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Thu Jul 28, 2016, 05:50 PM Jul 2016

Jane Sanders: We're Going To Hold Clinton Accountable After Endorsing Her [View all]

Source: Talking Points Memo

Jane Sanders told Rolling Stone on Wednesday that she and her husband, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), were going to hold Hillary Clinton accountable on promises she's made after endorsing her at the Democratic National Convention.

Sanders said that her husband's supporters shouldn't get over his campaign, rather that Clinton should work to gain their trust.

"We understand that we earned their support and their trust. Now Hillary Clinton has to earn their support and their trust," Sanders told Rolling Stone. "And we will hold (the Clinton campaign) accountable because we are endorsing her. We are that much more committed to making sure (she follows through on her promises), instead of saying, 'Oh, it's politics as usual, people change.'"

Sanders said that they knew her husband wasn't going to win the presidency after the on June 7 primaries in California, New Jersey and a number of other states. "But we had to do as much as we possibly could on the issues to honor all of the work that so many people have done, and that we did," she told the magazine.


Read more: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/jane-sanders-clinton-endorsement-holding-her-accountable

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Okie dokie, Jane leftofcool Jul 2016 #1
Yeah. You're right. Bad idea. tecelote Jul 2016 #90
. merrily Jul 2016 #177
I don't think I said that at all. Please don't think for me. I like to do that for myself. leftofcool Jul 2016 #227
The point is that she's not being supportive sunnystarr Jul 2016 #263
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #285
Did Jane say Hillary was a crook? yurbud Jul 2016 #294
That's nice. Brickbat Jul 2016 #2
She just won't fucking give up, will she? Hey Janie, speaking of accountability, where.... George II Jul 2016 #3
When Hillary releases her speeches. Red Knight Jul 2016 #72
+1000 LiberalLovinLug Jul 2016 #85
Hey - they dont need "us"..who the fuck do they think needs to join the "revolution" next to keep it pkdu Jul 2016 #112
Hillary promised to release her speeches when Trump released his taxes ConservativeDemocrat Jul 2016 #116
She also promised to release them when Sanders and all occupants of the clown car released theirs. merrily Jul 2016 #183
Sanders never released his taxes either ConservativeDemocrat Jul 2016 #235
He's not a nominee. merrily Jul 2016 #240
I think she should press the point about Trump's tax returns.. ConservativeDemocrat Jul 2016 #242
IMO, Trump will have to produce his tax returns anyway. merrily Jul 2016 #244
I doubt Trump will *ever* release his taxes ConservativeDemocrat Jul 2016 #247
plenty of wiggle room there. OwlinAZ Jul 2016 #216
No wiggle room at all ConservativeDemocrat Jul 2016 #236
Time for the Sanders brownshirt wing to stop with the nonsense JoFerret Jul 2016 #206
I think the rest of the country holds every President responsible not a group with demosincebirth Jul 2016 #264
The best way to keep BS supporters in the fold is to assure them that their concerns... thesquanderer Jul 2016 #91
Some good points but JNelson6563 Jul 2016 #278
Democrats should be able to discuss the pros and cons of her strategy... thesquanderer Jul 2016 #281
Yes, yes, I know. JNelson6563 Jul 2016 #282
Of course you can feel however you want about the situation in general, but we are talking about... thesquanderer Jul 2016 #284
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #111
Riiight. Because Bernie is the unfaithful type. Give me a break. merrily Jul 2016 #184
We will never give up. Thank you :) grahamhgreen Jul 2016 #178
Why should he release his tax returns now? He didn't get the nom. merrily Jul 2016 #181
