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Tue Jun 12, 2012, 08:13 PM

41. happyslug


Your insight in how things have changed, by the way Secret Service protect the President is insightfully (I refuse to call it is the SS, as it sounds to like Schutzstaffel, the black uniformed Police of the Nazi-Germany, and I found it insulting, from this side of the pound )

It is sad, if no President since Harry Truman have been able to walk on the streets as a commoner, without to much protective service around him.. But then Harry Truman was maybe the last president to be known to stand up to the "Power behind every throne" and win out on it.. As he did when MacArthur tried to intimidate the president in the Korea war - and got fired for it.. (he was given pensions, and all the glory he could hold, but in fact he was fired, both as the commanding general in the Korea war, but also as a active officer in the US armed forces) And maybe one of the last president, who was not afraid of talking plainspoken, to the real powers in the world. Even though it hurt the ones who get hammered.. He was a child of the 1920s and 1930s - and had been the vice-president of FDR.. Even though I doubt he know the full idea about FDRs every move from time to time (He had no idea about the nuclear bomb before he got into office as the president - as FDR decided it was best not for Truman to know about it, if the bomb failed) And had a distastefully attitude about the rich class in the US.. But he was not a friend of the Stalin either - and hardheaded and stubborn acted against the influence of the USSR in the West European theater (he was known to be a man of furious anger, and it sometimes was blowing over, specially because of the "arrogance" Stalin sometimes was showing the few times they appeared together As under the Potsdam conference in 1946... Truman was no push over - and was clearly not the same as FDR had been, something that got Stalin confused many times, because he believed he could play the new american president, the same way he had been playing with FDR, and got a red nose for it Stalin was a shessplayer - where Truman was a elephant in a store full of china.. It never ended good when the two was in the same room But thankfully neither of them had the nuclear weapon available to nuke the other... US had use their nuclear weapons - and Soviet got their, in 1949.. And in 1946, everyone was to tired to start a new war. But Harry Truman was maybe never liked by anyone - but he was respected by some - many others doesn't liked him at all. Mostly because he made a few rules and laws, that specially in the south would make a buzz.. Like the fact that black should have the same right in the army as white (a rule more in the theory, than in reality as it would take years, or decades before black would get the same rights - and duties as a white. - and have maybe even getting more respect as more of his time has been known outside of the government.. He was really an interesting man in many way.. Stubborn - and most of all, born dirt poor, and worked his way up, from poor, to the United States of America - men before him, and most of them after him, was already at least one million dollar rich - many many times over.. It was maybe one of the reasons he was stubborn and not willing to be nice.. And he was also one of the few presidents - who was stubborn and strong willed enough to treated to cut off funding of the Central Intelligence Agency, who on his watch (in 1950) just weeks before the Inter-Korean war, had told pretty public that the Korean Pennsylvania would remain calm and secure.. And just weeks after the North Korean army was marshing south and trying it best to conquering the whole of Korea.. To say that Truman was furious was not to put it to kindly, and he was in the mood to disband the whole CIA, after a fight with the top leaders in CIA.... But that never happend...

The little i know of about Eisenhower, look like a man who had a very hands off on government governance - as long as they did their best - he could do the big things - like playing golf when the monstrous Vietnam War was in its infancy, and taking a nap now and then... But on the other side, when he was President, the "golden age" in the US started - more and more could buy the applications that made life so much easy - like a washing machine (who in the 1950s and 1960s was some of a novelty) and more and more americans could own their own house - buy their own cars, and travel a lot more than they had being doing for decades, maybe in the time of the United States... For americans alike, the future looked bright - and for the war torn Europe (as I have been told by family members who traveled to US in the 1950s and 1960s) the US was an advanced, rich nation, where you could buy almost everything. In most of europe most things was in short supply, or outright rationalized - as most nations in europe needed the hard currency to buy things to repair, and rebuild what was bombed under the war - even though Europe was good underway to be ok by the 1955... In the US you could go into a store and buy everything from a coffee set, to a house.... But Eisenhower was a world war two hero, and had the respect of most people - even the opponent in the Kremlin.. And he was "adored" in West Europa, thanks to the end of the world war - and the Marshall plan where US was giving free, or subsidized loans to the different nations - so they could be able to feed their population, and rebuild far faster than it would have been able to do, if not the Marshall plan had been there... And it also cemented the US as the dominate part in Europe up today (in the form of NATO and so one)

