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sofa king

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23. How about let's profile Presidential candidates, eh?
Sun Jun 19, 2016, 11:34 PM
Jun 2016

No narcissists, histrionics, or sociopaths running for President or Vice President.

That would have ruled out Trump, George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney and Mitt Romney.

Toss in dementia and we could cross off Reagan and maybe Trump twice over.

Plus people might forget to wear it so maybe they should add a numbered tatoo on their arms? cstanleytech Jun 2016 #1
You know, it just makes sense to so. Fantastic Anarchist Jun 2016 #6
Just to be safe. IrishEyes Jun 2016 #11
Executive Order 9066: The President Authorizes Japanese Relocation oberliner Jun 2016 #20
Yes, I am very much aware of that terrible part of our history. IrishEyes Jun 2016 #22
During the Holocaust, concentration camp prisoners received tattoos only at one location oberliner Jun 2016 #19
Its common sense to profile orange fake rich guys, the are a clear and present danger to our country winstars Jun 2016 #2
Do these idiots think "Islam" is a race? Jesus Christ. Odin2005 Jun 2016 #3
Well, for right-wingers who happen to not know much ... Fantastic Anarchist Jun 2016 #7
I know an Assyrian Christian guy from Iraq... Odin2005 Jun 2016 #8
Jeez ... Fantastic Anarchist Jun 2016 #9
Yeah. 47of74 Jun 2016 #13
We might want to... ReRe Jun 2016 #4
Well, the concept has never really been tried before ... Fantastic Anarchist Jun 2016 #5
More similar to what FDR did with Japanese-Americans oberliner Jun 2016 #21
Wee Little Donnie bucolic_frolic Jun 2016 #10
How about we profile bigots of all sorts instead? uppityperson Jun 2016 #12
Bullshit he hates the idea of profiling. 47of74 Jun 2016 #14
Kicking you in your ballsack is common sense too, shitwad. n/t BlueStater Jun 2016 #15
Sensible profiling would start off with no gun sales to or possession by males. They do the killing Shrike47 Jun 2016 #16
Donnie Dipshit farts out more turds of wisdom. His followers orgasm as the sound Feeling the Bern Jun 2016 #17
America needs profiling of Muslims as much as it needs Donald Trump for President. n/t Little Tich Jun 2016 #18
How about let's profile Presidential candidates, eh? sofa king Jun 2016 #23
He's an ass. Why can't we profile stupid assholes? SummerSnow Jun 2016 #24
Maybe Republicans can make their donald use some of his russian hacker services on American citizens Sunlei Jun 2016 #25
Maybe He Will Propose That They Be Tatooed Like During WWII Germany TomCADem Jun 2016 #26
Really? Trump has never been within private-jet-flying distance of 'common sense'. Aristus Jun 2016 #27
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