As someone who,supported Bernie and his progressive ideas adigal Jul 2016 #198
Just like people did with Obama in 2009? Within two weeks (a few days for some) he was being... George II Jul 2016 #223
See, LeFleur1 Jul 2016 #241
The fact that civics is no DemonGoddess Jul 2016 #253
Some high schools offer it as an elective. Mine did. Sand Rat Expat Jul 2016 #266
What's wrong with holding ALL our candidates accountable for promises they make? It only makes sense or else our votes are worthless. InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2016 #276
Nothing, but holding them accountable with a chip on one's shoulder, as Jane is doing.... George II Jul 2016 #279
Well, I'm going to hold Jane and Bernie accountable for getting us majorities in Congress. n/t pnwmom Jul 2016 #4
Oh, I get it. Because Jane and Bernie are the nominees AllyCat Jul 2016 #95
It's as logical as Jane pretending that Hillary can force Congress to do her bidding. n/t pnwmom Jul 2016 #96
It's not forcing Congress to do your bidding. It's staying true to policy promises that have been highprincipleswork Jul 2016 #101
No President can keep policy promises without a cooperative Congress. n/t pnwmom Jul 2016 #110
Ummm sorry, that's wrong. lapfog_1 Jul 2016 #115
You are right. A President can veto legislation. But a President cannot legislate. n/t pnwmom Jul 2016 #117
Not literally. But New Deal and Great Society legislation, the Civil Rights Act, ACA and others merrily Jul 2016 #179
Both President Roosevelt and Johnson had huuuuge Democratic majorities in both Houses of Congress to FreeStateDemocrat Jul 2016 #214
While *almost* technically true, your post is deceptively overly simplified. merrily Jul 2016 #224
ACA was passed with Democratic majorities in both Houses of Congress. Certainly it starts with a FreeStateDemocrat Jul 2016 #232
Not sure why you are repeating points from your Post 214. My Reply 224 addressed those points and merrily Jul 2016 #245
VERY wrong. Some of the most profound changes in the US originated with the Oval Office. merrily Jul 2016 #185
It's called "the bully pulpit" for a reason. I suppose LBJ had nothing to do with Civil Rights highprincipleswork Jul 2016 #174
We didn't have the "Hastert rule" in those days. People routinely made deals across party lines. pnwmom Jul 2016 #175
Excuses, excuses, excuses. She can live up to her word or not. highprincipleswork Jul 2016 #180
She, unlike Trump, isn't stupid enough to think "I alone can fix this." She needs us pnwmom Jul 2016 #191
Many people pretend the practical realities of a bureaucracy and party opposition are "an excuse." LanternWaste Aug 2016 #298
People still make deals across party lines, as did Sanders and McCain did with vets' legislation. merrily Jul 2016 #186
Is doing so a statistical standard? LanternWaste Aug 2016 #299
It's why pork was so critical sunnystarr Jul 2016 #257
That's true. Pork did serve a purpose. n/t pnwmom Jul 2016 #259
JFK too. Contrary to some, he had started work and negotiation on the Civil Rights Act but got shot. merrily Jul 2016 #188
More than only bullying. Writing bills. Arm twisting one legislator at a time. Executive Orders. merrily Jul 2016 #190
The new Dick Morris SirBrockington Jul 2016 #121
So we CAN't count on Hillary's promises, because Congress? Beartracks Jul 2016 #187
Hillary adopted much of Bernie's "pie-in-the-sky" agenda to unify the party. pnwmom Jul 2016 #193
This is how Republicans like Ronald Reagan get insane shit thru and Democrats settle for leftovers. highprincipleswork Jul 2016 #270
The Democrats don't follow Hastert's rule -- Republicans do. Democrats, OTOH, pnwmom Jul 2016 #271
Guess you don't like power much. highprincipleswork Jul 2016 #272
I don't like autocrats, no, I don't. n/t pnwmom Jul 2016 #273
Nobody's talking "autocrats". But I would say this ---- highprincipleswork Jul 2016 #274
Any President who thinks he can do it all alone is an autocrat. Hillary can't do it pnwmom Jul 2016 #275
