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Thu Jun 28, 2012, 12:44 PM

29. This is because they think our states are "saving the little baybees" ....

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...when it fact it is a racket.

Nobody, including family preservationists like me, would want children in true danger to remain in their homes. We all know from studies being done that about 15% of these kids are truly abused. But the experts also acknowledge that a majority of these kids if left in the home with services means these kids have a better chance of becoming successful adults ~ and this is even true of family members with drug and alcohol issues that were given services.

I was just in a meeting last month with DSHS "suits" and a group of "stakeholders" wanting to get waivers of Title IV so they can use the money to assist birth families. But to me, the saddest part about this meeting was hearing from all these people having a stake in the destruction of families. It was all about the fear it would work too well (and they know it will) because then that funding would dwindle and they would lose their money. So which is worse ~ traumatizing for life and taking 85 kids at the drop of a hat when there has never been any abuse simply because ONE kid *might* slip through the cracks? There wouldn't BE so much "slippage" if this funding was used to actually do their jobs and truly investigate the situation instead of pursuing the wrongly accused and having to "win" these cases in order to keep their jobs and get those bonuses!

The way the laws and policies are now, a CPS worker can merely point their accusing finger and then in court it automatically becomes "fact" without having to prove anything. No such thing there as "due process" where accusing someone of a crime has to be proved. It IS a crime to abuse a child but it is never put into actual criminal courts because then they would have to prove their allegations. In these "quasi-courts" they simply use "imminent danger" which means in essence that even if nothing has ever happened, it MIGHT happen in the future. Therefore in these courts even though it never has happened, it WILL happen, even though there is no indication it ever has. So for everyone BUT the family it means a big juicy CA-CHING!

Confusing I know ~ but this is the way it is designed to be. The intimidation of anyone to bear witness to the truth for fear CPS will come after them, including lawyers to defend these accused fearing their own children will be taken is beyond scary in a legal and "rights" sense(and CPS does go after lawyers, I know of several cases, one former lawyer who is here on DU whose entire career was killed thanks to false and conflated allegations who at least still has his kids thanks to his knowledge of the law, but it was devastating for all).

But the most tragic is the consequences with these kids, left hung out to dry in a System rife with greed, love of power, as well as these people behaving as if they are morally superior when in fact many if not most of them and their System are beyond corrupt. These kids are hurt deeply every day. In order to cover up the crimes committed against them they are lied to as to why they are taken, often being told their families do not want them. Can you imagine what that is like to live with as a child, to be told in essence you are nothing but a piece of garbage to be bought and sold like chattel (indeed in the law they ARE "chattel" as if they are slaves to be bought and sold)?

In fact many family members do want these kids, but have been bamboozled in the courts and with CPS workers ~ and placing kids with relatives does not bring in the cash like placing them with strangers. Who can prove something will *never* happen in the future when nobody knows the future? If you are a grandparent and want to take them, you have *no* rights, while foster parents have all the rights ~ even if they never intend adopting these kids themselves. Nobody BUT the the foster parents and CPS (and all their "experts" has the right to tell these kids the truth that their family wants them~ and most of these "experts" will never do that.

Even families with money find that these false accusation and the "concern" for "imminent danger" will break them financially, spending upwards of $50,000 and more just trying to prove their innocence from a future nobody knows. In court the accusers who have all the control for these children, they are the only "truth tellers". Contrary to the Constitutional right to be "innocent until proven guilty", the accused have already been tried and convicted as automatic liars without the accusers ever having to prove anything ~ to keep their continued funding and more bonuses.

Foster kids are further put at risk as adults. After living through the horrors and abuse of foster care, when they become parents, now their own children are being taken. If they reported abuse as children (most often ignored by CPS at the time it was happening), then suddenly their "guilt" becomes "fact" and a matter of "imminent danger" where they are automatically considered at danger of doing the same to their own children.

Recently I was with a former foster child after she gave birth and I watched as the CPS workers came in to get the baby. It was her first child, so no time for proof she had ever done anything YET, according to them. Worse, with these CPS workers was 9 sets of potential adoptive parents swarming the hospital and waving their papers, all standing in line to receive the child literally less than two hours after he had taken his first breath. The nurses at the hospital also get bonuses for "working" with the mother but are in truth there as reporters of anything of "concern" the new mother might have done or not done. But if this child is never adopted (due to any disabilities, race, unfitness of the adopters or whatever), who cares? CPS will receive on the average of $6-8000 a month until this child reaches the age of 18.

I am going to name names here because it is important to say out loud how this actually works and that I am an eye witness: This occurred as it is done in every hospital, at the maternity ward in Stevens Hospital in Edmonds, WA. The CPS workers were from Snohomish county and the nurses are Steven's staff members. They will all get extra money for being "supporters" of the family. In truth, the mother was a low wage worker, on Medicaid. Thanks to any true legal support that neither she or the father could ever afford, this child will never know the joy his parents had at his birth. This baby will never know how wanted he was by either parent ~ or by the paternal grandparents who would have taken him until things could have been straightened out. He will be told that his parents nor did any of his birth family have time for him, when in fact this is most often not true.

CPS could hardly wait to confiscate this newborn child, with them was potentially about $100,000 worth of adoption money from any ONE of these adopters, and of course bonuses for all. And if this does not work out, well there is always that Title IV/TANF/food stamp/housing/Medicaid funding pouring in for the next 18 years...

Oh sure, CPS will go through the motions in court to "prove" the mother and father unfit in order to terminate their rights and sell this child. Meanwhile this baby is not allowed the crucial first year to bond with his mother or be breast fed by her or be with his dad, except in sterile visits at a visitation center where they have to pay for diapers, food and any other things the child will need for the couple hours a week they are allowed. They will be filmed every minute they are with the child so CPS can show to the courts to "prove" these parents are unfit with the lack of bonding and all of the awkwardness a new parent will have. If these parents fight to keep their child, they will pay an exorbitant amount of their small incomes for child support to the state and then it will be used against them for not making enough to afford a home and a middle class life. Any other children the mother has will also suffer the same fate, should she entertain the idea it will be different next time because whether voluntarily give up or not, establishing her unfitness in court is "proof positive" that this mother is unfit to ever be a parent ~ unless she suddenly becomes rich enough to defend herself and prove her worth in court for any other children she wants to keep. The father, if he seeks a different partner will not be in so much danger because he is a man and not held as accountable as mothers are ~ but he will never be able to see this one again once the child is legally kidnapped.

So these "unwanted" kids are for the most part wanted, but the laws and policies now are against the family, they are for anyone else BUT the family. It is the same with so-called "safety net" support where everybody else BUT the parents is paid to raise their kids at literally 1000% MORE than it would be to actually give support to parents to actually BE a parent (I am not making this percentage up, the Casey Foundation actually shows this in studies they've done about Title IV funding, the cost of foster care, and the cost of adoptions). They think being a parent is a hobby, that it is ONLY "doing something" to go out there and work a McJob to make some rich man richer. But it is "not doing anything" (especially for poor families) to parent the next generation to fight in our wars, take care of our infrastructure or care for us when we can no longer do it. Now go ask anyone if they should believe this was true about the President of the United States' low income mother and if she was "doing nothing" while raising him.

So yeah I am an activist and I have done my homework, but will anybody here listen? Not until they stop believing the CPS System "saves the little baybees" and see what is truly going on; how many children are traumatized for life, how many families utterly destroyed and how much money is being made off their backs. All I have to say is I could never be in that System knowing what I know now. If I were, I could never keep down my lunch.

Cat in Seattle

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