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Stop picking on Ben liberal N proud Nov 2015 #1
My mom had a friend like that once, I guess the woman couldn't help herself notadmblnd Nov 2015 #15
We have had pathological liars running the country before liberal N proud Nov 2015 #17
dont worry...Bernie Sanders will save him! VanillaRhapsody Nov 2015 #27
I had a very close friend who was super intelligent, but a pathological first class fabricator. olegramps Nov 2015 #62
delusional weissmam Nov 2015 #2
Funny it was a class called "Perceptions," as, yep, Carson's perceptions are clearly delusional. stuffmatters Nov 2015 #6
Sssshhhh We are not supposed to discuss this on DU. DURHAM D Nov 2015 #3
I love Bernie, but.... M.G. Nov 2015 #7
I agree. DURHAM D Nov 2015 #12
Nope, sorry. This guy's lies are not of the same sort as those of other politicians. Carson's tblue37 Nov 2015 #9
Exactly M.G. Nov 2015 #11
I totally agree. DURHAM D Nov 2015 #14
Not according to Bernie Sanders....Carson is just misunderstood. VanillaRhapsody Nov 2015 #28
What does it say about you and your criticism... kristopher Nov 2015 #34
It says that Sanders shouldn't have handed him a lifeline... VanillaRhapsody Nov 2015 #53
It seems that Carson's many claims stem from the same place as Clinton's "taking sniper fire" story. xocet Nov 2015 #51
we have two pathological liars on the Republican ticket Brainstormy Nov 2015 #49
His whole campaign is built on his personality Maeve Nov 2015 #50
Rejecting Carson because we as a people reject his reactionary ideas is a win for the voters and Attorney in Texas Nov 2015 #52
Can't we reject him for both reasons? M.G. Nov 2015 #60
If you can't believe a guy when he tells a story about how honest he is... Kalidurga Nov 2015 #4
“The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson Fumesucker Nov 2015 #8
He reminds me of Uriah Heep Kalidurga Nov 2015 #16
Thanks for the earworm... Fumesucker Nov 2015 #30
Great quote! <eom> dorkzilla Nov 2015 #25
Ben Carson is incapable of telling a lie. Here's why: trusty elf Nov 2015 #73
Omg that explains so much Kalidurga Nov 2015 #74
So the Record is the Yale equivalent of the Harvard Lampoon starroute Nov 2015 #5
This guy's something else." 3catwoman3 Nov 2015 #10
Truly taking up Reagan's mantle, ... Babel_17 Nov 2015 #13
His pants are a five alarm blaze. kairos12 Nov 2015 #18
Baron Munchausen can't believe what comes out of Carson's mouth. Half-Century Man Nov 2015 #19
I disagree with Sanders. Being a pathological liar and extremist religious zealot like Ben B Stabby Fred Sanders Nov 2015 #20
I'm looking forward to former9thward's defense alcibiades_mystery Nov 2015 #21
I cannot wait! VanillaRhapsody Nov 2015 #29
The defense will be rational full of critical thought, supporting evidence and... LanternWaste Nov 2015 #71
This is really sad. The guy obviously needs help. nt Live and Learn Nov 2015 #22
There have been many versions of this story going around in higher education forever. 6000eliot Nov 2015 #23
Possibly true, but... M.G. Nov 2015 #24
People really need to be concered about this person running for President, and his mental stability. still_one Nov 2015 #26
Not minor details Johnny2X2X Nov 2015 #31
He's also running purely on the basis of character M.G. Nov 2015 #32
wonder what the lt colonel putin w0nderer Nov 2015 #33
The article says a real test WAS given kristopher Nov 2015 #35
The parody story does not line up with Carson's telling M.G. Nov 2015 #41
"likely to backfire"--today a pundit showed a poll w/Doc leading by even more pts. wordpix Nov 2015 #68
He's such a turkey he thought it was true. GeorgeGist Nov 2015 #36
Next it will be sniper fire Politicalboi Nov 2015 #37
I still haven't got over that one Jarqui Nov 2015 #56
Transference Johnny2X2X Nov 2015 #38
Carson is a modern day snake oil salesman, but the snake oil is him. WestSeattle2 Nov 2015 #39
I doubt this gave Carson the idea: I think he got it from UFO broadcasts to his dental fillings struggle4progress Nov 2015 #40
Where's Jon Lovitz when we need him? NBachers Nov 2015 #42
Pathological liar. I covered a local candidate like this once. Liberty Belle Nov 2015 #43
Of 150 students, surely there is at least one that would know the details. patricia92243 Nov 2015 #44
Scarborough to Carson "You're lying ... admit it" Jarqui Nov 2015 #45
No fan of Scarborough, but.... M.G. Nov 2015 #47
haha, dead intern Joe is so moral in his own character wordpix Nov 2015 #65
with all the stories he's making up about himself... Javaman Nov 2015 #46
It's a dumb story to begin with Maeve Nov 2015 #48
Carson has issues with telling the truth Gothmog Nov 2015 #54
As one of the articles pointed out with this, he most certainly does Jarqui Nov 2015 #57
sadly this will help his con man career olddots Nov 2015 #55
Unfortunately true M.G. Nov 2015 #59
George Washington: "I cannot tell a lie". Ben Carson: "I cannot tell the truth". n/t jtuck004 Nov 2015 #58
Where's "You lie!" Alito When You Need Him? houston16revival Nov 2015 #61
Early onset Alzheimer's sounds increasingly plausible. JackRiddler Nov 2015 #63
no way, my mom was a classic case and NEVER made up shit like this wordpix Nov 2015 #66
Okay, but some kind of neurological illness JackRiddler Nov 2015 #67
I agree he seems "slow" but someone posted that on medical/brain surgery issues, wordpix Nov 2015 #70
It seems to have been an embellishment, not a fabricarion M.G. Nov 2015 #64
My guess is that the concept of parody TexasBushwhacker Nov 2015 #72
His next whopper Mendocino Nov 2015 #69
Is there anything he is not lying about? Helen Borg Nov 2015 #75
It seems to me that some of these tales were written some time ago... Grammy23 Nov 2015 #76
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