And if we get 4 years of Trump SirBrockington Jul 2016 #105
Same here MelSC Jul 2016 #114
Well that's the strategy.Just get mad and blame them newthinking Jul 2016 #233
I have a confession to make... MelSC Jul 2016 #269
Holding our elected officials to their promises 'runs up their negatives' FailureToCommunicate Jul 2016 #144
LOL! No, that would be Hillary's coat tails. merrily Jul 2016 #182
+1 uponit7771 Jul 2016 #194
Thank you Jane. Thank you Bernie. zentrum Jul 2016 #5
+1 bekkilyn Jul 2016 #8
+1 ClairDiamond Jul 2016 #9
+ 1 LiberalLovinLug Jul 2016 #119
Oy BeyondGeography Jul 2016 #6
Please go away. stopbush Jul 2016 #7
He was booed repeatedly, how does than translate into 'support and trust'? procon Jul 2016 #10
Who was booed??! What convention were YOU watching? WinkyDink Jul 2016 #289
Please. Use the Google before asking any more uniformed questions. nt procon Jul 2016 #292
Whatever. nt Maven Jul 2016 #11
Now Jane finally has time to find the tax returns. lapucelle Jul 2016 #12
We're not supposed to keep fighting the primaries. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #20
I'm not fighting the primaries. lapucelle Jul 2016 #48
apparently the jury is though Skittles Jul 2016 #127
! Adsos Letter Jul 2016 #165
I'm not following your point, but I'm glad that we agree lapucelle Jul 2016 #225
Sanders's unequivocal endorsement of Hillary signaled a true end to the primary fights. lapucelle Jul 2016 #234
I'm going to hold Jane Sanders accountable for the Burlington College students LisaM Jul 2016 #13
This. People who live n glass houses and all... lunamagica Jul 2016 #53
Absolutely the first! BlueMTexpat Jul 2016 #64
^^^^^ (nt) LongtimeAZDem Jul 2016 #74
Ouch Stuckinthebush Jul 2016 #140
People who worked with madaboutharry Jul 2016 #14
That's no surprise BuddhaGirl Jul 2016 #89
Don't know about that, but she does tavernier Jul 2016 #93
Sounds like Hill OwlinAZ Jul 2016 #218
Put it to bed, give it up, Jane bucolic_frolic Jul 2016 #15
This is a great point I've seen over the past few days, and I agree. phylny Jul 2016 #71
Yeah it will be anyone's fault but clinton and the dnc That Guy 888 Jul 2016 #195
The party would be in worse shape in the public's mind bucolic_frolic Jul 2016 #201
Usurper? Wait a minute I thought implying "Queen Hillary" was verbotten. That Guy 888 Jul 2016 #260
Yes it is OwlinAZ Jul 2016 #219
Ya Jane the defunct college thanks your accountability too. misterhighwasted Jul 2016 #16
You LOST, just as did Cruz, Bush, Rubio, Kasich, et al.. LOSERS DO NOT GET TO DICTATE. WinkyDink Jul 2016 #17
Yeah, how silly to try to hold a politician to her promises. Scuba Jul 2016 #23
Completely outrageous!! Accountability? Next thing you'll be demanding transparency!! PoutrageFatigue Jul 2016 #38
Yeah, transparency! Like they releasing their tax returns... lunamagica Jul 2016 #57
Is that a requirement? PoutrageFatigue Jul 2016 #83
It's tradition, and every candidate who wants to be open, TRASPARENT and has nothing to hide lunamagica Jul 2016 #87
Nope. It's traditional for the NOMINEEs, not the candidates. truebluegreen Jul 2016 #167
Have you forgotten that he promised to release them in April? lunamagica Jul 2016 #169
Post removed Post removed Aug 2016 #296
Blows my fucking mind. pangaia Jul 2016 #50
Its not Bernie. Its the hypocrisy of Jane Sanders. misterhighwasted Jul 2016 #66
+1 Red Knight Jul 2016 #73
Yes, holding hillary to her word is a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad thing adigal Jul 2016 #202
Absolutely. pangaia Jul 2016 #230
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #288
I will hold her accountable too bluestateguy Jul 2016 #18
Well said Jane. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #19
Whatever you say wysi Jul 2016 #21
I'm fine with that. See you in December, Jane. nt geek tragedy Jul 2016 #22
When shouldn't elected officials be accountable? It should be obvious. floriduck Jul 2016 #24
