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553. Why can we not speak ill of the dead when they
Sun Feb 14, 2016, 02:05 AM
Feb 2016

were the biggest douchebags in life?

Can't talk ill of the dead is one of the most assinine sayings there is - if it were true, we would not be speaking ill of Hitler, Osama, etc.

Good riddance Scalia - you are no loss to America.

Do not speak bad of the dead ....... 2nd source now confirms* Botany Feb 2016 #1
wtf. how history pivots on a dime. roguevalley Feb 2016 #15
If this is true who will tell Thomas what to do and say? Botany Feb 2016 #23
Well, it's not like he talks anyway, so that's not a problem. valerief Feb 2016 #28
Subhead: "Justice Thomas Goes Unexpectedly Mute" n/t LastLiberal in PalmSprings Feb 2016 #307
Faux is currently talking about St. Antonin wordpix Feb 2016 #502
Oh yes, I saw it on MSNBC-TV about 10 minutes ago. Cal33 Feb 2016 #173
Broke into regular coverage on CBS SCantiGOP Feb 2016 #260
Exactly!! OrwellwasRight Feb 2016 #275
one of my first thoughts, too wordpix Feb 2016 #500
Maybe still tryng to revive him Tanelorn Feb 2016 #555
Worse yet, which justice will be the one chosen to stick their hand up Thomas' butt Ikonoklast Feb 2016 #573
As of 2/21/14 it had been 8 years since Thomas has asked a question in Court Botany Feb 2016 #574
Can Obama get someone confirmed before they decide that union case? yurbud Feb 2016 #241
The GOP Senate will never allow him to confirm anyone now. It'll be post-election. nt BumRushDaShow Feb 2016 #273
Yup Gorgatron Feb 2016 #452
Yep...Mr ' one term' has spoken. nt Stellar Feb 2016 #568
It'll be post-election. AlbertCat Feb 2016 #485
He'll definitely nominate someone BumRushDaShow Feb 2016 #561
I don't think Obama will be able to get anyone confirmed period. RichVRichV Feb 2016 #288
I thought bush did a recess appointment once. n/t 8 track mind Feb 2016 #362
They no longer go into actual recess for just such a reason. RichVRichV Feb 2016 #372
Thanks! n/t 8 track mind Feb 2016 #373
Dems will retake the senate so waiting is best bjobotts Feb 2016 #460
Scary thought, though: corporate money floodgates are about to open as never before in history. JudyM Feb 2016 #490
4-4 is better than what we had with Scalia wordpix Feb 2016 #504
it does. barbtries Feb 2016 #356
CNN breaking news Jenny_92808 Feb 2016 #58
and they'd been pushing Ruth to get out PatrynXX Feb 2016 #138
She's not immortal. Crunchy Frog Feb 2016 #332
She outlived that nasty f__k so Boo Yeah!!!! nt wolfie001 Feb 2016 #341
Justices Scalia and Ginsburg were actually close friends. EL34x4 Feb 2016 #392
That's nice but I'm thinking about all of the 5-4 decisions..... wolfie001 Feb 2016 #397
We won many more important 5-4 ones than we lost Reter Feb 2016 #571
They DID strike down the most Democratic part of ObamaCare. bvar22 Feb 2016 #577
yes MariaThinks Feb 2016 #569
I trust Bernie to make the right decision on appointments to the SCOTUS. InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2016 #448
CNN and others are trying to create a clone quickly. LiberalArkie Feb 2016 #75
Bush v Gore, Citizens United, VRA rollback Adenoid_Hynkel Feb 2016 #279
You got that right! MyOwnPeace Feb 2016 #322
As a devout Catholic SCantiGOP Feb 2016 #347
Unfortunately Scalia believed that what he was doing Awknid Feb 2016 #388
So did the the 9-11 hijackers SCantiGOP Feb 2016 #450
I think he knew what he was doing was bad for the general population Unknown Beatle Feb 2016 #458
no doubt bought off, just like (many of) the rest wordpix Feb 2016 #508
I don't care how "devout" he was... tomp Feb 2016 #564
And for your penance say 1 rosary. glinda Feb 2016 #415
I will not mourn. 3catwoman3 Feb 2016 #363
:-) Dr Rise Feb 2016 #465
totally agree with you, the guy was a miserable wordpix Feb 2016 #507
Second source confirms you shouldn't speak bad of the dead? LastLiberal in PalmSprings Feb 2016 #280
OMG!!!!!!!! MyOwnPeace Feb 2016 #325
My response~~~ japple Feb 2016 #455
"Do not speak bad of the dead" Besides Scalia did a good enough job of that all on his own. nt cstanleytech Feb 2016 #398
Or as Mark Twain put it. backscatter712 Feb 2016 #417
Oh hell yes I will speak ill of a total asshole. trof Feb 2016 #423
Please let us know what you really think. Botany Feb 2016 #451
If Iearn where he'll be interred, and if I'm ever near there... trof Feb 2016 #453
I'm in, let's go! JudyM Feb 2016 #477
In case of Scalia, that leaves very little to be said. Betty Karlson Feb 2016 #545
I just saw this.... Bjornsdotter Feb 2016 #2
Are they saying SCOTUS Justice Scalia is DEAD???? Elmer S. E. Dump Feb 2016 #43
Yep! n/t Bjornsdotter Feb 2016 #68
Mary, mother of God! I'm sorry I've been so foolish. Elmer S. E. Dump Feb 2016 #78
don't you have to be alive to die? Bill USA Feb 2016 #181
Great one! (N/T) PJMcK Feb 2016 #414
Woo Hoo! Pharaoh Feb 2016 #123
