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17. Undetectable does NOT equal asymptomatic
Tue Nov 17, 2015, 08:49 AM
Nov 2015

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and it certainly doesn't equal cured.

It's just how some viruses work, and it depends on what kind of immune system you have. In most people, the HPV virus dies out; in some men over 40, it turns into cancer. Anyone who has had chicken pox is capable of getting shingles, but only one percent of Americans over 60 do (a vaccination at age 50 is highly recommended). And how soon we forget the Ebola virus.

What matters here is that you can pass on HIV even if you're not showing symptoms yourself -- and that is NOT front page news. The reason why it spread so quickly forty years ago is that nobody knew they were passing it on. Once it was figured out, the gay community was able to go about putting on the brakes.

In the absence of a cure, there is no such thing as HIV free. The only thing I'm confused about is whether Charlie is acting out of inexcusable ignorance or his trademark arrogance.


So he's expected to announce he has HIV Deadshot Nov 2015 #1
Note to self JackInGreen Nov 2015 #2
and adonis dna big_dog Nov 2015 #4
Probably not the best idea christx30 Nov 2015 #5
I don't think “undetectable” necessarily equals free of the virus. drm604 Nov 2015 #3
Timothy Ray Brown Quackers Nov 2015 #8
And that's the special circumstances I was talking about. drm604 Nov 2015 #13
True but if they can figure out how to genetically modify bone marrow cstanleytech Nov 2015 #21
Agreed. SoapBox Nov 2015 #12
I think it goes into remission with the drugs. Stop taking them and.... Elmer S. E. Dump Nov 2015 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Nov 2015 #6
Perhaps he has changed. I wish him the best. 840high Nov 2015 #9
he used to be a good actor before all of this stuff big_dog Nov 2015 #14
I concur davidpdx Nov 2015 #16
What a poorly written and inaccurate piece of news. William769 Nov 2015 #7
If you stop taking the anti-AIDS drugs, does the viral load return? Francois9 Nov 2015 #10
Yes. William769 Nov 2015 #11
Great news -- but you CAN still pass it on, right? rocktivity Nov 2015 #18
Yes it's possible. William769 Nov 2015 #20
Here's the link to the interview rocktivity Nov 2015 #24
Thank you for the link rocktivity. William769 Nov 2015 #28
Same here. Started treatment when I had a cd4 count of 22. Liberal Veteran Nov 2015 #22
1985, Good for you! William769 Nov 2015 #30
That article is misleading. LeftofObama Nov 2015 #15
And you stay on treatment so you can continue to be healthy!!! My fear is that Yo_Mama Nov 2015 #33
Thank you! LeftofObama Nov 2015 #37
Hey, if you are getting older and getting healthier you're beating the trend!!! Yo_Mama Nov 2015 #39
Undetectable does NOT equal asymptomatic rocktivity Nov 2015 #17
Undeteheacble levels does not equal HIV free Kurska Nov 2015 #23
Here's a link to the interview rocktivity Nov 2015 #25
Wouldn't be surprised to see a list eventually as long as the list bullwinkle428 Nov 2015 #26
Difference is itcfish Nov 2015 #27
Same motive, different modus operandi rocktivity Nov 2015 #38
Such horseshit dorkzilla Nov 2015 #29
And if I piss in a pool, the piss becomes undetectable NickB79 Nov 2015 #31
He's delusional. Yes, he still should regard himself as having HIV. Yo_Mama Nov 2015 #32
You're A Scumbag, Charlie Sheen rocktivity Nov 2015 #34
"unsavory and insipid types" Skittles Nov 2015 #35
Well, they ARE whores and porn stars, after all rocktivity Nov 2015 #40
Meh. Still not going to fuck him. GOLGO 13 Nov 2015 #36
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