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The increase in premiums did not help astrophuss42 Jan 2017 #1
Since almost all of those increases were paid for by the government, pnwmom Jan 2017 #15
Anecdotally I heard a lot of folks astrophuss42 Jan 2017 #49
Rates had been increasing for decades. But since the ACA subsidized payments pnwmom Jan 2017 #73
They had solid numbers astrophuss42 Jan 2017 #81
our premium went up a lot ( Oklahoma) but with the subsidy we pay less OKNancy Jan 2017 #84
We don't trivialize their experiences. We just have an inconvenient habit of looking past .... Hekate Jan 2017 #95
Reminds me of someone's POSUCS post. nt tblue37 Jan 2017 #117
Uh-huh Hekate Jan 2017 #119
Bingo. sheshe2 Jan 2017 #125
Oh yeah mcar Jan 2017 #263
This sheshe2 Jan 2017 #126
I guess checking facts (remember them?) NastyRiffraff Jan 2017 #128
Non sequitur. nt fleabiscuit Jan 2017 #156
My daughter-in-law's premiums went up by about 40% this year. SlimJimmy Jan 2017 #186
"Out of pocket" Sedona Jan 2017 #228
When I was referring to out of pocket I was meaning her deductible. SlimJimmy Jan 2017 #273
Pre- ACA increases,,,,, Cryptoad Jan 2017 #75
Anecdotally we've had a few here Hekate Jan 2017 #90
I heard Hillary was a flawed candidate, also, from the same people who now OWN Eliot Rosewater Jan 2017 #106
Good point, wonder how many progressive ideas will pass in the next two to four years. Thinkingabout Jan 2017 #279
The government subsidy zentrum Jan 2017 #145
Well said. (eom) CanSocDem Jan 2017 #229
Exactly... RazBerryBeret Jan 2017 #289
Except for most people that's not how it works. sherihah Jan 2017 #149
yea potus shouldnt have raised premiums like he did Ohioblue22 Jan 2017 #39
Between 2000 and 2010, premiums rose up to 150% - who did you blame then? blm Jan 2017 #59
i blame the insurance companies for the rates they set Ohioblue22 Jan 2017 #63
they could've chosen to NOT raise rates, but, they get cover from RW media blaming ACA blm Jan 2017 #66
Oh damn, another inconvenient truth Hekate Jan 2017 #103
And you think premiums wouldn't rise if ObamaCare was not in place? LiberalFighter Jan 2017 #43
It was bad timing is all astrophuss42 Jan 2017 #55
Oh please stop with the victim whining NastyRiffraff Jan 2017 #130
Right, it had no impact on the election astrophuss42 Jan 2017 #134
Rubio is responsible for much of the increase in insurance premiums by eliminating Akamai Jan 2017 #290
Post removed Post removed Jan 2017 #46
He even got Politifacted over it astrophuss42 Jan 2017 #51
The nominal increase in premiums overall (yes, there were some that were large, but... George II Jan 2017 #98
Not to mention that the increased premiums paid for better insurance TexasBushwhacker Jan 2017 #112
Precisely. Remember when there were a couple of hundred thousand people who had to change... George II Jan 2017 #114
my basic obamacare plan still had a $75 a month premium. another plan was no premium costs. Sunlei Jan 2017 #231
Sanders' attacks on President Obama did not help his cause with some demographic groups Gothmog Jan 2017 #2
BS wanted President Obama primaried in 2012.. he just didn't want to Cha Jan 2017 #160
Hmmmmmm Me. Jan 2017 #164
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm backatcha Cha Jan 2017 #165
I'm pretty sure both Obama and Hillary would prefer single player. LisaM Jan 2017 #3
Like the minimum wage - they railed against Clinton because she back first an increase to $12.... George II Jan 2017 #10
Exactly. Amimnoch Jan 2017 #50
How did republicans kill the government option? Nt hughee99 Jan 2017 #116
3 bills passed by Dems in the House, but killed by cloture and the Senate finance committee. Amimnoch Jan 2017 #123
The repigs and Lieberman had some help ... Hassin Bin Sober Jan 2017 #175
Right on! LiberalLovinLug Jan 2017 #305
"In other words, he's correcting the spin that a 46% unfavorable opinion doesn't mean 46% suffragette Jan 2017 #346
Or free college tuition. Dream Girl Jan 2017 #78
Now they'll get a big fat nuthin' Hekate Jan 2017 #99
Instead of progressing slower they're going to be going backward. George II Jan 2017 #100
And downhill. In a go-kart. Hekate Jan 2017 #102
And blaming Clinton and DWS the whole way. Charles Bukowski Jan 2017 #118
Some of them would rather see the world burn NastyRiffraff Jan 2017 #132