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #80
Pure bullshit!! Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2016 #98
I can't believe I just read that. greatauntoftriplets Jul 2016 #118
Jane isn't saying anything unusual, although she might think she is. Koinos Jul 2016 #25
How much Sanders campaigns for HRC is also her decision. Eric J in MN Jul 2016 #277
I know I'll get smoked for saying this but I'll say it anyway... Still In Wisconsin Jul 2016 #26
I don't think it's that.... LisaM Jul 2016 #31
Yeah, I see that. Maybe overplaying her hand a bit. n/t Still In Wisconsin Jul 2016 #34
It seems as though her hand... wysi Jul 2016 #43
Nah she's at least got a pair... Still In Wisconsin Jul 2016 #69
If she was playing Euchre wysi Jul 2016 #124
Ahh Euchre... Still In Wisconsin Jul 2016 #141
Does it HAVE To be said? stopbush Jul 2016 #131
A lot of posters here get really pissed off when activist try to hold Democrats accountable. That Guy 888 Jul 2016 #197
Agreed. GreenPartyVoter Jul 2016 #215
I'm sure her heart is in the right place... Blanks Jul 2016 #27
I may be totally naive but... Still In Wisconsin Jul 2016 #36
You could be right... Blanks Jul 2016 #42
Sorry but no. That Guy 888 Jul 2016 #200
I'm a clothespin Hillary voter, Kaine almost ended that for me adigal Jul 2016 #203
Lol, and we rip the GOP for being judgemental. Lobo27 Jul 2016 #28
Great! We should all hold our elected officials accountable. Gore1FL Jul 2016 #29
Who's going to hold Jane accountable for running Burlington College into the ground? jmowreader Jul 2016 #30
Perhaps the citizens of Vermont, or the members of that college district? Raster Jul 2016 #46
What does Burlington College have to do with this? pangaia Jul 2016 #58
do the Sanders work for Donald, or are they just donating thier time to get him elected? olddad56 Jul 2016 #32
Operationally, this means street protests in DC if/when ... philly_bob Jul 2016 #33
And... wysi Jul 2016 #44
Well, now I can feel confident after reading your statement. chwaliszewski Jul 2016 #77
You're thinking of the republican candidate wysi Jul 2016 #122
I was sarcastically responding to your proclamation that... chwaliszewski Jul 2016 #157
It would be more appropriate if she had waited til after the convention to say all this. n/t patricia92243 Jul 2016 #35
Why? OwlinAZ Jul 2016 #217
Stop...Really...Just Stop Me. Jul 2016 #37
Why is it Dems are the only group that must be accountable for the way government runs? Rex Jul 2016 #39
In no small part because the TeaPubLieKLANs are anti government loons TheKentuckian Jul 2016 #287
Jane who? NurseJackie Jul 2016 #40
This message was self-deleted by its author David__77 Jul 2016 #82
Fair enough. That's what we do, hold politicians accountable. Crappy timing though emulatorloo Jul 2016 #41
exactly - this is not controversial, but the timing... sucks 0rganism Jul 2016 #47
"is there a Democrat who doesn't want President Clinton to uphold the Democratic platform?" Yes! That Guy 888 Jul 2016 #207
Good. We need to hold our leaders accountable.n/t TDale313 Jul 2016 #45
The people bashing Jane in this thread need to stop. Odin2005 Jul 2016 #49
Well... first they need to actually be in elective office. nt DURHAM D Jul 2016 #51
Go away Jane. giftedgirl77 Jul 2016 #52
Should Hillary follow through on her commitments and promises? think Jul 2016 #56
I'm sure you are referring to releasing tax returns giftedgirl77 Jul 2016 #149
Thank you for staying on topic. Hope you have a nice night. think Jul 2016 #150
It has become traditional for presidential NOMINEES truebluegreen Jul 2016 #166
Lol, it's also traditional for losers to shut up & go away after. giftedgirl77 Jul 2016 #208
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #54
Say what? "Fat faces"? theaocp Jul 2016 #65
This is what I told Bernie supporters to do way back when UMTerp01 Jul 2016 #55
Thanks for your comments. David__77 Jul 2016 #86