... MrMickeysMom Feb 2016 #206
I double your Woo Hoo! Jenny_92808 Feb 2016 #269
I triple your WOO HOO and raise you Mbrow Feb 2016 #323
Love it Jenny_92808 Feb 2016 #340
sorry I was flipping thru the news channels and Mbrow Feb 2016 #438
I'm sorry, there was loud singing...I couldn't hear for a second...what happened? Moostache Feb 2016 #444
Thanks for posting that. I am drinking a special martini and singing that song. rhett o rick Feb 2016 #468
I called an old law school friend when I heard and she picked up the phone singing this song! JudyM Feb 2016 #482
Now if Scott Walker would just keel over! Pharaoh Feb 2016 #382
Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue, idn'it, ay? Beautiful plumage! Ikonoklast Feb 2016 #575
SCOTUS RobertEarl Feb 2016 #3
If it is, the entire World just changed. litlbilly Feb 2016 #134
Rheinquest, and now Scalia... MrMickeysMom Feb 2016 #170
Karma is a bitch. lark Feb 2016 #180
I hope that President Obama will forget all about TPP, jwirr Feb 2016 #405
And so the good witch grants your wish... nightscanner59 Feb 2016 #580
Heaven forbid and let us all keep working very hard to make jwirr Feb 2016 #581
thank you for the reminder. PatrynXX Feb 2016 #192
Citizens United Kittycat Feb 2016 #209
Well, he won't be around to rig this election... Helen Borg Feb 2016 #226
Agreed! Jenny_92808 Feb 2016 #349
There were worse things .... Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2016 #386
+10000000 does anyone have that "whores of the court" pic? noiretextatique Feb 2016 #456
Holly shit! Robbins Feb 2016 #4
I understand your sentiments, BUT!! debunction.junction Feb 2016 #360
Wow nt Depaysement Feb 2016 #5
I feel very sorry for him Jenny_92808 Feb 2016 #83
I'm not sorry, not one bit. lark Feb 2016 #203
What he did in Bush V. Gore was simply unforgivable. Initech Feb 2016 #250
that and Citizens United are his legacy. He'll go down in history as a criminal wordpix Feb 2016 #509
Wait for next week's Top 10. Initech Feb 2016 #515
He's earned it FiveGoodMen Feb 2016 #218
No - no - no!!! Plucketeer Feb 2016 #239
I think Satan in holding out for cheny unapatriciated Feb 2016 #295
Nah. Crunchy Frog Feb 2016 #354
I have to admit you are probably right. unapatriciated Feb 2016 #368
I have to Jenny_92808 Feb 2016 #400
Satan has a special place in hell for Cheney. Initech Feb 2016 #518
I think he is vexed Jenny_92808 Feb 2016 #359
Are you kidding? Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2016 #403
They say that you shouldn't say anything at times like Chakab Feb 2016 #6
This was my reaction as well LibraLiz1973 Feb 2016 #97
Yea like his son Eugene Scalia Person 2713 Feb 2016 #542
I hear ya. I'm trying really hard Ilsa Feb 2016 #177
hehehe barbtries Feb 2016 #377
I don't know who "they" are, but in this case, this is cause for great celebration 2banon Feb 2016 #186
Oh, my!!!!!! MyOwnPeace Feb 2016 #339
The old saying is "say something good" about his death. A Simple Game Feb 2016 #235
Oh, gees..................... MyOwnPeace Feb 2016 #345
If you can't say something good, don't say anything. So I'll just say: good. nt eppur_se_muova Feb 2016 #7
doubleplusgood comes to mind yourpaljoey Feb 2016 #14
Thanks go to Moms Mabley. nt Bohunk68 Feb 2016 #86
Thanks -- I was thinking it was some famous blues singer, but couldn't remember a name. eppur_se_muova Feb 2016 #393
My thoughts exactly PghTiny Feb 2016 #87
Uh, what? This news would be everywhere if true, wouldn't it? Orangepeel Feb 2016 #8
It's a little odd that it's not elsewhere - it was just posted at the SF page petronius Feb 2016 #22
4 hours later and it's not in the Washington Post or NY Times? Orangepeel Feb 2016 #33
so true handmade34 Feb 2016 #45
It is being reported on mulitple new sourcse avebury Feb 2016 #114
Now, yes, so it's obviously true. Orangepeel Feb 2016 #172
Well, this is a weekend. Many people are out. Yes, it must be true. I happened to see it Cal33 Feb 2016 #234
Faux Newz is going bananas. Bohunk68 Feb 2016 #100
It's in the NY Daily Post, if that counts. silverweb Feb 2016 #221
It's picking up momentum but weirdly underreported. JackRiddler Feb 2016 #26
Huge news, no way congress would approve another BO nominee.... johnnyrocket Feb 2016 #127
I have nothing to say. nt stillwaiting Feb 2016 #9
I have nothing good to say. dixiegrrrrl Feb 2016 #213
RIP please azurnoir Feb 2016 #10
Thank God Heddi Feb 2016 #11
It would have been better without a republican senate. yeoman6987 Feb 2016 #73
Good that means President Sanders can nominate his replacement. Volaris Feb 2016 #128
Cross fingers! yeoman6987 Feb 2016 #132
With a Democratic Senate riding in on his coattails Art_from_Ark Feb 2016 #201
Try not to get so excited (and acceptibg) of Obama losing his right to appoint a successor CreekDog Feb 2016 #381
It's not about that. Volaris Feb 2016 #434
Well, as soon as President Obama picks his nominee, SusanCalvin Feb 2016 #143
