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Piece of shit. And he actually earned the epithet. nt msanthrope Oct 2015 #1
A link Geronimoe Oct 2015 #2
confused ?? IRA person? juxtaposed Oct 2015 #7
Looks like a gunnut. I can't tell his race at all from that photo. From his name, he sounds very trillion Oct 2015 #26
But did the Columbine killers area51 Oct 2015 #27
hi americanman223234 Oct 2015 #3
You can only reply to other threads until you reach a certain amount of posts. herding cats Oct 2015 #4
You have to have 10 posts to do so. hrmjustin Oct 2015 #5
Welcome! elehhhhna Oct 2015 #6
I believe the minimum number of posts you must rack up before being able to start tblue37 Oct 2015 #31
I don't want to know his name, age or any of his background! I especially don't want to know Dustlawyer Oct 2015 #8
You know what? I agree with you passiveporcupine Oct 2015 #12
:eyeroll: that's ridiculous. Schema Thing Oct 2015 #18
Because an important aspect of why these assholes christx30 Oct 2015 #25
What the media should always do (even if the parents are rich and have 'connections'), Joe Chi Minh Oct 2015 #28
interesting link tomm2thumbs Oct 2015 #9
from what I just read (I think from a twitter account) passiveporcupine Oct 2015 #10
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2015 #22
How about we use a better source than the )()*(&(_*YP(*^&B washington times???? Ford_Prefect Oct 2015 #11
Ads like that show up based on christx30 Oct 2015 #14
No damn excuse for it. Only a propaganda rag like the W/Times would have them. Ford_Prefect Oct 2015 #21
I should not even go here, but I have something to say passiveporcupine Oct 2015 #13
Most non-religious people who turn to fundamentalism are the worst kind. Dawson Leery Oct 2015 #15
I agree, it's the born-again syndrome passiveporcupine Oct 2015 #17
There is noone more zealous lancer78 Oct 2015 #19
tell me about it passiveporcupine Oct 2015 #20
Studies of early separated twins confirm this Midnight Writer Oct 2015 #24
Link here: Conservative republican, user name "IronCross" blitzen Oct 2015 #16
I wonder what his FR user name was? alfredo Oct 2015 #33
Guardian has been doing some investigation tomm2thumbs Oct 2015 #23
I'm waiting for the evidence to emerge that he was taking psychiatric drugs. nt ellenrr Oct 2015 #29
I agree with the County Sherriff, let's not mention his name, Big_Mike Oct 2015 #30
This is how CNN handles this passiveporcupine Oct 2015 #32
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