LOL at those getting defensive. retrowire Jul 2016 #59
Well, said! Lars39 Jul 2016 #76
but they AREN'T *all held accountable* Skittles Jul 2016 #128
You're living in a bubble if you believe that. retrowire Jul 2016 #148
it's nowhere near the level of Hillary Skittles Jul 2016 #151
Baloney! I'm very disappointed in Obama for continued attacks adigal Jul 2016 #205
LOLOL Skittles Jul 2016 #268
I'm holding her accountable for my huge headache. n/t NNadir Jul 2016 #60
Hey, wait a sec! rock Jul 2016 #61
Great Jane. Rustyeye77 Jul 2016 #62
hillary is human, we will wish to hold her accountable and she mostly will be but sometimes..... msongs Jul 2016 #63
Jane, you're playing a game you never can win. johnp3907 Jul 2016 #67
I like the message, though, as some have pointed out theaocp Jul 2016 #68
The timing is fine LiberalLovinLug Jul 2016 #103
+1 hereforthevoting Jul 2016 #192
The Ministry Of Holding Their Feet To The Fire CentralMass Jul 2016 #70
Good Arazi Jul 2016 #75
Go do your taxes Jane. n/t Lil Missy Jul 2016 #78
Jane go home and fix those tax returns I feel an audit coming on..... Historic NY Jul 2016 #79
What do her taxes have to do with this? David__77 Jul 2016 #84
Thank you Jane Sanders. David__77 Jul 2016 #81
Why does this make my blood boil? Politicub Jul 2016 #88
It shouldn't democrattotheend Jul 2016 #256
Jane Sanders needs to be held accountable for the thousands of defrauded students Tarc Jul 2016 #92
As it should be. Thanks Jane! jalan48 Jul 2016 #94
Fair enough; I continue to hold Sanders accountable for actions of his minions (nt) LongtimeAZDem Jul 2016 #97
Stupid comparison democrattotheend Jul 2016 #145
Sanders' own actions, and inaction, are why his rank and file are acting the way they are (nt) LongtimeAZDem Jul 2016 #155
It was fostered and allowed to continue unabated basically until Monday morning. SirBrockington Jul 2016 #159
It was not 50/50 democrattotheend Jul 2016 #160
No, if it was because of Sanders actions, it would have gone away with his endorsement. That Guy 888 Jul 2016 #204
It was out of control long before the endorsement finally came LongtimeAZDem Jul 2016 #229
Which people"observed that the Senator had let things get out of hand", the DNC that backed Clinton? That Guy 888 Jul 2016 #258
The gig was up when he said he's known her 25 years SirBrockington Jul 2016 #99
I wish we could have held Obama accountable. ozone_man Jul 2016 #100
More bullshit!! Ask yourself WHY Obama Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2016 #107
I think Obama had both houses of Congress to start. ozone_man Jul 2016 #126
President Obama has accomplished an amazing amount in his years in office csziggy Jul 2016 #138
I think that's way exaggerated adigal Jul 2016 #209
Good for her wallyworld2 Jul 2016 #102
a perfectly reasonable attitude that Sander's detractors have failed to stupidicus Jul 2016 #104
The mean spirited attitude of so many posters here is really rather frightening GeoWilliam750 Jul 2016 #106
Oh please! The person who posted this thread Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2016 #113
Is this post supposed to make me want to become an enthusiastic Hillary supporter? GeoWilliam750 Jul 2016 #120
I really don't give a damn. This is a free Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2016 #129
+1 SirBrockington Jul 2016 #147
Sounds like you're holding out for something. Demit Jul 2016 #146
One might think that courtesy and decency would be a good start for unifying the party GeoWilliam750 Jul 2016 #168
Williams point made LiberalLovinLug Jul 2016 #123
I'm not licking rabid Sanders fans who cant Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2016 #130
Alrighty then LiberalLovinLug Jul 2016 #134
Posting this snark crap does not help matters Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2016 #135
I just shake my head adigal Jul 2016 #212
Agreed GummyBearz Jul 2016 #237