Yep. We all need to do this! eom passiveporcupine Feb 2016 #303
i think President Obama will be the nominee. Akicita Feb 2016 #321
This kills the Republicans. Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2016 #447
sounds fine to me, he is a Consitutional scholar, after all wordpix Feb 2016 #510
Can't he name a recess appointment? Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2016 #426
Me either, but I'd go for it. nt SusanCalvin Feb 2016 #430
Well, it might work for you but I live the the puke state of Arizona which has two repuke Senators.. StarzGuy Feb 2016 #462
Oh, it won't work for me either. SusanCalvin Feb 2016 #567
How can you believe in a god that put him here to do so much damage. In cases rhett o rick Feb 2016 #469
It's being reported he apparently accidentally swallowed a gagball brewens Feb 2016 #12
He couldn't say his safeword, due to the gagball and all. Arugula Latte Feb 2016 #64
It is times like this awoke_in_2003 Feb 2016 #130
Are you sure it wasn't a gag order? Akicita Feb 2016 #327
I heard He was on the Nugent ranch elmac Feb 2016 #412
STOP, JUST STOP rhett o rick Feb 2016 #471
"Natural causes?" Gagball and all, I suppose you could call it that considering Larry Craig, brewens Feb 2016 #491
I'm only reccing and kicking for informational purposes. I won't speak ill of the dead for a bit. Ed Suspicious Feb 2016 #13
So now comes the fights. christx30 Feb 2016 #16
Let's just have a moment please LiberalElite Feb 2016 #19
Good point Lordquinton Feb 2016 #44
Congress will not approve any Obama nomination. thesquanderer Feb 2016 #41
Who Breaks A Tie?..... global1 Feb 2016 #84
A tie means the lower court ruling stands Yupster Feb 2016 #433
Obama could appoint someone christx30 Feb 2016 #140
He can do that even with SCOTUS? Cool. nt Ilsa Feb 2016 #196
This message was self-deleted by its author christx30 Feb 2016 #245
I hope that is true. brer cat Feb 2016 #212
The pubs will just never "recess" until 2017+ Sedona Feb 2016 #229
No, that would be unconstitutional. The Constitution clearly sates that justices must be totodeinhere Feb 2016 #244
Not sure if a recess appointment is un-Constitutional ... Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2016 #436
No, you are not wrong. I looked it up and there have been three recess appointments to the totodeinhere Feb 2016 #474
Thank you for confirming. Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2016 #496
THEY ALWAYS LEAVE SOMEONE BEHIND. it is never closed. trueblue2007 Feb 2016 #259
the cons will do what they did last time. just have someone come in once in a while during saturnsring Feb 2016 #562
Have a heart kiddo Ligyron Feb 2016 #311
Thanks for the heart. christx30 Feb 2016 #411
What?!!!??? End of Text LiberalElite Feb 2016 #17
Wow. n/t xocet Feb 2016 #18
Please be true. Any other reports?? boomer55 Feb 2016 #20
I got a news alert on my phone christx30 Feb 2016 #30
here: elleng Feb 2016 #38
thanks, ellen nt restorefreedom Feb 2016 #131
I will not speak ill of the dead Coolest Ranger Feb 2016 #21
(Self deleted Clarence Thomas joke) NightWatcher Feb 2016 #24
Can you private message me it? n/t ejbr Feb 2016 #195
no joke, I just had evil thoughts. NightWatcher Feb 2016 #217
Right there with ya, pal n/t ejbr Feb 2016 #270
Yep, who's going to tuck in Clarence everyday at work now? stuffmatters Feb 2016 #422
I've been to that ranch before Major Nikon Feb 2016 #25
Better call in a priest to...... Capt.Rocky300 Feb 2016 #124
I'd be more worried about the smell from his Brylcreem Major Nikon Feb 2016 #164
A little dab will do ya. Capt.Rocky300 Feb 2016 #175
Wow. n/t DirkGently Feb 2016 #27
Someone better come gag me and tie my fingers so that I don't "speak/write" ill of the dead hlthe2b Feb 2016 #29
Oh god, we're never going to hear the end of it. Schema Thing Feb 2016 #31
... Arugula Latte Feb 2016 #32
Looks like it's true. elleng Feb 2016 #34
Difficulty? Try Impossible. PFunk1 Feb 2016 #50
Not trying would leave the Court seriously handicapped for much too long, elleng Feb 2016 #80
Oh I agree with you fully. PFunk1 Feb 2016 #193
They'll surely try to disrupt. elleng Feb 2016 #204
fwiw the rep idiots in the House don't have anything to say on this. nt truebluegreen Feb 2016 #431
Obama could nominate Adolf Hitler (to mke nice with GOP) & the Repubs would filibuster reflexively Bill USA Feb 2016 #200
Hell he could name Satan to the Supreme Court 47of74 Feb 2016 #287
That's probably for the best. OrwellwasRight Feb 2016 #336
I wonder who Obama will appoint to take his place Rochester Feb 2016 #35
Um...This is a joke right? PFunk1 Feb 2016 #36
no joke... handmade34 Feb 2016 #56
Not a joke. redwitch Feb 2016 #59
I have nothing to say about this. blm Feb 2016 #37
I don't either but I will rec this news. Glimmer of Hope Feb 2016 #47
Can anyone confirm. Nothing on the news? bkkyosemite Feb 2016 #39
