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Response to DonViejo (Original post)

Yawn. More taxpayer money down the drain. truthisfreedom Aug 2016 #1
Welcome to the next four years n/t hibbing Aug 2016 #2
OMG.... 4 years of hearing about a blow job.... er rather... email groundloop Aug 2016 #17
More like the past 23 years.... Tommy_Carcetti Aug 2016 #21
Oh for FUCKS SAKE! MynameisBlarney Aug 2016 #3
Plenty of time for this crap TheCowsCameHome Aug 2016 #4
Boy, you got that right nt 7962 Aug 2016 #31
Will they wait until she's inaugurated to start impeachment proceedings? JaneQPublic Aug 2016 #5
Desperation stinks C_U_L8R Aug 2016 #6
If they are basing it on the little "c" next to some email statements, it is a bust. yellowcanine Aug 2016 #7
OH CRAP!! I am so angry right now! riversedge Aug 2016 #8
Wow, can we get Issa for lying to the Americans. Especially those who have lied and said Hillary Thinkingabout Aug 2016 #9
Hopefully Doug Applegate will beat Issa, and Issa will be gone. mahina Aug 2016 #29
I certainly hope so n/t chillfactor Aug 2016 #33
All part of delegitimizing her election Va Lefty Aug 2016 #10
More GOP stupid stalking? saidsimplesimon Aug 2016 #11
Proving intent with FBI post-investigation info looks impossible. To me it's a witch hunt. ancianita Aug 2016 #12
For real ? IslandSteve Aug 2016 #13
We really need to take back the House. stopbush Aug 2016 #14
Goodlatte and Chaffetz???? OldRedneck Aug 2016 #15
I would advise Ms. Clinton to politely tell Chaffetz PearliePoo2 Aug 2016 #16
Conservative morons..and why they are not fit govern beachbumbob Aug 2016 #18
They are "Brain Dead RIGHT WING ASSHOLE Morons" is more like it. Nothing "conservative" about them. RBInMaine Aug 2016 #25
You can go ahead and print out your "detailed instructions" on this special paper right here: Tommy_Carcetti Aug 2016 #19
They must have taken a day off of repealing Obamacare world wide wally Aug 2016 #20
When they go low Shankapotomus Aug 2016 #22
I'll see that indictment and raise you an indictment of the varies Republicans for corruption cstanleytech Aug 2016 #23
Let me guess: Lots of "She's going down." Followed by non-ending investigation and never a court, or Festivito Aug 2016 #24
Hmm, I thought the Justice Dept. made those decisions on their own. Yeah, they do. tonyt53 Aug 2016 #26
Yeah ... "they believed" bucolic_frolic Aug 2016 #27
These guys really think 4 years of Trump running the country will be better for them? Kablooie Aug 2016 #28
They accept Hillary will be president now and are working on the her impeachment just as I predicted Monk06 Aug 2016 #30
GOP doing 'yeoman's work' if you will, in their trolling. Kingofalldems Aug 2016 #32
Repubs need a go-to scandal now that Manafort is making headlines misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #34
Do you know what's in YOUR server? I don't.. vkkv Aug 2016 #35
Yeah, well, good luck with that, you ignorant assholes, red dog 1 Aug 2016 #36
Oh FFS. Is it too much to hope for a landslide win, the Senate and the House? tanyev Aug 2016 #37
Republicans in Congress have to have their priorities. It certainly isn't the future children of Trust Buster Aug 2016 #38
Well, let's see how tough they are after they lose the House and Senate. byronius Aug 2016 #39
Wow, makes you wonder why Condi Rice wasn't charged by the sinkingfeeling Aug 2016 #40
Post removed Post removed Aug 2016 #41
Who could have predicted... riderinthestorm Aug 2016 #42
And People Wonder Why the GOP Was Fertile Ground for Trump TomCADem Aug 2016 #43
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