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26. Not a Thomas fan
Fri Oct 28, 2016, 03:38 PM
Oct 2016

I think though that it's ridiculous that she's saying this now. She would have totally been believed if she said this at the time it happened especially because of what happened to Anita Hill

No shock there BainsBane Oct 2016 #1
Not a disqualifier for being Supreme Court Justice milestogo Oct 2016 #2
"sarsasm" MyOwnPeace Oct 2016 #19
as much as I would love to see anita hill in that vacant seat, it would not be decent to niyad Oct 2016 #3
I think she's up to the task mdbl Oct 2016 #4
perhaps Anita Hill could replace him on the court if he retires in shame. virtualobserver Oct 2016 #5
now that is a lovely thought niyad Oct 2016 #6
Ok by me. As far as I'm concerned, saltpoint Oct 2016 #10
Come on!!!! MyOwnPeace Oct 2016 #20
Not wishing harm on anyone but if it so happened that Thomas vacated his spot for whatever reason LiberalLovinLug Oct 2016 #8
She might not have to. With any luck Scalia's shadow will go the way of Scalia soon enough. forest444 Oct 2016 #15
How soon until Ginny Thomas calls her at 6 am, demanding msanthrope Oct 2016 #7
be awesome to witness the impeachment and removal of Clarence Thomas beachbum bob Oct 2016 #9
He'd probably snooze through his own impeachment trial. trusty elf Oct 2016 #23
This may explain why the story is coming out just now: Xipe Totec Oct 2016 #11
Wait BumRushDaShow Oct 2016 #21
Is this female lawyer.... AlbertCat Oct 2016 #12
Too little too late Hulk Oct 2016 #13
I believed Anita Hill blueseas Oct 2016 #14
I totally believe this lawyer Farmgirl1961 Oct 2016 #17
Same here. (nt) Paladin Oct 2016 #18
It's great that women empowered to come forward. Trump served a purpose. TonyPDX Oct 2016 #16
And another for the "No Shit Sherlock" File n/t Lil Missy Oct 2016 #22
I'm only surprised it took this long NastyRiffraff Oct 2016 #24
It's a disgrace that he was seated. A complete disgrace. JudyM Oct 2016 #25
Not a Thomas fan ebbie15644 Oct 2016 #26
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