And some would rather feel superior OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #188
Fighters? NastyRiffraff Jan 2017 #267
As I said, some like to feel superior. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #270
To be sure, I do feel superior NastyRiffraff Jan 2017 #335
Keep feeling' it. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #336
Deepak Chopra?? Really? NastyRiffraff Jan 2017 #337
Superiority, really? OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #338
Stuck on the "superiority" thing, eh? NastyRiffraff Jan 2017 #339
Yes, it's despicable. And embarrassing for a Democrat. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #340
"I love that you have to keep posting" NastyRiffraff Jan 2017 #342
Oh yes, please threaten me that you won't respond any more. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #343
There is a measure of irony in your allegation that "some like to feel superior..." LanternWaste Jan 2017 #344
I think it's been years since you've weighed in on one of my threads. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #345
But this is a case of letting the good be the enemy of the perfect. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #22
I don't recall anyone ridiculing single payer. LisaM Jan 2017 #32
Excuse me? OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #41
It may be brer cat Jan 2017 #82
OK, sure. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #168
That person obviously had/has something against Obama, and those comments are "anecdotal"* George II Jan 2017 #92
What world do you live in? OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #173
I was referring to the author of the blog to which you linked, not Rahm Emanuel: George II Jan 2017 #177
And the comments are they still unsubstantiated OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #181
So then, who was in that "private meeting" where that was said? George II Jan 2017 #237
OMG. Look at the LINKS. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #285
Hold your powder! I support single payer. LisaM Jan 2017 #93
I actually don't recall any of Clinton's surrogates even bringing up the TPP... George II Jan 2017 #96
List OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #180
Two VERY bad examples! Both of those (Kerry and Perez) are members.... George II Jan 2017 #236
Voters confusing what Obama supports for what Clinton supports is ludicrous? OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #286
Jerry Seinfeld: "I wish I had the last 20 seconds of my life back". Have a great night! George II Jan 2017 #321
Oh snappy. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #326
I believe Obama supported single payer. AtheistCrusader Jan 2017 #97
Her being a realist does not mean that she doesn't think it's the best system. LisaM Jan 2017 #142
I think Hillary's reason for opposing single payer at that time -Jan, 2016 is valid-and she clearly riversedge Jan 2017 #143
No one who fought for single player or who supported Sanders OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #174
Anyone who voted Stein or didn't bother to go to the polls helped Trump. lapucelle Jan 2017 #253
And you have no evidence that the people OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #280
"Those who fail to learn from the past are condemned to repeat it." lapucelle Jan 2017 #288
You continue to claim third party voters being responsible while OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #292
I'm not insulting people who fight for better. lapucelle Jan 2017 #296
Um, you are. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #300
"Put out a product"? lapucelle Jan 2017 #303
Narcissistic no shows? OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #304
Yes, narcissistic no shows not inspired enough to get off their butts and go to the polls. lapucelle Jan 2017 #312
In your view it was the right thing. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #315
You don't get to define my view, and I don't have to engage lapucelle Jan 2017 #318
I'm not trying to define your view. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #319
So the 300,000+ Democrats in Florida truebluegreen Jan 2017 #327
Why would they be less responsible? lapucelle Jan 2017 #330
First my apologies. I responded to the wrong post. truebluegreen Jan 2017 #331