San Antonio news Major Nikon Feb 2016 #46
Ding dong, the witch is dead! valerief Feb 2016 #40
The dictator is gone DoBotherMe Feb 2016 #67
... MrMickeysMom Feb 2016 #240
Send up a nominee before he turns. rug Feb 2016 #42
ROFL! MelissaB Feb 2016 #103
That is a DUzy if I've ever read one. MelissaB Feb 2016 #108
I'm shedding tears Paulie Feb 2016 #48
Of joy perhaps? Happyhippychick Feb 2016 #79
Pure emotion! Paulie Feb 2016 #85
I should know this, but if true, does that mean the Supremes can't litigate without all FailureToCommunicate Feb 2016 #49
So Now We Will Even Have Gridlock In The Judicial Branch?....nt global1 Feb 2016 #104
No, they can and they do often vote, write and decide with less than the full 9 participating; elleng Feb 2016 #158
True, but in the case of a tie that means that the lower court ruling that they are adjudicating totodeinhere Feb 2016 #478
Correct. elleng Feb 2016 #481
Holy shit!!! Nt PCIntern Feb 2016 #51
Stake in the heart for good measure? Please? Arugula Latte Feb 2016 #52
Nothing on CNN nor MSNBC Yavin4 Feb 2016 #53
all over Fox! handmade34 Feb 2016 #61
It is on sabbat hunter Feb 2016 #63
CNN now has it. Yavin4 Feb 2016 #120
I was told only speak good of the dead... SHRED Feb 2016 #54
Same here. Duppers Feb 2016 #99
I'd feel the same if Hitler died when I was alive SHRED Feb 2016 #110
Well, maybe not that happy. ;) Duppers Feb 2016 #157
LOL...almost though SHRED Feb 2016 #166
That about covers it. Duppers Feb 2016 #215
You forgot anti union, OrwellwasRight Feb 2016 #350
My condolences to his family. mwooldri Feb 2016 #473
FINALLY!!!! lobodons Feb 2016 #55
Just confirmed on CNN. n/t Tom_Foolery Feb 2016 #57
Huge, significant event. rest in peace....n/t NRaleighLiberal Feb 2016 #60
Huge, significant event. Rest in pieces! nt longship Feb 2016 #146
It is just not in my nature to grave dance no matter what. NRaleighLiberal Feb 2016 #151
I don't believe in karma, plus if it exists Scalia's is likely very, very bad. longship Feb 2016 #208
So, it's been quite a while since breakfast. deminks Feb 2016 #62
I would imagine that they needed some time to inform his family Tanuki Feb 2016 #77
Probably notifying his family? Lisa D Feb 2016 #81
Excuse me while I reach for a Kleenex. . .NOT. DinahMoeHum Feb 2016 #65
Wow. Drudge has it Yavin4 Feb 2016 #66
Holy shit Tab Feb 2016 #69
Nothing on the New York Times or Washington Post website Lydia Leftcoast Feb 2016 #70
CNN doesn't cut it. I need confirmation too. Glimmer of Hope Feb 2016 #89
Wall Street Journal just posted it as Lydia Leftcoast Feb 2016 #105
NBC just broke with the breaking news. So there it is. Wow. Glimmer of Hope Feb 2016 #125
There is now. nt alp227 Feb 2016 #283
"I always think that he was once somebody's baby boy. Really, I do." RufusTFirefly Feb 2016 #71
Worried this will hurt our presidential nominee Alhena Feb 2016 #72
Sanders Cats just in space Feb 2016 #90
If a liberal justice had died it would help Sanders/Hillary a lot Alhena Feb 2016 #98
I disagree. The opportunity and need to appoint another Justice will JDPriestly Feb 2016 #331
We Have A 4-4 Court Now.... global1 Feb 2016 #445
Oh yeah. Repugs will be motivated like never before in November yeoman6987 Feb 2016 #101
Thanks for your concern. Kingofalldems Feb 2016 #463
Me too. SusanCalvin Feb 2016 #115
Like overturn a Citizens United ruling? stillwaiting Feb 2016 #285
the only thing to fear is fear itself wordpix Feb 2016 #517
I don't believe it. Cheney loves this guy. Bill USA Feb 2016 #74
I have no shame catchnrelease Feb 2016 #76
Holy shit - just heard on the radio BumRushDaShow Feb 2016 #82
I would be embarrassed to repeat what I said when I heard this. Liberal Jesus Freak Feb 2016 #88
In the words of Moms Mabley ... n/t Kennah Feb 2016 #91
Wow! myrna minx Feb 2016 #92
I disagree with almost everything about him. But I want to express my condolences totodeinhere Feb 2016 #93
Let's hope people here try to be a little bit classy about this. I see some are not already. George II Feb 2016 #94
I don't worry about classiness with Cheney/Scalia scale pure evil. Arugula Latte Feb 2016 #111
um no hope he rots in hell...maybe a classy hell dembotoz Feb 2016 #126
Say GOODBYE to 5-to-4! Kip Humphrey Feb 2016 #95
The gun nuts should be very worried right now Major Nikon Feb 2016 #96
that piece of shit Thomas won't know how to vote now Skittles Feb 2016 #544
His staffers will figure it out for him Major Nikon Feb 2016 #546
My thoughts exactly! AwakeAtLast Feb 2016 #570
To hell with him. n/t reflection Feb 2016 #102
Tx governor confirms Carnage251 Feb 2016 #106
Greg Abbott???? Blus4u Feb 2016 #566
A sad day for his family, but him no longer being on the Supreme Court is not a sad day for me. olddad56 Feb 2016 #107
Warren for SCOTUS! Cassiopeia Feb 2016 #109
