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projecting again, douche boy? niyad Oct 2016 #1
poisoning minds is what Trump does pretty well RussBLib Oct 2016 #48
Why doesn't he just make it a class action lawsuit against America? mdbl Oct 2016 #2
I heard he was going to sign an E.O., deputizing 250 k infowars people as tort lawyers. Mc Mike Oct 2016 #7
How is he going to have time for Presidentin' forgotmylogin Oct 2016 #39
Trump Class Action bucolic_frolic Oct 2016 #3
Jim Jones (aka Donald Trump) again with the Kool-Aid katmondoo Oct 2016 #4
I just got a text from a friend bucolic_frolic Oct 2016 #5
That is funny (and horrible that he is a Presidential nominee!!) riversedge Oct 2016 #8
Yet to the repub/cons base, he is the most credible of all the GOP candidates keithbvadu2 Oct 2016 #30
I think I will steal that awoke_in_2003 Oct 2016 #20
me, too wordpix Oct 2016 #65
Ha! That's truly funny! manicraven Oct 2016 #51
lololol wordpix Oct 2016 #64
Trump: NO CLASS in action Martin Eden Oct 2016 #28
the guest on cnn is from The Daily Caller!! uga uga (a cnn contributer-they said) riversedge Oct 2016 #6
Trump will not sue anybody because he would then be open to depositions .... Botany Oct 2016 #9
This is cover in the event of bucolic_frolic Oct 2016 #14
His entire family would be deposed as witnesses. It would be a bloodbath. SunSeeker Oct 2016 #36
Trump's attorneys no doubt have told him that it would be a very bad idea (to sue) Botany Oct 2016 #40
Melania should try to be excused from the prenup limitations as the prenup was procured by fraud. SunSeeker Oct 2016 #49
TTPM* doesn't listen to his advisors wordpix Oct 2016 #66
JUdge won't allow a class action suit against Scump..... Uben Oct 2016 #10
"after the election" left-of-center2012 Oct 2016 #11
I believe you're correct. JohnnyRingo Oct 2016 #42
Should be "Greivance Address" as Donald is lashing out and angry says another riversedge Oct 2016 #12
Next up, Trump will sue everyone who didn't vote for him... Galileo126 Oct 2016 #13
*snort* smirkymonkey Oct 2016 #43
He's trying to intimidate any other women on the verge of coming forward n/t moonscape Oct 2016 #15
Yes mainstreetonce Oct 2016 #16
Yup. I am so looking forward to not hearing about the jerk uppityperson Oct 2016 #17
I wonder if he has now opened the door to be sued by all these women for slander? cstanleytech Oct 2016 #18
One of the really disturbing things about Trump Stonepounder Oct 2016 #19
Yes. But even more disturbing of course than Trump, are his moonscape Oct 2016 #22
^^^^^^ this ^^^^^^ Johnyawl Oct 2016 #35
I've taught in schools and as for civics classes wordpix Oct 2016 #67
When I grew up we did have civics class - when did this change I wonder, or moonscape Oct 2016 #71
I agree, civics should be taught along with gardening, basic wordpix Oct 2016 #75
Alldred will chew him up awoke_in_2003 Oct 2016 #21
Has Gloria Allred Ever Won A Big Jury Trial? TomCADem Oct 2016 #47
She is the rainmaker for her firm. She hands the trial over to tough litigators. nt. SunSeeker Oct 2016 #50
I Was Wondering, Living in California... TomCADem Oct 2016 #52
Are you kidding? Her firm is full of blue chip litigators obamanut2012 Oct 2016 #54
But Does Gloria Allred Actually Try The Case? TomCADem Oct 2016 #60
I think she is the fave awoke_in_2003 Oct 2016 #80
Hey, PIG! One woman you could sue Warpy Oct 2016 #23
man, that's a pithy comment and I'm with you wordpix Oct 2016 #68
He spent the first 19 minutes attacking Hillary and the media.... he's nuts secondwind Oct 2016 #24
I say he can sue the ones who are lying as long as the ones teling the truth can sue him. DFW Oct 2016 #25
Trump a very sick man = Nixon squared es35 Oct 2016 #26
Threatening those opposed, as any respectful dictator would Panich52 Oct 2016 #27
I wish he would sue them, and spend the very last of his ill-gotten gains on a losing cause. Nitram Oct 2016 #29
I hope he goes after Richard Branson. mainer Oct 2016 #31
Branson is waaaay bigger than Trump obamanut2012 Oct 2016 #55
Such a lawsuit would open Trump to discovery Gothmog Oct 2016 #32
yeah, we'd love to see his communications with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein wordpix Oct 2016 #70
If he is elected who pays his legal fees? gwheezie Oct 2016 #33
I can't wait for discovery.....trump is a moron... beachbum bob Oct 2016 #34
This is a way to keep other victims from coming forward LastLiberal in PalmSprings Oct 2016 #37
YEAH!!!! Let 'discovery' begin. blm Oct 2016 #38
Slander is messy bucolic_frolic Oct 2016 #41
Yes, with the tiny amount of money you have left after all this is over. smirkymonkey Oct 2016 #44
Gee, I Wonder Why His Victims Did Not Come Out Earlier? TomCADem Oct 2016 #45
If Trump IS elected.... jimmil Oct 2016 #46
Meh. All you ever do is sue. truthisfreedom Oct 2016 #53
fuck you, Trump Skittles Oct 2016 #56
Has a presidential nominee NastyRiffraff Oct 2016 #57
When is he going to be on the John Walsh show turbinetree Oct 2016 #58
So. Just to be clear, in your dream the Mighty US Government will act against anyone you've abused? WhiteHat Oct 2016 #61
oh good, he's got Jane Doe and Trump U. lawsuits + the dozen women wordpix Oct 2016 #63
Now he promised he's going to court on any election results he doesn't like. Mc Mike Oct 2016 #78
No they won't. n/t broadcaster75201 Oct 2016 #73
Trump promises to Make these lawsuits into a new TV Game Show ThoughtCriminal Oct 2016 #74
Yeah right Lanius Oct 2016 #76
This is starting to look like the priest sex scandals rurallib Oct 2016 #77
I'm surprised the idiot Trump isn't implying the False Memory meme LanternWaste Oct 2016 #81
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