That is not ridicule mcar Jan 2017 #264
It is. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #275
Obama did not ridicule mcar Jan 2017 #291
Apparently because you feel the same as he does, OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #293
Umm, what? mcar Jan 2017 #297
Whatevs. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #298
What in the holy hell are you talking about? mcar Jan 2017 #299
See above: OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #301
No, you can't read between my lines mcar Jan 2017 #306
As I said previously, whatevs. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #311
THIS! calimary Jan 2017 #104
Of course they would.. and that's why they started out with something Cha Jan 2017 #309
Truth is truth. WhiteTara Jan 2017 #4
Perhaps your 'side' of the party. YOHABLO Jan 2017 #7
You mean an actual Democrat? WhiteTara Jan 2017 #11
You mean the corporate dems. ciaobaby Jan 2017 #68
your name says it all WhiteTara Jan 2017 #76
You win the back and forth, but... mpcamb Jan 2017 #85
Does someone... tonedevil Jan 2017 #210
So go follow WhiteTara Jan 2017 #240
Not going anywhere... tonedevil Jan 2017 #257
Well, that is a less rude WhiteTara Jan 2017 #259
Actual Democrat... tonedevil Jan 2017 #260
Good to know. WhiteTara Jan 2017 #262
Bernie is the best friend our party has ever seen, he is only trying to steer us in the right (left) putitinD Jan 2017 #86
No, he's not. Hillary Won the Primary by almost 4 Million Votes and Cha Jan 2017 #226
Exactly Tara. Cha Jan 2017 #151
Well the ACA was a Heritage Foundation contrived plan in the first place. YOHABLO Jan 2017 #5
How dare you undermine it by pointing out it was a Republican plan! OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #13
The "Republican plan" that no actual Republicans supported in the '90's emulatorloo Jan 2017 #135
And Romney. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #166
What we have now is so much better than what we had before the ACA..... George II Jan 2017 #16
Any idea why President Obama "changed his mind?".... DonViejo Jan 2017 #17
Who said he "changed his mind"? OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #25
Here you go... DonViejo Jan 2017 #26
You miss my point. Not who on DU typed that, OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #44
I remember Obama supporting single-payer health system as he first ran for president. Akamai Jan 2017 #294
You do know that the public option OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #295
My bet is because he probably didnt see a viable way to a single payer system that those cstanleytech Jan 2017 #33
They couldn't block anything at the time OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #48
There are plenty of ways to make passing bills difficult either procedural or politically cstanleytech Jan 2017 #83
Actually, there aren't. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #167
Ah, those were the days, eh? Ligyron Jan 2017 #109
Ditto. nt. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #189
So? It was the only thing we could get past a filibuster. The 60th vote pnwmom Jan 2017 #18
Lieberman was such an ass mdbl Jan 2017 #69
Nobody forced Sanders to vote "yes" on the ACA in 2009. lapucelle Jan 2017 #52
That doesn't even make sense. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #193
So when President Obama brer cat Jan 2017 #239
Bernie didn't run on overturning the ACA killbotfactory Jan 2017 #247
I guess two Pinochios isn't really that bad. lapucelle Jan 2017 #251
From the completely neutral Washington post killbotfactory Jan 2017 #265
Were the stories false? lapucelle Jan 2017 #272
Pragmatism is a strategy that only some are allowed to embrace. Others get villified. lapucelle Jan 2017 #249
Fascinating how that works, isn't it? brer cat Jan 2017 #250
Wow -- your statement again makes no sense. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #281
I have never said he shouldn't have voted for it. brer cat Jan 2017 #307
I do understand. That's what you don't understand. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #313
I never told anyone to shut up brer cat Jan 2017 #314
I agree this is wasted effort. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #316
Obama campaigned on his plan having a "public option".... PoliticAverse Jan 2017 #61