Do you think it would be a conflict of interest for her to vote on the confirmation? JonLeibowitz Feb 2016 #194
Why would it be a conflict of interest? Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2016 #494
Voting on your own confirmation isn't a conflict? JonLeibowitz Feb 2016 #497
Ah, I wasn't thinking. Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2016 #498
+1xE10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000+ Hugin Feb 2016 #364
I LIKE Jenny_92808 Feb 2016 #367
"I have wished few men dead hifiguy Feb 2016 #112
Since I will not speak of of the deald . . . Jack Rabbit Feb 2016 #113
Wikipedia has been updated: L. Coyote Feb 2016 #116
Politically, this is great. Personally, I feel horrible for his family. Jon Ace Feb 2016 #117
I know what his family is going through, and it is very sad for them. Me, I'm not grieving. olddad56 Feb 2016 #144
"Sudden deaths are the worst kind of death." SusanCalvin Feb 2016 #197
I sort of think he got lucky there, myself. Ilsa Feb 2016 #233
I agree with you Plucketeer Feb 2016 #420
Abso- 3catwoman3 Feb 2016 #443
My sympathy to his family. 840high Feb 2016 #457
Good riddance... hoosierlib Feb 2016 #118
+1 Jenny_92808 Feb 2016 #147
What other side? virgogal Feb 2016 #261
When you leave your Jenny_92808 Feb 2016 #375
Thanks,Jenny. virgogal Feb 2016 #582
BBC confirming: NYC Liberal Feb 2016 #119
Prayers have been answered. Wow. Outstanding News. 2banon Feb 2016 #121
Found on Twitter: Saviolo Feb 2016 #122
Here we go... Chicago1980 Feb 2016 #129
This is Yugee!!!! 4bucksagallon Feb 2016 #133
OY, nothing like a texas governor to mess things up: elleng Feb 2016 #135
Let me re-write that headline Jenny_92808 Feb 2016 #219
OK! elleng Feb 2016 #272
I will express condolences for his friends and family, but... Tarc Feb 2016 #136
+1 Jenny_92808 Feb 2016 #222
RIP houston16revival Feb 2016 #137
Thanks I had no idea. leftcoastmountains Feb 2016 #139
I've been saying for a while that he was about 1 cannoli away from a coronary Major Nikon Feb 2016 #237
I'm just not saying anything, did not care for him, but I wish his family well! n/t RKP5637 Feb 2016 #141
Though I did not like him as a Supreme Court Justice, I will not celebrate his death. FourScore Feb 2016 #142
I don't like to grave dance, but... joshcryer Feb 2016 #145
This message was self-deleted by its author Renew Deal Feb 2016 #148
I am glad he is dead. XRubicon Feb 2016 #149
Say nothing but good about the dead, so ... sarge43 Feb 2016 #150
Scalia was pure evil lobodons Feb 2016 #152
+1 Jenny_92808 Feb 2016 #253
PLEASE do not conflate "evil" with "mentally ill." TygrBright Feb 2016 #276
Well said, Bright. DeadLetterOffice Feb 2016 #333
^^^^ This n/t Flying Squirrel Feb 2016 #343
So you are saying Jenny_92808 Feb 2016 #390
Pardon me, did you mean to reply to me? TygrBright Feb 2016 #441
2 years senility lobodons Feb 2016 #551
Good riddance to rotten trash tabasco Feb 2016 #153
When people pass away, they must be remembered as the person they were in life Miles Archer Feb 2016 #154
^^^^^ This ^^^^^ MelissaB Feb 2016 #230
Perfect pic. Duppers Feb 2016 #256
Beat me to it! El Supremo Feb 2016 #314
Exactly correct view of him. No reason to start claiming there are good memories of him, as well. Judi Lynn Feb 2016 #317
Right back atcha Fat Tony. Crunchy Frog Feb 2016 #404
Yes, I don't understand why we have to pretend someone wasn't evil adigal Feb 2016 #537
Wow mr_liberal Feb 2016 #155
Holy moly! SoapBox Feb 2016 #156
My heart goes out to his family. RIP n/t DesertRat Feb 2016 #159
Is it wrong that I just did a little skip? Gregorian Feb 2016 #160
I have no problem speaking ill of the dead Curmudgeoness Feb 2016 #161
this is very important rtracey Feb 2016 #162
Interesting. Gregorian Feb 2016 #220
It never rains but it pours... Ford_Prefect Feb 2016 #163
Scalia died as a guest at a resort. I wonder whose guest he was? avaistheone1 Feb 2016 #165
Where's Cheney? Mz Pip Feb 2016 #189
A luxury hunting resort has just be reported - Gee what a suprise!! womanofthehills Feb 2016 #543
There is a lot of online shock in reaction to his death Kennah Feb 2016 #167
why shock? He was obese and 79 y.o. - not a good combination wordpix Feb 2016 #501
It's a political game changer. Stakes in November are suddenly much higher. n/t Kennah Feb 2016 #505
oh, that wordpix Feb 2016 #530
Well, I'm sure somebody somewhere feels bad, but the country is better off without him. catbyte Feb 2016 #168
Good riddance, ya bastard. Ron Obvious Feb 2016 #169
What's the opposite of deep remorse and sadness? MyNameGoesHere Feb 2016 #171
RIP.. DCBob Feb 2016 #174
Amen to that houston16revival Feb 2016 #183
A bigoted, sexist, racist, homophobe who was anti... SHRED Feb 2016 #176
The first thought that came into my head..."Ding, dong.. anotherproletariat Feb 2016 #210
I'm sure we'll hear more about this, and more and more. nt Duval Feb 2016 #178
I'm heartbroken ejbr Feb 2016 #179
