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Furious GOP lashes out at FBI [View all] DonViejo Jul 2016 OP
Ow! Ow! Ow! TheCowsCameHome Jul 2016 #1
At what point do Republics just admit........ Jack from Charlotte Jul 2016 #14
God dammit, you're right, Jack PJMcK Jul 2016 #22
Hahahaha! I like that. brush Jul 2016 #26
Is it about being smart, Chicago1980 Jul 2016 #37
LOL lamp_shade Jul 2016 #18
Nothing like being admonished by Eddie Munster Chasstev365 Jul 2016 #2
You win! That's hysterical, Chasstev365! (n/t) PJMcK Jul 2016 #23
be warned (and entertained)... 63splitwindow Jul 2016 #3
LOL! Gman Jul 2016 #5
Ryan is a career politician who endorsed the bigot Trump (He is not a lawyer either) riversedge Jul 2016 #4
I understand Rice and Powell did the same thing? left-of-center2012 Jul 2016 #6
How about the 22 million missing Wellstone ruled Jul 2016 #7
How about prosecuting thise two for war crimes? apcalc Jul 2016 #28
Well yeah, just a little. Bit. Exactly. The. Same. Thing. truthisfreedom Jul 2016 #33
a song for them MFM008 Jul 2016 #8
Noooooo expressing anger and disbelief Person 2713 Jul 2016 #9
LOL, being smacked down on two bullshit scandals Skittles Jul 2016 #10
Some extremist left moonbats are, too. eom MohRokTah Jul 2016 #11
Sounds like the GOP needs my butthurt reporint form again 47of74 Jul 2016 #12
LOL!!! Third Doctor Jul 2016 #36
With an elephant as a symbol for the party, they sure have no memory or benld74 Jul 2016 #13
LOL--they thought the fix was in, that "their guy" would "see to it." MADem Jul 2016 #15
NO REASONABLE PROSECUTOR is right meow2u3 Jul 2016 #20
In his own way, Ryan bucolic_frolic Jul 2016 #16
Splodey headz splode!!!1111 jpak Jul 2016 #17
Wonder if Caribu Barbie invents those words or just picks them up from her grandkids? brush Jul 2016 #27
The idot rhetoric from the GOP Jeb Bartlet Jul 2016 #19
So....they're pissed because the FBI didn't file charges Jazzgirl Jul 2016 #21
And all I have to say to Comey is, mountain grammy Jul 2016 #24
nothing more than a witch hunt , allways has, allways will. allan01 Jul 2016 #25
tRump enid602 Jul 2016 #29
oh yeah! IronLionZion Jul 2016 #30
Am I the only on who thinks it's a bad idea to disrespect the FBI? I mean.... Moonwalk Jul 2016 #31
This will come back to haunt them. DCBob Jul 2016 #32
Cheney exposed a covert CIA agent fbc Jul 2016 #34
Abso-freaking-lutely stopwastingmymoney Jul 2016 #42
The entire Republican Party puts our National Security AT RISK! vkkv Jul 2016 #35
And how is that Obama lawsuit coming along? Zambero Jul 2016 #38
I like to remind GOPers that her next house will also have a private email server in the basement. LonePirate Jul 2016 #39
Time for the... BadGimp Jul 2016 #40
Not to worry they will bring the matter up again at the beginning of Impeachment Hearings against Monk06 Jul 2016 #41
K&R.. too bad for those lashing out @ gop. Cha Jul 2016 #43
But GWB having a private email account was okay. Jazzgirl Jul 2016 #44
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