You are just bashing.. you have no idea what happened. Cha Jan 2017 #152
Not me. Jane Austin Jan 2017 #6
It's the outrageous premiums each month that undermined Obamacare. $1500/mo for two people! Turn CO Blue Jan 2017 #8
But I still am happy with it as a first step - especially the pre-existing condition part. n/t Turn CO Blue Jan 2017 #14
i am a single person on a cobra and consider myself lucky mopinko Jan 2017 #21
You haven't ever paid COBRA payments or you wouldn't find that outrageous. pnwmom Jan 2017 #23
True. And when I had to pay COBRA payments, it cost me about $700/month. calimary Jan 2017 #28
I had to do the same thing for the same reason. And we were both pnwmom Jan 2017 #37
Meaningless without knowing the person's income treestar Jan 2017 #70
Premium costs are based on age. It's a third of our income. Turn CO Blue Jan 2017 #89
I hear you Kilgore Jan 2017 #163
The Chicago apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #9
i *don't* remember this orleans Jan 2017 #29
I'm no Bernie swooner, but I didn't feel like he trashed ACA Skittles Jan 2017 #12
Thanks, Skittles; with you, as I wrote below, elleng Jan 2017 #20
You are correct. Read this full quote and see if the headline of this op is not... Hassin Bin Sober Jan 2017 #194
I believe your assessment is correct, Hassin Bin Sober Skittles Jan 2017 #325
It's a chicken and egg thing, imo Bradical79 Jan 2017 #268
Sorry, Sir, I must take issue elleng Jan 2017 #19
That's the headline. Obama doesn't seem to have used the term "undermine" LisaM Jan 2017 #27
I suspected that to be the case, LisaM. elleng Jan 2017 #38
Don't get me started! LisaM Jan 2017 #47
HA! elleng Jan 2017 #53
But in all of the "examination" of events,some insist that no matter the issue, guillaumeb Jan 2017 #31
Right, guill. elleng Jan 2017 #42
Exactly. +100 Duppers Jan 2017 #221
Isn't Obamacare really just Romneycare from the 90's? jalan48 Jan 2017 #24
Exactly....This LovingA2andMI Jan 2017 #36
It also ran over budget and saw double digit annual increases CentralMass Jan 2017 #58
So did ALL insurance plans. And they will until we control drug costs. n/t pnwmom Jan 2017 #170
Yes, but the issues was that both plans were sold as reducing costs. CentralMass Jan 2017 #172
They still might have. When other states were having 20% annual increases, pnwmom Jan 2017 #176
I was a life long Ma resident until 2015.. My own HMO + others CentralMass Jan 2017 #192
Your experience with multiple years of double digit increases doesn't seem typical. pnwmom Jan 2017 #200
The issues us that both RomneyCare and the ACA promised to CentralMass Jan 2017 #207
For a short period of time costs went up but then costs went down. pnwmom Jan 2017 #211
Admittedly im no policy expert here but my anecdotal experience CentralMass Jan 2017 #219
If so Republican opposition now is suspect treestar Jan 2017 #74
They have moved further to the right as have the Democrats. jalan48 Jan 2017 #88
This OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #182
Because a Black President signed it into law. AtheistCrusader Jan 2017 #105
Bingo! treestar Jan 2017 #108
That's what those say who want to bash the Presidentl Cha Jan 2017 #154
Not sure who "Those" are but in any event, I'm not into group think. jalan48 Jan 2017 #245
Nevertheless that's what they say. Cha Jan 2017 #310
So? Romney managed to get elected Gov. of one of the most liberal states in the country. pnwmom Jan 2017 #169
So, that is the health care program Obama chose to copy for his program. jalan48 Jan 2017 #244
No, and I know YOU know it. We couldn't have passed ANYTHING pnwmom Jan 2017 #317
- Bigredhunk Jan 2017 #30
this is why dems lose Ohioblue22 Jan 2017 #62
Post removed Post removed Jan 2017 #34
IKR? Wouldn't even discuss single payer, then a public option was off the table. MindPilot Jan 2017 #54
Single Payer couldn't even get passed in Vermont. President Obama Cha Jan 2017 #225
Thanks to those continually bashing the lack of single payer we'll be without the ACA altogether. George II Jan 2017 #243
That's a term that has no currency any more. Probably not for a couple of decades. Hekate Jan 2017 #107
You have got to be joking... cannabis_flower Jan 2017 #146
President Obama is speaking the truth.. too bad for those Cha Jan 2017 #157
This Is BS.... LovingA2andMI Jan 2017 #35
