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magical thyme

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Fri Dec 4, 2015, 10:50 AM Dec 2015

Investigators believe San Bernardino female attacker Tashfeen Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS leade [View all]

Source: CNN

As the San Bernardino attack was happening, investigators believe the female shooter, Tashfeen Malik, posted on Facebook, pledging allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, three U.S. officials familiar with the investigation told CNN.

The posting was by Malik made on an account with a different name, according to one U.S. official. The officials did not explain how they knew Malik made the post.

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/04/us/san-bernardino-shooting/index.html

This can't be true, many on DU says it's just a workplace disagreement Democat Dec 2015 #1
Authorities are still saying it was likely a case of workplace violence Tempest Dec 2015 #2
It could easily be both. Tracer Dec 2015 #4
Except the way it was carried out was specific to his co-workers Tempest Dec 2015 #6
workplace violence connected to religious arguments. It's clearly a Hybrid Schema Thing Dec 2015 #11
It's clearly not Tempest Dec 2015 #14
Just stop it already leftynyc Dec 2015 #21
Plus his Isis fanboy pals he'd been communicating with flamingdem Dec 2015 #28
A duck quacking so loudly leftynyc Dec 2015 #33
Bingo. I'm with you. MADem Dec 2015 #47
Islamo-postalism I'd say flamingdem Dec 2015 #61
... coin a phrase Schema Thing Dec 2015 #65
plus d_r Dec 2015 #54
Sorry you can't handle other possible scenerios Tempest Dec 2015 #35
It must REALLY suck leftynyc Dec 2015 #39
The density of Osmium Tempest Dec 2015 #42
If you think declaring allegiance to leftynyc Dec 2015 #59
"Get help"? Another uncalled for personal attack. nt Live and Learn Dec 2015 #79
And I think anyone leftynyc Dec 2015 #83
What you think is not the point. Those posts are breaking DU rules. Live and Learn Dec 2015 #85
Go ahead and alert leftynyc Dec 2015 #86
I thank you. I got a hide 840high Dec 2015 #90
I am not an alerter. I just thought you might want an opportunity to fix your post and Live and Learn Dec 2015 #95
I sincerely, very sincerely, leftynyc Dec 2015 #102
How are they breaking du rules? 840high Dec 2015 #91
+1 King_David Dec 2015 #125
'Skank', now there is a helpful term. Don't you find that a bit misogynistic? Live and Learn Dec 2015 #78
LOL leftynyc Dec 2015 #81
Political correctness serves a valid purpose. Sorry you don't understand that. nt Live and Learn Dec 2015 #84
I agree, it does serve a purpose leftynyc Dec 2015 #87
That is simply not true. nt Live and Learn Dec 2015 #94
It could not possibly be MORE true. Throd Dec 2015 #96
That is not true. If it is not true, it can't possibly be less true. Live and Learn Dec 2015 #99
this SpookyDem Dec 2015 #127
Please, look back at the leftynyc Dec 2015 #100
Is it your theory that the way to correct a wrong is to commit one yourself? nt Live and Learn Dec 2015 #103
Are you really trying to shame me leftynyc Dec 2015 #105
Are you hijacking Bernie's motto now? nt Live and Learn Dec 2015 #109
My first reaction was leftynyc Dec 2015 #111
Not insinuating a thing and didn't mean to turn the thread in to a primary thread. Live and Learn Dec 2015 #113
I quite honestly didn't leftynyc Dec 2015 #117
So, you haven't really paid any attention to his candidacy? Live and Learn Dec 2015 #119
I actually have seen a few leftynyc Dec 2015 #123
Yes, political correctness is why christx30 Dec 2015 #106
Oh sure we should all report are neighbors for everything. Where have I read that before? Live and Learn Dec 2015 #108
And if they had reported them, the cops would have found christx30 Dec 2015 #114
That would have required a search warrant which they could never have goten based on such silly Live and Learn Dec 2015 #116
You'd be amazed at what cops can do with the christx30 Dec 2015 #122
Because that terrorist is a murderer and a skank King_David Dec 2015 #126
Plus the fact that the 6000 rounds christx30 Dec 2015 #124
No! You are wrong, wrong, WRONG! rusty fender Dec 2015 #92
Wrong. tabasco Dec 2015 #130
So they moved up the date and changed the target. TexasMommaWithAHat Dec 2015 #34
Many Americans in Afghanistan were killed training their coworkers. Jesus Malverde Dec 2015 #75
They had been planning this for weeks or months Democat Dec 2015 #5
Where is your evidence of the planning? Credible sources. Tempest Dec 2015 #8
They had 12 pipe bombs at the house and destroyed evidence in advance Democat Dec 2015 #12
Sorry, I don't accept the Moonie Times as a credible source. Tempest Dec 2015 #16
That's understandable Democat Dec 2015 #19
They had bombs in their home. They had at least a thousand bullets. JDPriestly Dec 2015 #15
The link is possible Tempest Dec 2015 #17