Condolences to his family, all I'm going to say nt steve2470 Feb 2016 #182
If I'm supposed to be mourning, why do I feel like I just won the lottery? Gregorian Feb 2016 #184
How does this affect voting in case of a tie? SHRED Feb 2016 #185
IIRC, tie = uphold the staus quo Algernon Moncrieff Feb 2016 #198
Yes. OrwellwasRight Feb 2016 #383
But no precedent, so could be reheard. joshcryer Feb 2016 #406
Was Cheney there? Just askin'.... n/t TygrBright Feb 2016 #187
aright, I hope that no conservative judges are getting massages, exiting from courthouses, MisterP Feb 2016 #188
So now it becomes a test to see whether the Senate will hold up a nominee for 11 months. Algernon Moncrieff Feb 2016 #190
Yes houston16revival Feb 2016 #242
I think an older nominee may be the only way the Senate approves anyone Algernon Moncrieff Feb 2016 #263
If Hillary had won in 2008 houston16revival Feb 2016 #304
as Chehey would say The Wizard Feb 2016 #191
Not glad that he's dead, but glad he will no longer have influence on the SCOTUS. Amimnoch Feb 2016 #199
I agree with everything that you wrote me b zola Feb 2016 #385
Wow. And I defrosted steaks for the grill with nothing to celebrate. Spitfire of ATJ Feb 2016 #202
Good for Allen Shore daleo Feb 2016 #205
I was raised a southern girl with good manners, TNNurse Feb 2016 #207
This Is A Great Day For Sure rsmith6621 Feb 2016 #211
I don't condone grave-dancing. Bless me, father, for I am about to sin. silvershadow Feb 2016 #214
Yeah! Helen Borg Feb 2016 #236
We'll form a troupe.. Duppers Feb 2016 #238
I hope his family finds peace... jmowreader Feb 2016 #216
. OnyxCollie Feb 2016 #223
Say what you want about Scalia... Flying Squirrel Feb 2016 #224
Thank you. I was struggling to find something positive to say. Vinca Feb 2016 #232
Will the R's block Obama's nominee 11 months, hoping for an R in the WH? Martin Eden Feb 2016 #225
If they do, it will boost turnout for BOTH parties. Flying Squirrel Feb 2016 #319
Regardless, this will re-direct the political focus and rhetoric. n/t Martin Eden Feb 2016 #330
This is a two edged sword! cynzke Feb 2016 #389
Am I supposed to feel bad about this? Ferd Berfel Feb 2016 #227
I am not going to speak ill of the dead. Scalded Nun Feb 2016 #228
This is a game changer. A big one. Bubzer Feb 2016 #231
Condolences to his family sellitman Feb 2016 #243
This message was self-deleted by its author warrprayer Feb 2016 #246
This may change a lot of potential rulings coming up. Third Doctor Feb 2016 #247
The world has become a slightly better place. CharlotteVale Feb 2016 #248
I am an atheist . Did he go hunting with cheney? :) Dharmabum40 Feb 2016 #249
I picture all the flying monkey beasts cheering when they melted the witch ... LannyDeVaney Feb 2016 #251
Obama will get to replace Scalia. This could change everything. JDPriestly Feb 2016 #252
Condolences to his family and friends. As for Scalia, hope he has lots of warm weather gear with him AzDar Feb 2016 #254
My, my, my. MrScorpio Feb 2016 #255
I am stunned. Just came in to watch some tv and, what do you know? nt silvershadow Feb 2016 #265
I'm not ashamed to say: this has made my day, my month, my decade Auggie Feb 2016 #257
R.I.P. Justice Scalia... you may have finally done something good for your country... nt Blasphemer Feb 2016 #258
May his family find peace riversedge Feb 2016 #262
Will the GOP leave it open till after the election?? hollowdweller Feb 2016 #264
Could be Obama's final great act greiner3 Feb 2016 #266
the R's will block but Obama should use his executive power wordpix Feb 2016 #512
Really would like to know zentrum Feb 2016 #267
Here it comes . . . . OldRedneck Feb 2016 #268
Discretion being the better part of valor, I'm not going to say anything nasty. 47of74 Feb 2016 #271
Wow! passiveporcupine Feb 2016 #274
I can't wait till the story about the hookers and the cocaine hits the papers dorkzilla Feb 2016 #277
Nope. A friend just called me and we were hooting. GoneOffShore Feb 2016 #299
but hookers and cocaine would be SO fitting for a guy who thought he was some moral authority dorkzilla Feb 2016 #342
Or choking on one of Clarence Thomas' pubic hairs. GoneOffShore Feb 2016 #539
True for us all.... warrprayer Feb 2016 #278
Sorry for his family, but good day for America ram2008 Feb 2016 #281
The wingnuts have already gone to warp speed Tarc Feb 2016 #282
Or I could ask. Was Scalia alone? Tikki Feb 2016 #298
Of the dead, say nothing but good. Jester Messiah Feb 2016 #284
Is nine months enough to nominate and confirm a new justice? SpankMe Feb 2016 #286
"...and they found a body" which i hope was his? Voice for Peace Feb 2016 #289
How long before the Repugs say we need to wait until the next president LastLiberal in PalmSprings Feb 2016 #290
RIP sulphurdunn Feb 2016 #291
This is YUUUUUUUUUUGGGGEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Lucky Luciano Feb 2016 #292
