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We did this AND caused cancers in South American leaders? JustABozoOnThisBus Dec 2011 #1
You beat me to it! MADem Dec 2011 #14
A little close for comfort for the minor Mussolini. nt onehandle Dec 2011 #2
paranoid vminfla Dec 2011 #3
Prensa Latina posted that 18 hours ago dipsydoodle Dec 2011 #4
Nice way to diss the Russian people, Hugo. Adsos Letter Dec 2011 #5
It bothers me how widespread the attitude is, too Posteritatis Dec 2011 #18
What bothers me more is that the US is getting credit for it! joshcryer Dec 2011 #28
yes, correct. the US gov is NOT responsible for these worldwide popular movements Bacchus4.0 Dec 2011 #38
No, you don't understand, Trotskyites don't believe protest is legitimate. joshcryer Dec 2011 #24
He's starting to lose his mind treestar Dec 2011 #6
Starting? Freddie Stubbs Dec 2011 #8
:) treestar Dec 2011 #9
It's the CIA's fault DissedByBush Dec 2011 #16
Dang, he's making fun of us again! nt bemildred Dec 2011 #7
Hehe! CJvR Dec 2011 #10
I think the US-backed 2003 coup attempt made him neurotically paranoid. Odin2005 Dec 2011 #13
Nah, it's a common theme among "anti-imperialists." They need something for their... joshcryer Dec 2011 #25
Chavez seemed quite reasonable until the coup attempt. Odin2005 Dec 2011 #31
Heck, a good portion of DU sees the US's hand in every shadow as well. PragmaticLiberal Dec 2011 #15
Gosh, he must have read McCain's tweet and believed it. tabatha Dec 2011 #11
I think he needs some antipsychotic meds. Odin2005 Dec 2011 #12
¿Por qué no te callas, Hugo? (nt) Posteritatis Dec 2011 #17
Waiting for the Chavez apologists to show up in this thread. n/t totodeinhere Dec 2011 #19
They seem to be late....I'll fill in for them till they show up... EX500rider Dec 2011 #20
Hasn't social media been leveraged by the Pentagon and the like? Boston_Chemist Dec 2011 #21
Massive difference between this: joshcryer Dec 2011 #27
Wouldn't surprise me one damned bit. Another American-financed regime change. Same bullshit/ Sarah Ibarruri Dec 2011 #22
I don't know what's funnier, Chavez playing the clown and ridiculing the USA, bemildred Dec 2011 #23
All the people buying it. Chavez has always said crap like this. joshcryer Dec 2011 #26
Yes, he clearly gets a kick out of it. nt bemildred Dec 2011 #29
And you can tell he's not serious. It's even more amusing to read Venezuelan's... joshcryer Dec 2011 #30
Yeah, them too. nt bemildred Dec 2011 #34
You know what's funnier? Thinking that US follows strict policy of non-interference Fool Count Dec 2011 #35
Who thinks that? USAID does what the CIA did, only openly. joshcryer Dec 2011 #36
That's just stupid and contrary to simple observation nt bemildred Dec 2011 #37
We had a hand in it, when we created the Friedman "free market" design for the Russia economy in the pam4water Dec 2011 #32
"Yo culpo a los Estados Unidos para el intestinos flojos" nt Dreamer Tatum Dec 2011 #33
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