In the modern times, LBJ is maybe one of my "favorite" President - even though he also is a man with a lot of conflicting inner life, and maybe also a person I somehow recognize as a man who have some evil demons inside himself - who he had to control with a iron will. And he was unlucky enough to heritage the Vietnam War - a war he was against - and also wanted a wa to get out of, but he doesn't had the same balls as the late Kennedy, to tell the generals to stuff it.. JFK got famous, because he told the Chief of Staff to stuff it, when ti came to the Cuban Missile Crisis - where the generals wanted a nuclear solution.. And where the President was not in agreement with the generals - and never trusted them.. LBJ is maybe known as a rather unpopular and depressive President - as he was not popular by so many... An unpopular war are never getting a head of state any credit - even when he on the home front was maybe one of the greatest President the US have had.... I think LBJ as a little tragically man, a man who wanted to do the right thing, but always had to fight on many fronts at one time.. And was not able to do the fight against any of the front hard enough... But he was lucky enough to not have the Tea Party, or the Republicans of today to fight against... Then he would have broke totally down, and shot himself in the Oval Office...
The history of about he got his dog is a kind one, and show a man who might be more friendly than we know... But he had a distrust for the humans - I can understand as I have many of the same feelings about others... A dog love you without any reservations, and I guess the dog, was the best medicine the man could be given... You can talk to a dog, you can cry in the fur of a dog, you can get comfort just looking at the eyes on a dog... And a dog will NEVER tell others, what you have told them. Not even to the other dogs...

President Reagan had health problems from the start - he was over 70 year when he was elected - and even then, it was signs that not everything was well with the grand old man.. And after he was shot, it took a long time before he was up to speed on most things. A long period in fact the US was without a president - and the vice president was never really told how bad things was - before he got better and could take the reign again.. Even when it was shown a President who worked from bed - and who often was shown in a hospital window, it was clearly that the man was in very, very bad shape - (even though it was not known then, but the inner circle was absolutely clear about how bad it really was) And after he got well, enough to come back to the White House, he never got back to the "normal" Reagen. Even the First lady, have stated that he never got to the god old Reagan, but was in far worse health than before he got shot.. For a man who was 70 year when he got elected, the strain of being a President would be hard to bear, for far younger men than him.. But thanks to good advisor's (or sort of good advisor's) and a press who more or less treated the man with royal respect, he got by for 8 year - got elected twice, and could go down the sunset, as a grand old man, who had doing the world a great service - by working with the USSR to put a lot of the nuclear weapons out of commission (he was contriction to everyones belief, scared to hell about the possibility of a nuclear exchange in private - and the election of mr Gorbatsjev - and the possibility to get rid of nuclear weapons was absolutely something he could, and would jump on if possible - a lot of the nuclear weapons the US had (and USSR) was also starting to getting old - and either they had to be replaced, or get rid of - he choose to get rid of them - and the same did USSR thankfully) Even when he in public was a cold war soldiers as everyone else on the right - and had a economical policy, and a distastefully attitude about everyone in the US, who was not rich/or famous, that rightfully did han to some of a enemy in many eyes.. Or at least, an old, senile man who acted out the role of his life.. After all, he was a Actor - who had made some middle pictures over the years...

It is sad when security have to be so tight, that the presidents of a democratic Republic, have to be shielded from the people he/she is elected to govern . And it is also sad that they do not know about how "real people" live, or how bad things are, because the advisor's around the President wont, or is not able to tell it properly... Everyone should be able to contact with their President - to tell him how things really are. Not that everything is Okay, because the President are told so... But it looks like the US president live in a cocoon, where he is not always able to smell the roses - or to be aware about how things really is in the US.. That be democratic presidents, or republicans ones.. And the last couple of republican presidents - specially the last one, looks to doesn't care if millions of americans is in disappear.. Like when GWB had a celebration with McCain - when ten of thousands of Peopole in New Orleans was drowning, or had to flee for their life because of the flooding from the storm Catarina.. And that was just one of the many cases where GWB was just not out of touch, but way out of reality with the facts outside his own little bubble..

And that is maybe one of the reasons, the King and Queen in Norway, have not been in a bubble - even though they might live in a bubble where they are protected in a way no other is, they still have contact with the commoners they are kings and queens over.. It have being a policy going all the back 100 year when Haakon the 7 was elected King (by a vote of 95 percent, of the people eligible to vote in 1905), where the King could be contacted - and had a close contact with the people - regardless of the difference between a King and the population in Norway - who in 1905 was far more difference than the case is today!.. But the fact that the new Royals in Norway was able to settle down, and to make a future for the royal line, lasted more than 100 year show that the idea of the Norwegian royal house was a smart move. And that Haakon the 7 maybe was a greater politician than most people wanted to believe when he came to Norway.. And it was not that sure that Norway should remain a kingdom even after the election of him and his house - in fact the decades of 1905 to 1945 (where 5 he was in london UK as Norway was occupied by the germans) was a turbulent political one, where the king had to sit up on top of a edge of sharp knifes - the political strife in the Parliament, and outside was rather unpleasant, and I think he was somewhat worried about how things could end if he was falling down on one side or another.. And the fact, that a close family member, the Tsar of Imperial Russia was killed by the red... And Norway had a lot of working class people who was looking to USSR for ideas about how things should be in the future - But thankfully, it never ended in that - and in 1933 the Labour Party (AP) got into the Parliament - as the governing party, and slowly the future turned to what we have today... After WW2 it was more important to build up what was lost, than to start all over again, as it was 1940, and the world war had never happened...


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