NOMINATE HILLARY OBAMA! harun Feb 2016 #293
LOL SHRED Feb 2016 #329
Wow. Hadn't thought of that. glinda Feb 2016 #416
That was my first thought. After I stopped hooting with all the other canvassing volunteers. JudyM Feb 2016 #486
May he find the peace he deserves Maeve Feb 2016 #294
That's nice and... ambiguous. LiberalElite Feb 2016 #297
If I was from the South, it would have been 'bless his heart' Maeve Feb 2016 #320
RIP? kevink077 Feb 2016 #296
Maybe there's a God after all. Crunchy Frog Feb 2016 #300
The old saying is... saying nothing but good of the dead. wysi Feb 2016 #301
This Means a Tie Vote in SCOTUS for the foreseeable Future LarryNM Feb 2016 #302
Exactly. I wonder what a tie would have meant with something like Citizen United? Hoyt Feb 2016 #326
link to cnn allan01 Feb 2016 #305
Welcome back to DU2! Kip Humphrey Feb 2016 #306
is it warm down there, Antonin? UpInArms Feb 2016 #308
Condolences to his family. retrowire Feb 2016 #309
It would be extremely difficult... Paka Feb 2016 #310
Wow! suffragette Feb 2016 #312
Can't say that I am sorry for the death of a very nasty person. nruthie Feb 2016 #313
I'm glad the supreme court will have less assholes on it PoliticalMalcontent Feb 2016 #315
Is it bad that when I first heard the news ... Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2016 #316
It is immoral to celebrate anyone's death. cab67 Feb 2016 #318
With due respect dorkzilla Feb 2016 #328
LOL SHRED Feb 2016 #335
Thank you Jesus. (nt) Paladin Feb 2016 #324
If your prayers were answered .... houston16revival Feb 2016 #427
OK, so where's his wife if the management had to go look for him? Ligyron Feb 2016 #334
I'm as sorry for his passing BlueCollar Feb 2016 #337
And Ruth Bader Ginsburg just keeps on going and going..... wolfie001 Feb 2016 #338
Fingers crossed houston16revival Feb 2016 #376
I'm a huge fan of hers! wolfie001 Feb 2016 #394
Hope all those musicians who've recently died Voice for Peace Feb 2016 #344
I'll just say: I hope Obama appoints wisely. But let's get real: There are plenty of dead of whom we WinkyDink Feb 2016 #346
i think President Obama will be the nominee. Akicita Feb 2016 #358
Uh, no. WinkyDink Feb 2016 #583
Uh, yes. Why not? Akicita Feb 2016 #584
Is it OK to reveal Mira Feb 2016 #348
Well, scalia was in his 70's. Bernie should retire and enjoy the last years of his life... dubyadiprecession Feb 2016 #351
Scalia was a piece of shit in life Don Draper Feb 2016 #352
Thank you - and he said that evolution was wrong and a bad idea SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #492
Three words. Hugin Feb 2016 #353
We need her in the Senate, but I'd definitely support her nom, 2banon Feb 2016 #437
My thought - Obama resigns, Biden nominates Obama (n/t) Moostache Feb 2016 #442
I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying that I approved of it. RATM435 Feb 2016 #355
... LadyHawkAZ Feb 2016 #357
Obama should nominate... NeoGreen Feb 2016 #361
Ha! FailureToCommunicate Feb 2016 #378
Do I have to provide... NeoGreen Feb 2016 #387
Nice Valentine gift nt fun n serious Feb 2016 #365
As Clarence Darrow Said Nevada Blue Feb 2016 #366
Burn in hell you f*ck!!! Champ50 Feb 2016 #369
***THANK YOU FOR THE HEART*** Champ50 Feb 2016 #556
My karma is going to take a hit on this one... kristopher Feb 2016 #370
Climate Change. Coal. That's all and RIP. glinda Feb 2016 #371
My reaction to this news? Fritz Walter Feb 2016 #374
Wow!!!! GoCubsGo Feb 2016 #379
Though it may offend angrychair Feb 2016 #380
They should put that on his tombstone! Helen Borg Feb 2016 #396
Just a question watoos Feb 2016 #384
I'm sure there will be a pompous funeral... Helen Borg Feb 2016 #391
This is the most united I've seen DU in a while. TIME TO PANIC Feb 2016 #395
They will find out he died of too much bile... FailureToCommunicate Feb 2016 #399
The man was morbidly obese. That he made it to 79 is a testament JimDandy Feb 2016 #563
Holy shit. Odin2005 Feb 2016 #401
Let his family mourn his passing. old guy Feb 2016 #402
He is just a piece of Jenny_92808 Feb 2016 #413
. Dr Hobbitstein Feb 2016 #407
My thoughts and prayers go out to elmac Feb 2016 #408
Whew! What timing! Kablooie Feb 2016 #409
Move over, Satan, your replacement is here. lastlib Feb 2016 #410
Wow, just wow. nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #418
This occasion calls for somber reflection. backscatter712 Feb 2016 #419
The man still had family and friends Generic Brad Feb 2016 #421
The true nature of Bernie Cheerleaders NoJacketRequired Feb 2016 #424
Very offensive post from a new member. TBF Feb 2016 #432
Yep-been here ten days catnhatnh Feb 2016 #459
They always are. Over and over. nt TBF Feb 2016 #461
Well first of all, if you really want progressive justices best vote for Sanders. rhett o rick Feb 2016 #476
Was Darth Cheney anywhere around? Hulk Feb 2016 #425