It's hard to fathom and best ignored. OwlinAZ Jul 2016 #220
Indeed. Wednesdays Jul 2016 #238
sad enid602 Jul 2016 #108
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #109
LOL Skittles Jul 2016 #125
How is this controversial to anyone? AZ Mike Jul 2016 #132
Holding our elected representatives (including president) accountable Martin Eden Jul 2016 #133
There is nothing wrong with... Mike Nelson Jul 2016 #136
We should hold the Bernie accountable for berniebusters?..., beachbumbob Jul 2016 #137
Yes, as citizens in a democracy, we all should. The level of bile and anger on this thread is FailureToCommunicate Jul 2016 #139
Bernie supporters need mirrors. WinkyDink Jul 2016 #290
I would expect nothing less democrattotheend Jul 2016 #142
I think what she is saying hollowdweller Jul 2016 #143
key word "after" DonCoquixote Jul 2016 #152
I regret my primary vote for oswaldactedalone Jul 2016 #153
it was evident to many of us long ago Skittles Jul 2016 #154
How old are you? OwlinAZ Jul 2016 #221
If you're referring to me oswaldactedalone Jul 2016 #265
What was petty about what she said? democrattotheend Jul 2016 #254
You are the spoiled brat and a vulgar brat to boot. OwlinAZ Jul 2016 #286
Peace to you oswaldactedalone Jul 2016 #293
You know a lot of Bernie supporters are kacekwl Jul 2016 #156
Shouldn't we all hold her accountable to,her promises? Philly-Union-Man Jul 2016 #158
That is how I read it as well democrattotheend Jul 2016 #255
Sour grapes, special on aisle 3 joeybee12 Jul 2016 #161
Dear Lord...how is this even controversial?! WIProgressive88 Jul 2016 #162
It is not controversial. This site is overrun by the immature. OwlinAZ Jul 2016 #222
Well Jane mercuryblues Jul 2016 #163
Yawn That Guy 888 Jul 2016 #210
As we all should dflprincess Jul 2016 #164
Am I on FR? JesterCS Jul 2016 #170
There are a few on here that remind me of bush's dead-enders. Loyal from begining to the end. n/t That Guy 888 Jul 2016 #211
This place has become infested by trolls LiberalLovinLug Jul 2016 #246
Keep talking… unitedwethrive Jul 2016 #171
As We All Should colsohlibgal Jul 2016 #172
Sure that's fine. apnu Jul 2016 #173
Yeah, that's great, Jane. NanceGreggs Jul 2016 #176
Jane Sanders better look over her shoulder. RandySF Jul 2016 #189
Go away already. JoFerret Jul 2016 #196
June 7? onenote Jul 2016 #199
We should all do our best GulfCoast66 Jul 2016 #213
Time to drop it. If Sanders supporters aren't on board now, they will never be. tonyt53 Jul 2016 #226
Absolutely hold the Clinton admin accountable. We all should. This is serious business. judesedit Jul 2016 #228
The divide here remains deep, and it doesn't bode well True Dough Jul 2016 #231
Your hand-wringing is noted. Wednesdays Jul 2016 #239
What is that? True Dough Jul 2016 #249
It's a gutless, passive-aggressive way of calling you a troll. QC Jul 2016 #251
That's what I figured True Dough Jul 2016 #252
I, too, will be holding Clinton accountable. bigwillq Jul 2016 #243
And that's only fair. Republican obstruction not withstanding of course, which is why it is so vital OnDoutside Jul 2016 #248
Hear! Hear! Raster Jul 2016 #250
Same. And I expect Bernie will hold her accountable too democrattotheend Aug 2016 #297
Maybe I'm naive Mellomugwump Jul 2016 #261
And another thing... Mellomugwump Jul 2016 #262
Great post! athena Jul 2016 #267
This message was self-deleted by its author Mellomugwump Jul 2016 #280
Nothing wrong with that. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #283
Obama had "The Audacity of Hope." Jane has "The Arrogance of Defeat." Sick of this "HRC better....or WinkyDink Jul 2016 #291
"Trust but verify," as Reagan said, and he's someone DLCers criticize as rarely as they praise FDR yurbud Jul 2016 #295
Just curious, how does she intend to do this? hughee99 Aug 2016 #300
I would love to see Jane Sanders and Hillary Clinton speaking to each other bluedye33139 Aug 2016 #301
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