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7. GOP = "Gang Of Plagiarizers"
Tue Jul 19, 2016, 09:52 AM
Jul 2016
Asked whether it constituted plagiarism, Priebus said: “I don’t have a view yet, but I may later this morning.”

His view? "Voters quickly forget what a (wo)man says."*

*[font size="1"]Richard Nixon
I didn't notice but one thing- She was having trouble reading the teleprompters snooper2 Jul 2016 #1
Teleprompters take some getting used to. B2G Jul 2016 #2
Oh she didn't write any of that herself... Looked like she speed read it maybe twice snooper2 Jul 2016 #4
Last night on NBC Setsuna1972 Jul 2016 #27
Dream on. nt B2G Jul 2016 #28
I think Scott Baio's going to take the fall for this underpants Jul 2016 #29
Or the ((Donald) Duck Dynasty guy who preceded Baio... 63splitwindow Jul 2016 #31
Well Melania said she wrote the speech to Matt Lauer. Botany Jul 2016 #5
I think she said that before all hell broke loose. Laurian Jul 2016 #6
Yes, that is true but that makes it all the more damning Botany Jul 2016 #9
Um, exactly alcibiades_mystery Jul 2016 #10
Yes she did. Obviously, Donald's gotta fire her. KeepItReal Jul 2016 #12
She said she wrote it skepticscott Jul 2016 #21
GOP = "Gang Of Plagiarizers" KansDem Jul 2016 #7
So they should fire Melania? I go for that. LiberalFighter Jul 2016 #8
You're assuming Trophy #4 skepticscott Jul 2016 #22
The speechwriter bucolic_frolic Jul 2016 #11
Don't worry, Melania Trump will probably be fired after Donald fails miserably in November LynneSin Jul 2016 #13
Now you're just being silly. bluedigger Jul 2016 #14
Donald to get Hope and exChange Melania for that Hick press secretary (27 yo Hope Hicks). . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2016 #19
Yep. She's 46 and her face is so botoxed she can barely blink. nt SunSeeker Jul 2016 #25
Mr. Priebus may have stepped in it if Melania did indeed write the speech. yellowcanine Jul 2016 #15
Well....... duh!!!! Initech Jul 2016 #16
Earth to Priebus: SHE SAID SHE WROTE IT secondwind Jul 2016 #17
Yes, but if the speechwriter had done a better job her lie would never have come out groundloop Jul 2016 #20
You can't fire Melania. nt bemildred Jul 2016 #18
You gotta understand she dropped out of college after one year. She does not have a degree. rladdi Jul 2016 #23
Hey, I dropped out of college after one year, and I haven't plagiarized a First Lady yet! truthisfreedom Jul 2016 #24
And not just some lowly speechwriter. Rethugs need to reince their priebus. forest444 Jul 2016 #26
Fire Priebus... Blanks Jul 2016 #30
I think it was an inside job TexasBushwhacker Jul 2016 #32
I think is was a guarantee of payment sofa king Jul 2016 #33
That makes perfect sense! n/t TexasBushwhacker Jul 2016 #34
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