I'm glad President Obama is telling it exactly like it. Too bad everyone is Cha Jan 2017 #223
This message was self-deleted by its author Amimnoch Jan 2017 #40
We have to be realistic. HassleCat Jan 2017 #45
So who doesn't want single-payer? TheCowsCameHome Jan 2017 #56
I am in awe of Bernie Sanders' remarkable power. PoindexterOglethorpe Jan 2017 #57
Continue to barnstorm the country in the service of selling books lapucelle Jan 2017 #87
! brer cat Jan 2017 #252
Mr. Hammer meet Mr. Nailhead. BunkieBandit Jan 2017 #101
No, he didn't do it single handedly.. if you're paying attention there Cha Jan 2017 #158
He made Baby Jesus cry!!! QC Jan 2017 #208
He's right. We witnessed it right here. We've never been further away from single payer than we... Tarheel_Dem Jan 2017 #60
Yeah, now they're all in denial. Cha Jan 2017 #159
What's really sad is that ACA could possibly have been the best stepping stone to single payer. Tarheel_Dem Jan 2017 #178
Right.. excellent point.. it very well could have led to Single Payer Cha Jan 2017 #184
There was no realistic chance for single payer Progressive dog Jan 2017 #64
While most Democrats were disappointed Obama bailed on Single Payer before Dustlawyer Jan 2017 #65
Right there with you, Dustlawyer. JudyM Jan 2017 #323
DU rec...nt SidDithers Jan 2017 #67
Way to to go Obama - divide the party further. ciaobaby Jan 2017 #71
+1 SammyWinstonJack Jan 2017 #122
This. retrowire Jan 2017 #127
The thing is, the headline doesn't even accurately describe the point Obama is making. Hassin Bin Sober Jan 2017 #187
There will always be people who want to blame Bernie. OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #195
The Presdient is speaking the truth.. too bad for those who can't Cha Jan 2017 #155
+1 OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #196
Oh President Obama isn't the one who divided the Party.. don't you Cha Jan 2017 #205
He is spot on bravenak Jan 2017 #72
He is right. The general air of unpopularity treestar Jan 2017 #77
Yep, its all Bernies fault elmac Jan 2017 #79
There were never enough votes for single payer. sheshe2 Jan 2017 #137
I noticed you didn't get a response to Bernie's own words. Wonder why? Tarheel_Dem Jan 2017 #328
Lol....no clue????!!!1? sheshe2 Jan 2017 #329
Nope.. you're putting words in President Obama's mouth.. he didn't Cha Jan 2017 #209
I think sort of misleading article title hollowdweller Jan 2017 #80
"The mandatory part"? yallerdawg Jan 2017 #94
Now all the complainers sold out to the banksters and the corporates...... Historic NY Jan 2017 #91
No. Obama undermined the American public when he gave up the public option Roland99 Jan 2017 #110
No sheshe2 Jan 2017 #138
You do realize that single payer and the public option are two different things, right? OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #197
Facts get confusing at times Roland99 Jan 2017 #235
You've exactly made President Obama's point. Get your facts straight Cha Jan 2017 #222
Except I'm not. The public option was tossed aside at the beginning Roland99 Jan 2017 #234
If he had tried pushing the corporate owned Dems we could have had the single payer Scalded Nun Jan 2017 #111
They never had the votes for single payer. sheshe2 Jan 2017 #139
Saying that single payer would be better is not Bettie Jan 2017 #113
As well it should! ananda Jan 2017 #115
Of COURSE it would be "so much better" NastyRiffraff Jan 2017 #136
I posted above, twice. sheshe2 Jan 2017 #140
I know, my friend NastyRiffraff Jan 2017 #266
He's wrong to take it personally. moondust Jan 2017 #120
President Obama is not wrong.. he's speaking the truth. Cha Jan 2017 #190
What you and he are saying moondust Jan 2017 #256
President Obama speaks the truth. Cha Jan 2017 #282
Bull Shit..What Obama got with his Obamacare was nothing more than a bill INdemo Jan 2017 #121
What President Obama got was helping People who couldn't afford Health Cha Jan 2017 #227
i think I mentioned that advantage ...but the ACA INdemo Jan 2017 #241
There is enough blame the go around. hrmjustin Jan 2017 #124
Ha Ha, After All The Shit Sanders Has Said About Obama otohara Jan 2017 #129
You Win the DAMN Thread! Exactly, Otohara! Cha Jan 2017 #161
Thanks Cha otohara Jan 2017 #274
No, I didn't know you met Hillary! Cha Jan 2017 #284
That's absurd. LS_Editor Jan 2017 #131