Pledging allegiance to a terrorist leftynyc Dec 2015 #23
Actually you are part of the problem Tempest Dec 2015 #27
Yes, I'm sure that leftynyc Dec 2015 #30
If you're an example of the Democratic party Tempest Dec 2015 #40
What an ugly, rude thing to say. Thing is, a Democrat wouldn't say the same ugly thing about MADem Dec 2015 #49
LOL no, they would just be sneaky and imply it. Demit Dec 2015 #57
It's become VERY necessary leftynyc Dec 2015 #60
No it hasn't. Demit Dec 2015 #62
Oh gee, I'm so sorry leftynyc Dec 2015 #64
If you want further evidence of the double standard when it comes to Islam, christx30 Dec 2015 #129
Yawn leftynyc Dec 2015 #58
And it is probably a mix of a terrorist attack (based on the preparations) and a workplace JDPriestly Dec 2015 #44
To quote an old Woody Allen film FiveGoodMen Dec 2015 #43
They had over 6000 rounds of ammo. Nt Mosby Dec 2015 #53
Ummm wrong, GGJohn Dec 2015 #10
Possible Tempest Dec 2015 #18
They had all that ammo to 840high Dec 2015 #93
Better catch up. GGJohn Dec 2015 #13
What authorities are you quoting? This attack had to be very well planned. They had an arsenal at totodeinhere Dec 2015 #98
FBI investigating San Bernardino shooting as act of terrorism magical thyme Dec 2015 #115
Bush is to blame, this is pretty evident given he started all this shit. randys1 Dec 2015 #29
Shocking... Jesus Malverde Dec 2015 #3
I had a feeling it was something like this. Renew Deal Dec 2015 #7
Yep. ck4829 Dec 2015 #22
but they'd have no trouble buying all the weapons they want RussBLib Dec 2015 #9
You would think if anything was going to get the pro gun folks to the table, this would be it. randys1 Dec 2015 #36
Illegally modified rifles MosheFeingold Dec 2015 #48
And the same gun shop that sells the rifle sells the kits to adapt them, is what I have heard. randys1 Dec 2015 #51
Probably MosheFeingold Dec 2015 #56
yes, you would think-- but witness the Senate vote last night Fast Walker 52 Dec 2015 #67
does this help at all in understanding the motive? 6chars Dec 2015 #20
I think it's as clear as the leftynyc Dec 2015 #25
The visit to Saudi Arabia. earthside Dec 2015 #31
100% agree leftynyc Dec 2015 #37
good way to characterize it 6chars Dec 2015 #128
are you kidding? Fast Walker 52 Dec 2015 #71
11/16/2015 Jesus Malverde Dec 2015 #24
I'd be pretty embarrassed if 1)I was a supporter of Internet surveillance to prevent terrorism OR 2) alcibiades_mystery Dec 2015 #26
huh? Fast Walker 52 Dec 2015 #70
Nothing - for good or ill! alcibiades_mystery Dec 2015 #72
what's not clear is why the Facebook page of ISIS or Baghdadi isn't being watched like a hawk by the Fast Walker 52 Dec 2015 #73
Nothing is being watched like a hawk alcibiades_mystery Dec 2015 #74
if anything is being wached, wouldn't it be the ISIS Facebook page???? Fast Walker 52 Dec 2015 #77
Quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, looks like a duck, poops like a duck............... Kilgore Dec 2015 #32
There was an interesting interview a local LA station LibDemAlways Dec 2015 #38
Oh come on, it is just a harmless bunny still_one Dec 2015 #41
Sounds like lone terrorism... if that makes sense Blasphemer Dec 2015 #45
nope. they had already found and been investigating communications magical thyme Dec 2015 #80
The bombs were classic ISIS design MosheFeingold Dec 2015 #46
from what I've read, the messianic Jewish guy had a facebook page filled with hate for magical thyme Dec 2015 #82
So it was OK to kill the Jew? MosheFeingold Dec 2015 #89
Nobody is saying "it was OK to kill the Jew". That's quite a stretch. arcane1 Dec 2015 #97
Yes MosheFeingold Dec 2015 #101
Sorry, I missed that part :) arcane1 Dec 2015 #104
offs, I never even remotely suggested that line of thinking magical thyme Dec 2015 #110
How I met your mother GusBob Dec 2015 #50
I said that yesterday. Got finger-wagged by one DUer. valerief Dec 2015 #55
Sorry you got the finger wag leftynyc Dec 2015 #63
Bingo! These bastards hate women, just like our radicalized U.S. Congress does. nt valerief Dec 2015 #66
Well, leftynyc Dec 2015 #69
If our U.S. Congress could get away with treating women the way radical Islamists valerief Dec 2015 #76
Islam Is A Religion Of Peace SoCalMusicLover Dec 2015 #52
And Christianity is a religion of peace. That's why health clinics serving women are shot up. nt valerief Dec 2015 #68
Huh? "The officials did not explain how they knew Malik made the post" arcane1 Dec 2015 #88
Maybe they have the phone or device that she used? GusBob Dec 2015 #107
Indeed, the only thing missing was a selfie n/t arcane1 Dec 2015 #112
rumor is they were wearing "go-pro" cameras magical thyme Dec 2015 #120
There's more GusBob Dec 2015 #121
per FBI, she posted under an alias and deleted the posts shortly before the attacks magical thyme Dec 2015 #118
Do they say the pledge of allegiance too? 6chars Dec 2015 #131
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