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36. Maybe he has access to another set of e-mails...
Sun Oct 30, 2016, 08:43 AM
Oct 2016

... that were sent wherever he is trying to gain access to?

Had they been incriminating against Hillary in any way, they would have no doubt been leaked. forest444 Oct 2016 #1
"Mary" indeed.. asiliveandbreathe Oct 2016 #5
Ah, to each his own. forest444 Oct 2016 #10
And what a hypocrite.. asiliveandbreathe Oct 2016 #12
Indeed. A very Republican character, for lack of a better word. forest444 Oct 2016 #13
Along with Trump's late buddy Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2016 #20
Right. It's too bad Hillary couldn't mention that Trump's lawyer in that DOJ discrimination suit forest444 Oct 2016 #27
Here's an alluring little number, coquettish and free - NBachers Oct 2016 #24
Ha! Hoover never looked better. forest444 Oct 2016 #26
Thanks- Long time since I've seen Whatever Happened to Baby Jane- NBachers Oct 2016 #28
Here's Woody Allen's version: forest444 Oct 2016 #30
This story is a bogus re-direct. CYA from Comey. DURHAM D Oct 2016 #2
Indeed. It's why he can't move his ass. nt msanthrope Oct 2016 #6
Hey, I found a package in my mailbox. Stonepounder Oct 2016 #3
President Obama has to speak on Comey's behavior Thrill Oct 2016 #4
No. Comey is still hanging himself. Let's not interrupt. nt msanthrope Oct 2016 #7
Good grief (reference to deity almighty) gordianot Oct 2016 #8
Misleading headline spooky3 Oct 2016 #9
How did he release information about bucolic_frolic Oct 2016 #11
Maybe Comey didn't know but some RW agent sure probably did/does. Ligyron Oct 2016 #14
How difficult can it be for the FBI to make the case for a warrant? LiberalFighter Oct 2016 #15
And then hope the politicized Republican Committee does it. Coyotl Oct 2016 #18
Thousands of e-mails BS videohead5 Oct 2016 #16
but is there a little "c" on each email that means "Comey was here"? Sancho Oct 2016 #17
The Sunday morning political media sorefeet Oct 2016 #19
So how does he know there are Hillary's e-mails on the computer Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2016 #21
Some Trump surrogate probably gave him the inside scoop. Kablooie Oct 2016 #32
Ironically, he wouldn't GET a warrant under normal circumstances. He has absolutely no evidence TrollBuster9090 Oct 2016 #23
With all the attention this will get, you don't think he'll cross every T and dot every I? Upin Oct 2016 #35
Fire Comey! He had no cause to comment on anything but the fact that they found no Nitram Oct 2016 #25
looks like this story has legs.. bench scientist Oct 2016 #29
I'll tell you what the email was about - Anthony and Huma Wiener went to a Clinton Foundation haele Oct 2016 #38
If no one read them how the hell do they know they are pertinent to the email investigation? Kablooie Oct 2016 #31
Maybe he has access to another set of e-mails... Upin Oct 2016 #36
The more I learn about this story the more pissed off I get at Comey. SunSeeker Oct 2016 #33
He needs to go. He is a Republican hack and the FBI cannot possibly be trusted with anything so long WIProgressive88 Oct 2016 #37
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