You are correct, if not for AARP & other groups sounding the alarm on dae Jan 2017 #198
A few things that really hurt public opinion of the ACA IMO MichMan Jan 2017 #133
left/right extremes always hurt. SleeplessinSoCal Jan 2017 #141
The problem is not that they think Obamacare is a failure."... per the rest of the quote Talk Is Cheap Jan 2017 #144
Yep bad headline. Obama does have a IDGAF attitude also. n/t underpants Jan 2017 #254
My premium went down Politicub Jan 2017 #147
Yes, a point we've tried to make for six years. MadamPresident Jan 2017 #148
Sanders wanted President Obama Primaried in 2012.. but, he didn't Cha Jan 2017 #150
The only thing is, that isn't remotely the point Obama was making. Hassin Bin Sober Jan 2017 #199
Bernie supporters aren't the victims here. BainsBane Jan 2017 #217
Which plan is better? The ACA or Single Payer? Fearless Jan 2017 #153
The only plan that was politically POSSIBLE was better. n/t pnwmom Jan 2017 #171
At no point would anyone who was voting for the ACA not vote for it Fearless Jan 2017 #191
I think he put the cart before the horse. dogman Jan 2017 #162
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2017 #179
K & R SunSeeker Jan 2017 #183
Obama is right that Berniue was promoting single payer, as were a lot of us from day one. napi21 Jan 2017 #185
President Obama is right. Cha Jan 2017 #201
Listen LittleGirl Jan 2017 #202
No surprise there. Although, his supporters were following the standard set by Sanders himself. Lil Missy Jan 2017 #203
I know Lil Missy.. it's a fact and now they're trying to deny it. don't Cha Jan 2017 #212
I like the president HassleCat Jan 2017 #204
Rabid zealots rarely do good in any situations. JNelson6563 Jan 2017 #206
I have to agree with President Obama on this one. I thought it was strange because underthematrix Jan 2017 #213
It took 80 years to get it passed ucrdem Jan 2017 #214
+10000000000 Hekate Jan 2017 #218
Excellent response, ucr.. thank you! Cha Jan 2017 #224
In all fairness - the pony wasn't included. n/t Lil Missy Jan 2017 #248
And it wasn't called Berniecare. ucrdem Jan 2017 #258
He's right. Calling Obama and the ACA a "POS," did not help. Hopefully, GOPers will be Hoyt Jan 2017 #215
The headline misrepresents the Obama quote. Eric J in MN Jan 2017 #216
This headline vs the actual context are not in agreement with one another at all. phleshdef Jan 2017 #220
My health insurance got worse after ACA was passsd, not better Larkspur Jan 2017 #230
I remember when Hillary said something like, 'Medicare for all, can not happen' it hurt her campaign Sunlei Jan 2017 #232
So we are not allowed to criticize? Lunabell Jan 2017 #233
There weren't the votes for single payer.. you can criticize but Cha Jan 2017 #238
Well said Cha, thanks still_one Jan 2017 #320
Thank you stillone for appreciating what we had. Cha Jan 2017 #322
K&R betsuni Jan 2017 #242
Really, Lets talk about what Joe Lieberman did to single payer turbinetree Jan 2017 #246
I thought his plan should be tweaked to make it single payer Generic Other Jan 2017 #255
He is correct, as usual mcar Jan 2017 #261
I'm no longer conservative enough to be a Democrat. MindPilot Jan 2017 #269
if Dems think bashing progressives is a winning strategy, they are in for another beating in 2018 yurbud Jan 2017 #271
Maybe he should have fought harder truebluegreen Jan 2017 #276
Keep trolling the Bernie people, how could that do anything but help the mess we are in? n/t HopeAgain Jan 2017 #277
Welcome to DU! OrwellwasRight Jan 2017 #283
President Obama is speaking the truth.. and you call that trolling. the Cha Jan 2017 #308
Denial... HopeAgain Jan 2017 #332
Hillary won the Primary by almost 4 Million Votes.. She won the Cha Jan 2017 #333
I totally disagree lunatica Jan 2017 #278
We all want that, as far as I've seen. Seems like a misguided smear on his part, disappointed in him JudyM Jan 2017 #324
A major reason for the rate increases was Marco Rubio's passage of "a poison pill." Akamai Jan 2017 #287
This message was self-deleted by its author CountAllVotes Jan 2017 #302
How fucking ridiculous. I am surprised he resorted to this level of idiocy. m-lekktor Jan 2017 #334
I don't know what Sanders supporters have to do with the unpopularity from the left wing side JonLP24 Jan 2017 #341
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