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Was the "jab" more than just racism? Behind the Aegis Oct 2015 #1
Didn't Huckafuck use to eat squirrel? Chicago1980 Oct 2015 #2
Yup, fried it up in his popcorn popper TexasBushwhacker Oct 2015 #15
....... trusty elf Oct 2015 #24
LOL! Art_from_Ark Oct 2015 #35
AGAIN.....another work of pure genius!!!!! nt MADem Oct 2015 #49
Rats with a furry tail! nt Plucketeer Oct 2015 #62
Unbelievable work! Never heard that creepy quote before. School days. Fried squirrels. Jesus. n/t Judi Lynn Oct 2015 #72
Such a sick fuck. SoapBox Oct 2015 #3
North enid602 Oct 2015 #4
Huckabee only trusts rapists Geronimoe Oct 2015 #5
Wish I could rec your reply. tabasco Oct 2015 #33
And Ted Nugent volstork Oct 2015 #40
Remember when the media tried to sell us this prick as one of the "reasonable" Republicans? Chakab Oct 2015 #6
Spoken like a white-wing Christian! shadowmayor Oct 2015 #7
Let's hear the joke about your oafish son torturing a helpless dog to death, you piece of shit n/t Judi Lynn Oct 2015 #8
no kidding yurbud Oct 2015 #20
You bet he did: "Huckabee Squashed Charges Against His Son For Stoning, Hanging Dog" Judi Lynn Oct 2015 #22
..... trusty elf Oct 2015 #25
Wow Scarsdale Oct 2015 #29
heavy on the corn pone - and why do they refer to David H as "David litickabee"? wordpix Oct 2015 #34
Shouldn't there be like a bag of Cheetos on the bench on either side of Huckabee and wife? YOHABLO Oct 2015 #52
Yes trusty elf Oct 2015 #53
NO FAIR! gregcrawford Oct 2015 #56
Amazing! Some might say it flatters them. n/t Judi Lynn Oct 2015 #71
That picture is terrifying. Frank Cannon Oct 2015 #37
no shit DirtyHippyBastard Oct 2015 #51
I was thinking American Horror Story tabasco Oct 2015 #59
I'd trust a Korean chef with my dogs before I'd trust kas125 Oct 2015 #9
I really wonder Marty McGraw Oct 2015 #10
Wow with the Story About His Son's Animal Cruelty I wouldn't Go There Stallion Oct 2015 #11
It's moments like these where I wish I did have twitter rpannier Oct 2015 #12
And I would trust the well being of a fat squirrel to a hungry Barn Owl Half-Century Man Oct 2015 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author olddots Oct 2015 #14
Republicans lose another voting block of Americans.... Been seeing this a lot, HAHAHAHA winstars Oct 2015 #16
Huckabee gets the.. cannabis_flower Oct 2015 #67
That's only considered to be a "joke" amongst Republicans. Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2015 #17
Huckabee is pure racist, corporatist, misogynistic filth senz Oct 2015 #18
Hito shusabetsu-tekina kakusareta muchi yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #19
+1 million geardaddy Oct 2015 #39
Post removed Post removed Oct 2015 #21
He is a racist son of a bitch davidpdx Oct 2015 #23
Thank Gawd. I used to get sick seeing those fat little dogs in cages in the markets. MADem Oct 2015 #50
It is already fading as the older generation dies out davidpdx Oct 2015 #54
Reminds me of O'Malley's comment BadgerKid Oct 2015 #26
He doubled down shortly afterwards: Saviolo Oct 2015 #27
I thought he was bashing Bernie , not a dictator. Make up your stupid mind, Huck. sinkingfeeling Oct 2015 #32
The Huckster is a sad puppy Gothmog Oct 2015 #28
I'd trust a North Korean Chef w/ my dog more than I'd trust a Huckabee family member ... Myrina Oct 2015 #30
"Like I would Mendocino Oct 2015 #31
Huckabee should quit trying to make jokes. Really. yellowcanine Oct 2015 #36
OMG, Huckabee is all washed up, he had zero rating on polling, yet he continues to rladdi Oct 2015 #38
And his son just kills them. zomgitsjesus Oct 2015 #41
Torturing animals is one of THE prime indicators of a psychopath. gregcrawford Oct 2015 #60
If someone would supply the tar and feathers I would asjr Oct 2015 #42
Just like huck can't trust his own son around dogs I guess .... Person 2713 Oct 2015 #43
I trust Huckabee with the country christx30 Oct 2015 #44
very racist. This huckabee is a complete fool - terrible. patsimp Oct 2015 #45
Leave it to Huck Jeb Bartlet Oct 2015 #46
People that eat dogs, don't torture them to death like Fuckabee. alfredo Oct 2015 #47
Ah relevance, you fickle thing, you ranaparvus Oct 2015 #48
Huckabee Jokes About his white trashness. stonecutter357 Oct 2015 #55
Huckabee knows more than a bit about cruelty to dogs MosheFeingold Oct 2015 #57
Huckabees son tortured a dog to death Sunlei Oct 2015 #58
Millions of dogs each year are slaughtered for consumption oberliner Oct 2015 #61
Low-mentality-moran. Dont call me Shirley Oct 2015 #63
Huckabee has been working on a book for years olddots Oct 2015 #64
Leave no stereotype unused. Disgusting. merrily Oct 2015 #65
Mike Suckabee should stick to worshipping Kim Davis mdbl Oct 2015 #66
Or his obese sons!! Scarsdale Oct 2015 #68
He just lost the critical North Korean vote! Califonz Oct 2015 #69
Huckabee is a sick perverted twit. n/t RKP5637 Oct 2015 #70
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