't think it was every anything but what it is starshine00 Feb 2017 #23
Well, up until 200 years or so ago (and even less in many societies) girls being married off ... mr_lebowski Feb 2017 #29
Not this shit again. geek tragedy Feb 2017 #25
Bunch of crazies. HassleCat Feb 2017 #27
Men getting off on having a harem. . . Stargleamer Feb 2017 #28
Horrifically delusional people. How can they all stand each other? Yuck. n/t Judi Lynn Feb 2017 #31
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