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What a fuckwit geardaddy Jan 2016 #1
Fuck that shit. FLPanhandle Jan 2016 #2
Exactly! smirkymonkey Jan 2016 #45
.^that 840high Jan 2016 #54
we are so cowardly MariaThinks Jan 2016 #3
And the second we try to assert our culture, christx30 Jan 2016 #7
We? FSogol Jan 2016 #11
Are you Italian? leftynyc Jan 2016 #19
I assume the poster means western culture. EllieBC Jan 2016 #33
Do let me know leftynyc Jan 2016 #35
Oh, so when we do it to appease our own religious fanatics, it's not cowardly. LOL tabasco Jan 2016 #48
WE didn't do anything leftynyc Jan 2016 #49
But you lumped all Italians together as cowards because of Renzi's action. tabasco Jan 2016 #50
Actually no, that was a poster leftynyc Jan 2016 #51
"Until then, nobody but the Italians are cowards." tabasco Jan 2016 #52
And it's YOUR interpretation leftynyc Jan 2016 #63
LOL tabasco Jan 2016 #67
that's exactly what i meant. MariaThinks Jan 2016 #62
So I guess the Iranians would serve wine to the Italians when THEY visit, right? 7962 Jan 2016 #4
I see a business opportunity to cater to the delicate flowers MowCowWhoHow III Jan 2016 #5
WTF? LittleGirl Jan 2016 #6
I don't get a boner looking at a marble statue. This is preposterous. Cowards and traitors. nt thereismore Jan 2016 #8
Premier Matteo Renzi's honor guard attended also. BlueJazz Jan 2016 #9
If the guy is offended by nudity sulphurdunn Jan 2016 #10
I fully agree with you. christx30 Jan 2016 #12
Oh, please. Grow a pair Italy ... in Carrara marble. dobleremolque Jan 2016 #13
Fundamentalist Nut Jobs warrant46 Jan 2016 #46
AAAAAAAAAhhhh. Boobs. Women's bodies. The horror! Feeling the Bern Jan 2016 #14
Well you know how those muslim men are, a little stone tit and they go insane CBGLuthier Jan 2016 #15
And if a statue has a little perfume spilled near it ... JustABozoOnThisBus Jan 2016 #24
That was my thought, lol. OnionPatch Jan 2016 #66
In other news: Hassan Rouhani faints when he visits Athens and sees an urn. Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2016 #16
Oh FFS. Arugula Latte Jan 2016 #17
Are you FUCKING kidding me? leftynyc Jan 2016 #18
Muslims seem to think their desires and beliefs Trump everyone else's. Kablooie Jan 2016 #20
That's exactly what is so annoying about it. smirkymonkey Jan 2016 #47
So much for "When in Rome . . . " nt July Jan 2016 #21
When in Rome, do as the Iranis? (n/t) Retrograde Jan 2016 #42
Stuff like this is why people vote for Trump. iandhr Jan 2016 #22
Lifted sanctions on another country and imposed them on the minds of your own. jtuck004 Jan 2016 #23
Nothing in the article says Rouhani asked them to do this karynnj Jan 2016 #25
It is easy to not serve a guest wine whatthehey Jan 2016 #26
And if you went to a vegan's house, would you expect them to serve meat to a non-vegan? n/t OnlinePoker Jan 2016 #27
No - I have nothing against vegan food karynnj Jan 2016 #31
Here is a better analogy: christx30 Jan 2016 #53
So you would condemn the Iranians if they didn't serve wine in their own country to Italians? FLPanhandle Jan 2016 #28
No karynnj Jan 2016 #30
So, Itailains change their culture for Iranians FLPanhandle Jan 2016 #32
please link up the passage in the article that says the Iranians requested this azurnoir Jan 2016 #36
There was a huge brouhaha christx30 Jan 2016 #39
yes wine in France nothing about statues there either, so it appears the Italians did this azurnoir Jan 2016 #40
Why does that matter? FLPanhandle Jan 2016 #56
because the onus is being placed on the Iranians azurnoir Jan 2016 #57
Who knows or cares? FLPanhandle Jan 2016 #58
Lame! Italians show yer stuff proudly! flamingdem Jan 2016 #29
The white boxes look awful. Nye Bevan Jan 2016 #34
I do recall right here in Wash DC - asiliveandbreathe Jan 2016 #37
It gets worse Mosby Jan 2016 #41
well alrighty then - nationalreview is not within my asiliveandbreathe Jan 2016 #59
i looked for another source myself Mosby Jan 2016 #60
B**ls**t Beowulf42 Jan 2016 #38
Why didn't they just meet somewhere else? displacedtexan Jan 2016 #43
Muslim men don't mind looking at naked women nichomachus Jan 2016 #44
True. (no text) Quantess Jan 2016 #64
Statues of people/dieties MosheFeingold Jan 2016 #55
Let's see... bdwker Jan 2016 #61
Pathetic. romanic Jan 2016 #65
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