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In a democracy, that's what would happen. dchill Mar 2016 #1
Has the President picked a nominee? nm rhett o rick Mar 2016 #2
I am looking forward to his nominee, NHprogressive Mar 2016 #3
The discussion is moot if he doesn't choose a nominee. nm rhett o rick Mar 2016 #6
You're obviously right, but I'm not sure I'm catching your meaning: NHprogressive Mar 2016 #7
Quite the contrary, I think he should nominate someone soon. The longer he waits the rhett o rick Mar 2016 #9
Ah. Got it. NHprogressive Mar 2016 #19
Yes, he needs to do that, pronto! mountain grammy Mar 2016 #4
Oh, he shall. He SHALL! sofa king Mar 2016 #12
I heard he is considering a Hispanic Female Republican and will reveal just before the election. nm rhett o rick Mar 2016 #13
It's possible. sofa king Mar 2016 #16
Dysfunction Junction......................................... turbinetree Mar 2016 #5
The GOP senate needs to do their job Gothmog Mar 2016 #8
This message was self-deleted by its author Bernardo de La Paz Mar 2016 #10
I say let 'em be dicks, and destroy them for it. sofa king Mar 2016 #11
Absolutely. Obama gets his pick and the Senate can't sit on their hands and wait it out. CTyankee Mar 2016 #14
I think nominees can be resubmitted, too. sofa king Mar 2016 #21
Amen. n/t NHprogressive Mar 2016 #20
but the Republican Senate does not represent 2/3 of Americans maxsolomon Mar 2016 #15
A big HELL YEAH! Reagan did it. Dont call me Shirley Mar 2016 #17
I want hom to nominate Sandra Day O'Connor FreedomRain Mar 2016 #18
GIVE'EM HELL PRESIDENT OBAMA! davidpdx Mar 2016 #22
So what will the political-cost be to the Republicans? n/t PoliticAverse Mar 2016 #23
As if what we think matters in this system nt LiberalElite Mar 2016 #24
US Senators are required to take the Oath of Office, I don't understand why they get a pass. n/t Umbral18 Mar 2016 #25
They swear to uphold the Constitution, then ignore it and say they're following it, clear? LastLiberal in PalmSprings Mar 2016 #26
Not worried in the least Mr. Brutus Mar 2016 #27
Come on, do you really think they care what the American people want ! Get real ! Cosmic Dancer Mar 2016 #28
Clearly the R's believe they're on the verge of oblivion unflapped Mar 2016 #29
Above all else Rethugs fear Primary Challenges, they will never hold a hearing. kairos12 Mar 2016 #30
Republicans don't care what Americans think and they're controlling it. Vinca Mar 2016 #31
Americans, phffft. Who cares what they want? When they can buy elections, the assholes valerief Mar 2016 #32
Sign Elizabeth Warren's Petition: Senate Republicans Do Your Job & Vote on Supreme Court Nominee red dog 1 Mar 2016 #33
Looking good that Pres. Sanders will be leading the charge to fill the vacancy. /nt NCjack Mar 2016 #34
So, one in three don't understand the Constitution, I guess. spooky3 Mar 2016 #35
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