Condolences to family and friends. nt TBF Feb 2016 #428
Holy shit! blackspade Feb 2016 #429
The Roger B. Taney of the 20th (and regrettably) the 21st century. NNadir Feb 2016 #435
Nominate Al Gore? (nt) NeoGreen Feb 2016 #439
Whatever it was (and I bet it was Viagra-related), it was long overdue. forest444 Feb 2016 #440
An early Valentine's Day gift to the American people. hay rick Feb 2016 #446
It's a beautiful day............ davidpdx Feb 2016 #449
Not to celebrate but he was one nasty justice jimlup Feb 2016 #454
This message was self-deleted by its author IHateTheGOP Feb 2016 #464
I usually offer my condolences. JohnnyRingo Feb 2016 #466
He was reviled by liberals and loved by conservatives. Beacool Feb 2016 #467
he was reviled by liberals and loved by assholes Skittles Feb 2016 #470
Yes, but I'm trying very hard to stay classy. Beacool Feb 2016 #472
he did all he could to damage America Skittles Feb 2016 #475
Trump tweets that the death is a setback to conservative movement. Hmm, I thought randys1 Feb 2016 #479
Remember he would never have been a SCOTUS justice without some help from his rhett o rick Feb 2016 #480
I feel the way I felt when Strom Thurman, Jerry Falwell and Jesse Helms passed on... AlbertCat Feb 2016 #483
Who was the hooker? SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #484
So-o, kentauros Feb 2016 #487
Post removed Post removed Feb 2016 #488
Thank you - and he said that evolution was wrong and a bad idea SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #493
If only we had the senate craigmatic Feb 2016 #489
I hope they put a stake through his heart to be sure. fbc Feb 2016 #495
I hope that if there is an afterlife, he realizes the error in his ways and learns to love everyone. briv1016 Feb 2016 #499
Was he hunting with Cheney? Solly Mack Feb 2016 #503
Thank you very much, Antonin Scalia... cadaverdog Feb 2016 #506
13000 views.. when is the last thread that surpassed 13k views? Liberal_in_LA Feb 2016 #511
it will soon trend that DU is not exactly weeping over Scalia's demise wordpix Feb 2016 #513
February is turning out to be a much better month than January. Kalidurga Feb 2016 #514
A big ugly mean piece of the Reagan nightmare gone. JEB Feb 2016 #516
Wonder if he was out hunting Mountain lions... glinda Feb 2016 #519
Please tell me I can smile a little over this and we can have a shift in the supreme court now Feeling the Bern Feb 2016 #520
Lindsay Graham is already complaining about O making an appt wordpix Feb 2016 #523
I ask if we could, because in response #1, DUers were ordered not to speak ill of the dead Feeling the Bern Feb 2016 #528
John Yoo interview now about Tony going to a restaurant wordpix Feb 2016 #532
Scalia is the "legal version of Reagan" ---Yoo is going straight to sainthood for Tony wordpix Feb 2016 #536
Lets pray that Trump doesnt win, or he will nominate either Putin or one of the Koch bros. olddad56 Feb 2016 #521
I think the Kochs are Rubio's billionaires wordpix Feb 2016 #525
recess appointment? Go for it, Mr. President! librechik Feb 2016 #522
watching Faux - R's worried about losing the Senate! woot! wordpix Feb 2016 #526
Some people grace us with their presence. roamer65 Feb 2016 #524
Was it the Chicken Ranch? Agnosticsherbet Feb 2016 #527
Harry Reid statement: Scalia was a "brilliant man" wordpix Feb 2016 #529
Brilliance and evil are not mutually exclusive. The Velveteen Ocelot Feb 2016 #552
One shouldn't dance on the grave .... burrowowl Feb 2016 #531
Betting Thomas leaves soon. That will make it a two-fer. McCamy Taylor Feb 2016 #533
Oh, and Vince Foster killed him! McCamy Taylor Feb 2016 #534
In honor of Scalia IronLionZion Feb 2016 #535
If I remember Iwillnevergiveup Feb 2016 #538
I bet a weeks pay Bernin Feb 2016 #540
Because the establishment promised her a golden parachute when she leaves office d_legendary1 Feb 2016 #547
I say let Bernie nominate Obama as Scalia's replacement. Talk about JUSTICE BigBearJohn Feb 2016 #541
Wow, this is the best news I heard all week. N/t coyote Feb 2016 #548
My soon-to-be 94 yr old mom called me... 3catwoman3 Feb 2016 #549
One Big Consideration colsohlibgal Feb 2016 #550
He'll just parrot Alito now MillennialDem Feb 2016 #557
Why can we not speak ill of the dead when they PumpkinAle Feb 2016 #553
Welp, there goes that quakerboy Feb 2016 #554
Sorry can't say I have any sympathy for this one. rockfordfile Feb 2016 #558
This message was self-deleted by its author jpb33 Feb 2016 #559
I was home olddots Feb 2016 #560
Holy !@#$%^&*( Politicub Feb 2016 #565
No mourning faye Feb 2016 #572
I wonder about his argument at the door with Peter.... kgnu_fan Feb 2016 #576
I wonder if the Dick shot the Prick Politicalboi Feb 2016 #578
Perhasps Obama should simply name himself to the Supreme Court. LS_Editor Feb 2016 #579
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